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Chapter 246: Class 5 Magical Beast — One Sword To Strike the Head!

Jian Chen felt no fear in his heart against these three Class 5 Magical Beasts, instead he felt only hatred!

The three magical beasts stood still with their presence overwhelming the senses of everyone else around while causing the other magical beasts to shiver with fright. Even the mercenaries who had just been fighting them felt a cold feeling of dread within their hearts and a stone like pressure pressing down on them.

“What…what is that?” At last, someone spoke referring to the three magical beasts.

“It’s too late, I can’t see a good ending from here…”

“A Green Scaled Ape! How could it be…”

“Not good, that’s a Class 5 Magical Beast! Only a Class 5 Magical Beast would be able to emit such a pressure like this…”

“So those three are Class 5 Magical Beasts? Heavens, how could there be three of them…?”

“Retreat! No one can withstand a Class 5 Magical Beast!”


Not too many mercenaries had seen a Class 5 Magical Beast before, but the ones that did instantly grew fearful and cried out at the sight of them. With three Class 5 Magical Beasts standing right in front of them, they all grew white with fright. Throwing down their helmets, they began to flee back toward Wake City.

Even the Great Saint Masters who had known about the Class 5 Magical Beast already had their faces pale with fright. Although they had fore knowledge of there being an Earth Saint Master expert helping them, the situation was different now. There was three Class 5 Magical Beasts, even the experts from Monarch City would not be enough to deal with them.

“Retreat! Everyone retreat!”

Immediately the mercenaries all cried out the signal to retreat. Straight after, the city gates to Wake City had nearly 200,000 mercenaries and soldiers trying to make their way inside in order to escape from the battlefield.

“Don’t panic everyone, the Class 5 Magical Beast will be dealt with by us!”

All of a sudden, a booming voice called out from nowhere as two red streaks of light flew down from the walls like a shooting star toward the Class 5 Magical Beasts.

Both the Earth Saint Masters Katata and Katafei had finally made a move. Although they had wanted to wait a little longer to engage to buy some time, but with the panic happening below, they couldn’t hesitate any longer. If the entire fighting force were to retreat into the city, then not only would the entire city be in chaos, but it would also make the city easier to invade.

Katata and Katafei were surrounded by a layer of fire like Saint Force as they flew through the sky. It took them another fifty meters before finally dropping to the ground, but still surrounded with the fire like Saint Force, they charged straight toward the Class 5 Magical Beasts.

“Fire Saint Force!”

“That type of fire like essence, that’s something only an Earth Saint Master with a profound mastery of the fire Saint Force can accomplish!”

“Earth Saint Master, so there were experts like that here?”

“To think that there would be an Earth Saint Master here….”

“Damn it all, who gives two f*cks about a Class 5 Magical Beast then? We have two Earth Saint Master experts on our sides! Brothers, forward! Kill those bastards and take revenge for our dead!”

Upon seeing the layer of fire surrounding Katata and Katafei, many of the mercenaries were overjoyed and shouted out in disbelief. Their presence was almost like a tranquilizer to the men who had been frightened at the sight of those Class 5 Magical Beasts. Only a small amount of the mercenaries still had a look of worry on their faces. Magical beasts had an innate superiority compared to humanity. If there were three Class 5 Magical Beasts, then what could two Earth Saint Masters do?

“Let me handle the Golden Fur Tiger King.” Jian Chen exclaimed as he flew toward the two brothers with no hesitation. His Light Wind Sword was ready at his side as he flew at the three Class 5 Magical Beasts with blinding speed. Almost as if he were gliding across the ground, Jian Chen had instantly cut apart any magical beasts in his way with the azure and violet glows from his sword, making his path all but unhindered.

At this moment, the azure and violet glow on the Light Wind Sword made it seem like a sharp spear that was capable of destroying any defense and killing anything. Even the countless waves of magical beasts were utterly incapable of stopping Jian Chen for even a moment. It was almost as if Jian Chen was a godlike being right now, with power that was unmatched by anything. Even more so, it was like he could kill with just a lift of his finger and will.

Katata and his brother had already been close enough to the Class 5 Magical Beasts with their fire Saint Force surrounding their bodies to begin attacking. With each strike they made, the three Class 5 Magical Beasts retaliated, their battles had already deformed the area around them beyond recognition. Their fighting energy had been splashed about in ripples of energy that flew everywhere and shook the earth. With each attack the energy grew bigger and bigger in intensity.

“Hou!” The Green Scaled Ape roared angrily as a human’s chest sized fist came gleaming down with a green color onto Katata with a terrifying amount of force.

Katata threw himself out of the way in order to dodge the fist. With a loud bang, the fist landed on the ground where Katata had just been. A large amount of energy rippled across the ground, and when the fist was lifted, there was a three meter deep and five meter long crater below.

On one side, the Bladed Crocodile spat out a gray colored ball of energy toward Katafei while simultaneously readying its bladed spine. Leveling it horizontally to the ground, the spine suddenly flew at Katafei with blinding speed.

A glimpse of golden fur could be seen as the Golden Fur Tiger King let out an ear piercing roar. Its claws which were strong enough to shatter rock and split metal flashed dangerously as they swiped at Katafei while a fowl smell of blood could be smelled as it also tried to bite him.

Katafei and Katata didn’t dare defend head on with any of the strikes from the three Class 5 Magical Beasts. The both of them knew that they were definitely not an opponent for any of the three magical beasts, and so it was not possible for them to win at all if they tried to go head to head. It would also consume their Saint Force rapidly and make escaping difficult. All they wanted to do was stall for time and gather the attention of the magical beasts.

It was at this moment that Jian Chen had finally arrived with his eyes burning with a furious anger. Staring at the golden mane of the Golden Fur Tiger King, his Light Wind Sword began to increase with respect to the luster of the azure and violet glow, but the presence of the Sword Spirits had not yet been revealed. No one would have expected to see that the azure and violet glows on Jian Chen’s sword contained a terrifying amount of power.

Disappearing in a blur, Jian Chen flew at the Golden Fur Tiger King who was in the midst of attacking Katafei. His eyes locked onto the throat of the Golden Fur Tiger King and his Light Wind Sword blazed with the azure and violet light as it flew toward the magical beast.

Although it had sensed Jian Chen’s attack, the Class 5 Magical Beast had some innate knowledge that told it that Jian Chen was only at the Great Saint Master level. To the Golden Fur Tiger King, Jian Chen was nothing more than an ant so it didn’t care for him. The tail behind casually flicked out to strike at Jian Chen with a speed that whistled through the air.

The power in the tail was incredibly large and even against a Great Saint Master, the Saint Weapon would surely break apart if it was hit by this tail. Suddenly, the tail of the Golden Fur Tiger King made contact with the layer of azure and violet glow of light and was effortlessly cut in two. However, the part that had been cut off resumed its trajectory path due to inertia and hit Jian Chen in the arm, which consequently forced Jian Chen’s sword arm to aim down from the tiger’s neck.


The Golden Fur Tiger King let out an ear splitting shriek of pain to the point where both the envoys and Jian Chen thought their eardrums would shatter.

“It’s just like last time.” Seeing how tall the Golden Fur Tiger King was right in front of him, Jian Chen’s eyes flashed dangerously as he tried to change the trajectory to its original path.

The Light Wind Sword speared into the Golden Fur Tiger King’s neck, causing the tiger to roar out miserably once more. Immediately, the head of the Golden Fur Tiger King spun through the air leaking blood. At the same time, a fountain of blood splurted from its beheaded corpse two meters high into the air before falling back down to the earth….

The Class 5 Golden Fur Tiger King had been beheaded in a single strike!

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