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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2461 - The Martial Soul Mountain
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Chapter 2461: The Martial Soul Mountain

Hun Zang and Yue Chao nodded in agreement. They did not say anything else.

The three most powerful expert of the Martial Soul lineage, peak Chaotic Primes, stood up for Jian Chen selflessly and complained about his injustices the moment that they met. They truly treated Jian Chen as their brother. There was no difference in identity or strength separating them.

When Jian Chen witnessed this, he gained a new appraisal of the successors of the Martial Soul lineage. He felt even more eager to visit the Martial Soul Mountain.

“They treat me like this, so there’s even less of a reason for me to drag down the Martial Soul Mountain,” Jian Chen thought as he made up his mind. He definitely would not remain on the Martial Soul Mountain for long. Once he obtained the secret techniques and cultivation methods for Martial Soul Force, he would leave the Martial Soul Mountain. He wanted to be careful just in case. He did not want to cause trouble for the Martial Soul Mountain after he had been exposed just in case he became too involved with them.

At this moment, the fifth successor, Su Qi, returned to the Martial Soul Mountain. She held a long whip in her hand that tied up twenty corpses.

Even though they were already dead, they emitted a faint pressure. Their blood also contained very powerful energy. Clearly, they were all Primordial realm experts.

Jian Chen glanced past them, and to his surprise, he discovered that all the corpses were elders who had fled from the Gloomwater sect.

“I’ve killed all the remaining elders on the Aqua Plane from the Gloomwater sect. Junior Jian Chen, this is my gift to you for our first meeting.” Su Qi shook her hand, and the whip vanished. The twenty corpses were just presented before Jian Chen just like that.

Jian Chen stared at the corpses blankly. He struggled to believe it. Although it would be effortless for Su Qi to kill Infinite Primes with her strength, these Infinite Primes were scattered across the entire Aqua Plane. They remained hidden the entire time, so finding them would have been almost impossible.

This was because there were many Infinite Primes on each plane. Even if they were discovered, distinguishing them as people from the Gloomwater sect would not be easy.

However, Su Qi was actually able to find all of them with great precision in such a short amount of time; this shocked Jian Chen.

At that moment, Jian Chen began to look at Su Qi in a completely different light.

She was definitely a vicious woman who could kill without blinking.

“Brother Jian Chen, finding all the Primordial realm experts from the Gloomwater sect on the Aqua Plane might pose some difficulty to us, but it’s nothing for Su Qi because she has grasped secret techniques for that,” explained Hun Zang.

Su Qi giggled and said, “None of the Primordial realm experts from the Gloomwater sect remain. Since the Primordial realm experts are dead, the Gloomwater sect is completely done for. We’ll just let the remaining Godhood experts run their course.” Su Qi did not kill the innocent. She specifically targeted the Primordial realm experts and never directed her attention towards the weaker disciples.

Jian Chen immediately clasped his fist in gratitude. His original intentions were only to kill off the greater forces of the Gloomwater sect. He never planned on touching the clueless, weaker disciples, so he supported Su Qi’s actions very much.

Afterwards, Jian Chen stowed away all the corpses. Under Su Qi’s insistence, Jian Chen accepted all the Space Rings on the corpses as a gift.

The Martial Soul Mountain left the Aqua Plane. Jian Chen felt the world spin around him as he stood on the Martial Soul Mountain as if everything had been reversed. In just five seconds, he discovered to his surprise that he was no longer standing on the illusionary mountain soul but on actual land.

He discovered that the Martial Soul Mountain remained the same as far as he could see. The only difference was that the colossal Martial Soul Mountain was no longer illusionary but physical.

In just five seconds, he seemed to have crossed a tremendous distance. He could no longer see any traces of the Aqua Plane. He had appeared in a completely foreign region of space.

The Martial Soul Mountain floated alone in the vast sea of stars.

“This is the true Martial Soul Mountain, a home that belongs only to our Martial Soul lineage…” Qing Shan said as he started to explain the situation of the Martial Soul Mountain in depth to Jian Chen.

Through Qing Shan’s explanations, Jian Chen gained an even clearer understanding of the Martial Soul Mountain.

No one in the Saints’ World could explain the origins of the Martial Soul Mountain because it had existed for far, far too long. It surpassed the lives of any Grand Exalt in the current Saints’ World.

Although the Martial Soul Mountain was described as a mountain, it was an extremely powerful god artifact as well. It was where the Martial Soul lineage stood safely, the root of the Martial Soul lineage. It was the last line of defence that protected the Martial Soul lineage.

It was also known as the origin of the Martial Soul lineage, the ancestral grounds, and so on.

This was because a lot of knowledge and cultivation methods regarding Martial Soul Force were recorded on the Martial Soul Mountain. These were all left behind by past seniors of the Martial Soul lineage. There was a tremendous amount of information.

This knowledge and cultivation methods allowed any wielder of Martial Soul Force to grow rapidly as soon as they set foot on the Martial Soul Mountain, sculpting generations upon generations of experts.

“Jian Chen, you can’t underestimate the Martial Soul Mountain. As long as we stand here, there’s only a handful of peak experts who can threaten us,” Qing Shan said proudly.

Jian Chen studied the Martial Soul Mountain. As he learnt more and more about the Martial Soul Mountain, his admiration for it deepened as well. “Since the Martial Soul Mountain is so powerful, it should have its own consciousness, right? Like an artifact spirit?”

Qing Shan did not reply immediately when asked this question. Instead, he sank into his thoughts and replied a while later, “All of us have once considered that because the Martial Soul Mountain is so powerful. If it were a god artifact, it should possess an artifact spirit. Even if it isn’t a god artifact, it should have its independent consciousness, but we’ve actually never discovered any intelligence that belongs to the Martial Soul Mountain at all. In all these years, it only seems like a dead object with great power in our eyes.”

“And what’s up with the mountain soul? Isn’t that the soul of the Martial Soul Mountain?” Jian Chen asked curiously.

“The so-called mountain soul is actually a tiny portion of power siphoned from the Martial Soul Mountain through our secret techniques. It can assist us in battle. So far, we don’t have the ability to change the Martial Soul Mountain’s trajectory and take it wherever we want in the Saints’ World. As a result, when we fight outside and aren’t powerful enough, we will transfer a tiny sliver of the Martial Soul Mountain’s power. Not only does it strengthen us, but it also gives us a path of retreat.”

The eight of them walked through the Martial Soul Mountain side by side. They did not stand in any particular order. They conversed as they made their way towards the top of the Martial Soul Mountain.

Very soon, they arrived at the very top and stopped in a cave.

“Jian Chen, this is the sacred grounds of our Martial Soul lineage,” said Hun Zang. He stared at the cave solemnly. He could not hide the respect on his face.

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