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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2454 - Destroying The Sect (Two)
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2454: Destroying the Sect (Two)

The deaths of several hundred Godkings and the formation of the huge sword happened within a split second. It was so fast that all the Infinite Primes remained stunned over the major change in the situation.

The blood-red sword charged into the sky. It moved extremely quickly. With a resplendent flash, it had already shot past the closest Infinite Prime elder.

Immediately, blood splashed in the sky. Even though the sword was completely condensed from blood, its sharpness was astonishing. The Infinite Prime had been directly cut into two and killed off by the sword.

After killing an elder, the huge sword did not slow down at all. Under Jian Chen’s control, it shot towards a second elder.

His targets were the weakest among the group of elders because the weaker ones were easier to kill. If he challenged the Sixth Heavenly Layer or Seventh Heavenly Layer elders right from the start, it would be difficult to kill them in a single stroke.

Jian Chen clearly wanted to reduce the number of Primordial realm experts as quickly as he could.

Spurt! Spurt! Spurt!

After killing the first elder, the blood-red sword turned into a blur and shot through a second and third elder with extremely great speed.

In the end, the sword condensed from the blood of Godkings was stopped by a Sixth Heavenly Layer elder after killing four Primordial realm elders.

At the same time, as Jian Chen was distracted, he ended up heavily injured. The greatest elder of the Gloomwater sect condensed powerful pulses of energy and formed chains with the power of laws on his hands. He struck them towards Jian Chen with devastating power.

He wore a set of gloves on his hands. They were forged from the leather of divine beasts, giving off the might of god artifacts.

The set of gloves happened to be low quality god artifacts!

The greatest elder of the Gloomwater sect was already extremely powerful. Coupled with a god artifact, his attacks became even more terrifying.

As a result, Jian Chen’s organs were shaken to pieces from the attacks. A fist-sized hole had even appeared in his chest. It was a bloody mess, and all his ribs had shattered.

If some other Primordial realm expert suffered such heavy injuries, their battle prowess would definitely be affected. However, the greatest advantage with Jian Chen’s Chaotic Body was not the supreme regeneration or destructiveness that outshone all energies of the same level, but his tough body.

With the support of the Chaotic Body, Jian Chen’s battle prowess would remain unaffected even if he were heavily injured.

Instead, he seemed to become a vicious beast. After getting injured, he grew even more ferocious. He fought braver and braver.

Jian Chen bellowed out at the sky, shaking up the mountain range. With a single thought, the blood-red sword stopped by the Sixth Heavenly Layer elder immediately exploded. It shot off in all directions like torrential rain.

The blood was not as simple as the blood of Godkings. Every single droplet contained powerful, sharp sword Qi.

All of the blood possessed the power from Jian Chen’s Ultimate Way of the Sword. In the end, the might within each droplet of blood was enough to make Infinite Primes pale.

The countless droplets of blood filling the sky did not shoot off blindly. Under Jian Chen’s control, they divided into over thirty portions, shooting towards the remaining Primordial realm elders evenly.

All the elders became flustered. They all unleashed various techniques and abilities to block the blood.

However, they were no longer able to focus on falling into formation against the Nine Tribulations Incineration Formation anymore now that they were under attack.

At the same time, stars were conjured from the Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways in Jian Chen’s hand. He blocked the greatest elder’s attack.

“Jian Chen, I swear I will tear you to pieces!” The greatest elder bellowed out furiously as he struck out even more violently. The deaths of several hundred Godkings left him devastated. They formed the majority of the Gloomwater sect’s forces. They were the future of the Gloomwater sect, but they were all dead now.

The elders from the Gloomwater sect were no longer in the mood to consider how Jian Chen had killed so many Godkings, but the powerful senses of the souls that moved through the sky above the Gloomwater sect all cried out.

“He actually killed so many Godkings with a single thought. W- what is this ancient secret technique? Why is it so terrifying…”

“I’ve lived for over ten million years, but I’ve never seen or heard of such a powerful ability…”

“I can vaguely sense that this ability seems to come from the very basics of the Laws of the Sword that Jian Chen comprehends…”

“With Jian Chen’s current level of cultivation, it’s probably impossible for him to comprehend it through his own abilities. I think he obtained the legacy of some powerful person who wields the Laws of the Sword…”

“Someone powerful who wields the Laws of the Sword? There are extremely few people like that in our Saints’ World. The person who appeared most recently is Swordmaster Yun Chi from ten million years ago. He was only a step away from challenging sovereigns of the world during his peak, but unfortunately, he was slain under the combined efforts of the two dark gold ape kings of the Ancient Great Apes. What a pity, what a pity…”

“Jian Chen’s appearance might lead to another expert who wields the Laws of the Sword in the future of our Saints’ World…”

At this moment, there was a flash, and Jian Chen gave up on his battle against the greatest elder. He bathed in light as he charged towards the weaker elders aggressively.

The strongest elder pursued him relentlessly!

The battle above the Gloomwater sect was devastating, where it even blotted out the celestial bodies. The beautiful cluster of mountains where the Gloomwater sect used to reside in had been reduced to a mess by the battle shockwaves. They collapsed one after another as countless holes appeared. Even the space there trembled violently from the battle, ripping open time and time again, revealing pitch-black cracks.

All the disciples of the Gloomwater sect below Godking had already fled into the surroundings. They were just too weak. Even the strongest of them were only Overgods, so they were unable to interfere with a battle between Primordial realm experts at all.

Even if they stood in formation and poured all their powers together, it would make no difference.

The battle that determined the fate of the Gloomwater sect had already shaken up the entire Aqua Plane. Figures appeared one after another in the distance. There were many of them, and they were all Primordial realm experts.

The battle this time had basically drawn over all the Primordial realm experts on the Aqua Plane. The powerful peak experts all sent the senses of their souls, while the weaker experts came in person.

Moreover, as time passed, many Godkings gathered in from the surroundings.

They all stood afar as they watched this impressive battle.

This battle lasted a total of seven days and seven nights. The ancient mountain range completely vanished after that, having been flattened by the powerful shockwaves. Even the ground sank several metres.

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