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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2460 - The Eight Successors
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Chapter 2460: The Eight Successors

Qing Shan seemed to be around Jian Chen’s age. He wore a set of simple, azure robes and had quite a striking appearance. However, he seemed much more steady-minded compared to before.

When Jian Chen encountered Qing Shan for the first time in the World of Moon and Star, the latter was still a Godking.

However, he had reached the Primordial realm now, having become an Infinite Prime.

“Qing Shan is completely right. Brother Jian Chen, you need to understand that all members of the Martial Soul lineage are one big family. We may not always be able to share our fortunes, but we will definitely go through hardships together. Your matters are the matters of the entire Martial Soul lineage. Since you have grievances with the Gloomwater sect, that means our Martial Soul lineage has grievances with the Gloomwater sect. You should have called us before you came to destroy the Gloomwater sect,” Hun Zang added from one side. He did not act with the haughtiness of an expert towards Jian Chen at all. Instead, he exhibited a deep bond of brothers. He patted Jian Chen’s shoulder and said, “And with the Gloomwater sect’s strength, it really isn’t anything to our Martial Soul lineage. Apart from the Elder of Mountains and Seas, the rest aren’t worth mentioning.”

Hun Zang’s tone revealed his contempt towards the Gloomwater sect. Although the Gloomwater sect was a peak sect on the Aqua Plane, Hun Zang did not take them seriously at all.

Jian Chen’s heart warmed up when he heard the words of Qing Shan and Hun Zang. He could clearly feel that Qing Shan and Hun Zang truly treated him as their brother. There were no ulterior motives at all.

Moreover, when he was trapped on the Desolate Plane last time, the seven successors of the Martial Soul lineage had stepped forward and stood up for him. They did not fear the many peak experts and had disregarded the potential consequences. They stopped all the peak experts there, which touched Jian Chen deeply.

He had seen too much deception and too much betrayal in his life. However, the successors of the Martial Soul lineage treated him as one of their own completely because he possessed Martial Soul Force. They treated him like that even though they were strangers before. They were not defensive or cautious of Jian Chen at all, which touched his heart.

“Brother Jian Chen, come to the Martial Soul Mountain with us. The Martial Soul Mountain is our homeland.” In the end, Hun Zang extended a sincere invitation to Jian Chen.

Jian Chen hesitated. He desired the records regarding Martial Soul Force on the Martial Soul Mountain very much. However, he did not forget about his true identity either. He had always been worried about whether he would drag the Martial Soul lineage down with him in the future due to a certain aspect.

“Jian Chen, you really should pay a visit to the Martial Soul Mountain. The Martial Soul Mountain possesses what you need. If you could use Martial Soul Force in that battle, it might have been much easier,” Xu Ran added when she saw Jian Chen’s hesitation. She had already heard about how powerful Martial Soul Force was.

“Brother Jian Chen, we’re both at the Primordial realm. Your current battle prowess may have exceeded mine, but you’re nowhere close to me in terms of Martial Soul Force. Come. You really should go cultivate on the Martial Soul Mountain properly,” said Qing Shan as he chuckled towards Jian Chen.

Jian Chen hesitated for a while longer before accepting Hun Zang and Qing Shan’s invitation. After giving Xu Ran some healing pills, he bid her farewell and stepped onto the Martial Soul Mountain outside the Aqua Plane.

The divine hall from the Gloomwater sect had shrunk to the size of a fist. It sat obediently in Hun Zang’s hand after he personally suppressed it.

There was also a hell spring deep beneath the Gloomwater sect. The hell water came from this hell spring.

However, the hell spring was a wondrous geographic landmark that formed after countless years under the special environment of the Aqua Plane. It could not be taken away, and it would take a million years for a single hell spring to create a droplet of hell water.

As a result, Jian Chen could only give up on the hell spring beneath the Gloomwater sect.

Jian Chen soon already arrived on the Martial Soul Mountain beyond the Aqua Plane under the lead of Hun Zhang and Qing Shan.

As soon as he stepped onto the Martial Soul Mountain, he discovered that the colossal mountain was not physical. Instead, it was created from a wondrous power. The power was so tremendous that it seemed earth-shaking to Jian Chen.

“The Martial Soul Mountain we stay on is an extremely wondrous place. Due to it being too powerful, we aren’t able to control it completely with our powers. As such, we can’t move the Martial Soul Mountain. We can only use a secret technique left behind by a few past seniors to control a small fraction of the Martial Soul Mountain’s power. As a result, what you see right now is not the real Martial Soul Mountain.”

“However, the mountain soul of the Martial Soul Mountain retains a connection with the Martial Soul Mountain wherever it is. No matter how distant we are from the Martial Soul Mountain, we can return in a single moment,” Hun Zang explained to Jian Chen before bringing him to the five people on the mountain soul. He introduced them to Jian Chen one by one.

After exchanging pleasantries, Jian Chen gained a rough understanding of the successors of the Martial Soul lineage.

Among the seven of them, three were peak Chaotic Primes. Aside from Hun Zang, the other two peak Chaotic Primes were Chu Jian and Yue Chao.

However, Hun Zang was the strongest of the three.

After them were Yun Ziting and Su Qi.

Yun Ziting seemed to be in his thirties. He seemed scholarly and was a Fifth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime.

Su Qi was a beautiful young woman who seemed to be in her twenties. She was elegant and curvy, making her extremely attractive to men. She was a Third Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime.

The last two were Bai Rufeng and Qing Shan.

The two of them were the weakest people among the seven successors. They were both Infinite Primes.

Now that Jian Chen was included, the Martial Soul lineage possessed three Infinite Primes.

However, Bai Rufeng had reached the Ninth Heavenly Layer as an Infinite Prime already. He was only a step away from Chaotic Prime.

The eight successors of the Martial Soul lineage were composed of five Chaotic Primes and three Infinite Primes.

“Junior Jian Chen, finding you was really difficult. After you left the Desolate Plane silently, the seven of us used the power of the Martial Soul Mountain to use a supreme secret technique together in search of you, but we found nothing in the end.” The only woman in the Martial Soul lineage, Su Qi, studied Jian Chen. She asked with a pleasant voice, “Junior Jian Chen, can you tell your fifth senior sister just what grievances you had with the Gloomwater sect?”

Jian Chen became sorrowful when he heard that. He said in a pained voice, “The Elder of Mountains and Seas killed a close friend of mine…” Even though he had already destroyed the Gloomwater sect, he was unable to erase his pain. Jian Chen’s heart stung whenever he thought about Kai Ya’s death.

“The Elder of Mountains and Seas knew you were a part of our Martial Soul lineage, yet he still hunted you down. We can’t spare the Gloomwater sect if that’s the case. We need to let the people of the Saints’ World that our Martial Soul lineage is not a target for harassment. Juniors, please wait, I’ll be right back…” With that, Su Qi vanished. She had left the Martial Soul lineage and stepped onto the Aqua Plane.

“It looks like our Martial Soul lineage has maintained far too low of a profile in these years. It’s time for the organisations of the Saints’ World to remember who we are,” Chu Jian added as his eyes shone coldly.

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