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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2455 - Destroying The Sect (Three)
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2455: Destroying the Sect (Three)

After a bitter battle spanning seven days and seven nights, Jian Chen suffered more and more injuries. His wounds increased. Now, he was completely bloodied, and many places had already dried up.

The several dozen Primordial realm experts he fought died one after another at his hands during these seven days.

After Jian Chen massacred over twenty Primordial realm experts, the remaining elders became frightened. They all lost interest in continuing to fight, so they ignored the strongest elder’s calls and fled the Gloomwater sect.

Jian Chen was powerless to stop their flight. Even though he was more powerful than them, it was impossible for him to make them all stay.

In the end, only the three late Infinite Prime elders stayed behind. Resolve filled their eyes as they completely overcame their fear of death. They were ready to die with the sect and fight Jian Chen to the end.

They were at the Seventh Heavenly Layer, Eighth Heavenly Layer, and Ninth Heavenly Layer respectively.

With their combined efforts, they completely suppressed Jian Chen, causing him to suffer more and more injuries.

However, their situation was not great either. During these seven days, they had used forbidden techniques that cannibalized their vitality to deal sure-kill strikes in an attempt to kill off Jian Chen and end the battle.

However, Jian Chen managed to endure it with his Chaotic Body each time. At the same time, Jian Chen was constantly recovering with his Chaotic Body, and with the assistance of healing pills, his wounds were not life-threatening despite seeming extremely miserable.

His battle prowess did not decrease at all from the severe wounds. The energy within him seemed to be never-ending.

On the other hand, the three elders gradually became exhausted after fighting for so long and losing all their vitality from secret techniques.

“Jian Chen’s body is far too tough. We can’t keep going like this. We have to end it now!” thought the strongest elder of the Gloomwater sect. He looked at the leather gloves on his hands like he was reluctant to part with them.

Even though the pair of gloves were only low quality god artifacts, they had already reached the peak of low quality god artifacts. Their value was evident.

Moreover, special god artifacts like gloves were extremely rare in the Saints’ World. In order to forge a god artifact that suited him, he had paid a huge price and great efforts.

But soon afterwards, the strongest elder made up his mind, and he suddenly tossed out the gloves on his hands.


The pair of gloves turned into a blur as soon as they were thrown. They approached Jian Chen with great speed as destructive energy charged up inside.

At the same time, the two other elders that Jian Chen fought against shot backwards, pulling far away from him.

Jian Chen became cautious. He suddenly felt an intense sense of threat, and he immediately looked at the gloves that shot over. He was extremely stern.

“How bold of you to blow up your god artifact!” Jian Chen called out. His presence had been locked onto by the pair of gloves, or more accurately, the artifact spirit of the god artifact. As such, he could not dodge it at all. He could only receive it forcefully.

Jian Chen did not dare to be careless. He immediately circulated his Chaotic Force as hard as he could, pushing the defences of his Chaotic Body to the limit. At the same time, the power of the Laws of the Sword condensed from the surroundings, forming a thick screen of light around him.

At the same time, the Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways erupted with a great pulse of power. With the Laws of the Sword and the Laws of Strength together, he suddenly swung his sword at the pair of gloves.


A thunderous rumble rang out. The pair of gloves shone resplendently and shattered with earth-shaking power, scattering in the surroundings.

The explosion of a god artifact was simply too powerful. Space collapsed, and the world cracked. As the terrifying shockwave expanded, it forced back many of the senses of the souls from Chaotic Primes there.

Even the many Primordial realm experts who had gathered over from various places on the Aqua Plane retreated from the blast.

Jian Chen suffered devastating wounds because he was at the centre of the explosion. The Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways in his hand had dimmed, and the protective screen of light around him shattered as soon as the attack arrived. His Chaotic Body was in ruins. The flesh before his chest had vanished, revealing the obliterated organs in there.

That was not it. Even his sword-wielding right arm had been ripped off. The Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways, along with his entire right arm, was swept far away under the shockwave.

Jian Chen immediately paled as his body was blown away like a broken kite.

This time, he was truly heavily injured. Even his Chaotic Body was reduced to ruins. He no longer bore any resemblance to his previous self. He seemed extremely miserable.

With a flash, the strongest elder of the Gloomwater sect used the opportunity to follow up with attacks. He passed through the shockwave of energy in an instant and caught up with Jian Chen. With a cold smile, he directly sent a palm strike towards Jian Chen’s head. He was extremely fast. “Jian Chen, I would like to see how you block my attack this time. Die!”

“You have no right to kill me unless you become a Chaotic Prime.” Even though he was heavily injured and had lost an arm, Jian Chen did not become flustered at all. With a thought, an astonishing wave of sword Qi immediately appeared.

A shining, finger-sized strand of sword Qi suddenly condensed above his head. It shone with blinding light.

It was the Profound Sword Qi!

Now that he faced death, he could no longer worry about the Profound Sword Qi being recognised and exposing his identity as a result. He used it without hesitation.

The elder’s face changed drastically. He could sense a life-threatening danger from the tiny strand of sword Qi.

However, before he could respond to it, the tiny strand of sword Qi turned into a streak of white light. It tore through time and space, striking out with lightning speed and ripping through the strongest elder’s forehead.

The elder grunted as his face became warped by the extreme pain. His soul had been heavily injured.

Jian Chen’s gaze turned cold. He raised his remaining hand and threw a punch towards the elder’s head.

Even though the elder was a Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime, his body was nowhere as tough as Jian Chen’s. His head directly exploded from Jian Chen’s punch and his soul dispersed.

A Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime was dead.

The remaining two elders were both furious and shocked as they stared at their companion’s headless corpse. They did not know how he had died due to the rampaging energy earlier.

However, they only hesitated for a single moment. They glanced at each other before charging at Jian Chen decisively.

There was no longer anything they could discuss now that everything had turned out like this. Only one side could survive in the end.

Jian Chen’s eyes were cold. He was not afraid at all. He stretched out his left hand, and a streak of light immediately flew over. The dim Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways returned to his hand, and he stowed his severed right hand away.

Recovering limbs were no longer anything difficult for people with Jian Chen’s level of cultivation. Even if their bodies were destroyed, they could rebuild it. If he had some time, he would be able to reconnect his right arm.

Jian Chen clenched his sword with his left hand. His presence did not weaken at all as he stood in the air. He was going to hold off both of them alone.

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