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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2470 - Ten Years Later
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Chapter 2470: Ten Years Later

Time passed in the blink of an eye. Unknowingly, a decade had already passed.

A decade was nothing to the Saints’ World, but the Aqua Plane had not been peaceful during these ten years.

Ever since the Red Flame sect with three Infinite Primes was silently destroyed ten years ago, many other organisations and sects were destroyed one after another.

Without any exception, all of these sects were ancient organisations with Infinite Primes.

No one knew who the culprit was. Even when a few Primordial realm experts tried turning back time, they were unable to discover who did all this.

During this period of time, all the ancient organisations on the entire Aqua Plane quaked in fear. Basically all the sects were on high alert. Even a few eternal organisations with Chaotic Primes secretly became cautious and paid close attention to the entire Aqua Plane, wanting to find the culprit.

Fang Jing wore a white dress as she stood in a building within the city of an everlasting empire. She stared into the distance in a daze.

Not only did she seem even more mature than ten years ago, but she had also gained an otherworldly bearing. She was like a fairy that had transcended worldly affairs. However, it was possible to tell from her cold eyes that behind her quiet manner was a lot of deaths. Any eye contact with her would be chilling.

She had become a late Godking now.

“The further I go, the more difficult it is to recover my cultivation, and the cultivation resources that I need starts to multiply. I wonder when I’ll be able to return to my peak condition in this foreign land.”

“But now, many sects on the Aqua Plane have become cautious. I can’t stay here for much longer. It looks like it’s time for me to leave…”

A hazy figure shrouded by light sat in the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng on the Prosper Plane. Myriad laws interwove with one another above the figure’s head as the truths of the ways were invoked. It bypassed time to depict the past and the future.

Clearly, this person was using a technique to peer into certain matters.

As he peered, the light around him surged. The sound of the ways boomed like thunder as the order of the world seemed to be impacted. In the region where he resided, the five elements were reversed while yin and yang fell into a mess. The laws of the world became chaotic.

“I’ve finally found the last fragment of Ancient Paths’ soul!” At this moment, the figure spoke. It was impossible to distinguish his gender. He stopped his technique, and the chaotic space around him gradually settled down.

“Yi Xin!” He called out. His voice was like the sounds of the ways, passing through the various obstructions and reaching another region in the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng.

With that, the first majesty of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, Yi Xin, appeared silently. Her face was filled with respect as she clasped her fist. “Greetings, master. May I ask what master requires of me?”

“Go to the Heaven-splitting clan on the Nine Clouds Plane and take back the last fragment of Ancient Paths’ soul from the Heaven-splitting Ancestor,” the Anatta Grand Exalt ordered coldly.

“Senior Ancient Paths’ last soul fragment is actually in the hands of the Heaven-splitting Ancestor!” Yi Xin was very surprised by this, but she immediately clasped her fist and replied, “Yes, master!”

Jian Chen cultivated on the fortune jade within the cave where Martial Soul Rock could be mined. Silver-white light faded in and out in his surroundings as if they revolved around him.

Marital Soul Force was restricted by the Laws of the Hallowed. His Martial Soul Force had already grown to the peak of his current level of cultivation. As such, unless he achieved a breakthrough with his comprehension of the Laws of the Hallowed, his Martial Soul Force would not be able to grow any further.

Now, he was using the fortune jade to comprehend the Laws of the Hallowed.

“It has been ten years, and my Laws of the Hallowed have only reached early Overgod. At this speed, it’ll take me a century at the very least to reach Godking even with the assistance from the fortune jade.”

“Just Godking will take a century. Who knows when I’ll be able to reach the Primordial realm.” Jian Chen opened his eyes, and a sliver of impatience appeared on his face.

He had found a method to increase his Martial Soul Force quickly after so much difficulty. However, he was restrained by his Laws of the Hallowed in the end; they prevented him from advancing anymore with Martial Soul Force. This filled him with pity.

After all, he did not have a golden core of laws for the Laws of the Hallowed, so it was impossible for his speed of comprehension to match the Laws of Strength, Laws of Fire, Laws of Space, and so on.

As a matter of fact, the time that Jian Chen spent to reach his current level of comprehension was probably unprecedented in the entire Saints’ World. He was truly a deviant.

After all, he had started comprehending the Laws of the Hallowed from scratch, inching his way up step by step. He was not like those reincarnated experts who would regain their past comprehension after recovering their memories, whose subsequent cultivation would become extremely fast.

“I wonder what the situation with the Tian Yuan clan is. I can’t stay on the Martial Soul Mountain for over a hundred years. It looks like I can only come and absorb these Martial Soul Rocks after I increase my comprehension of the Laws of the Hallowed in the future,” thought Jian Chen. After making up his mind, he immediately stood up and left. He arrived before the medium quality god artifact divine hall again.

“The Soul-destroying technique is an offensive secret technique I’ve grasped. Artifact spirit, you mocked my Martial Soul Force for only being able to scratch an itch for you before, so let me use this Soul-destroying technique to keep scratching your itches,” Jian Chen said to the divine hall before him. With that, he closed his eyes and used the secret technique.

The secret techniques of Martial Soul Force were completely different from God Tier Battle Skills. Some battle skills could only be cast through hand seals. However, the secret techniques and abilities that involved Martial Soul Force would be completed in the sea of consciousness, directly through controlling Martial Soul Force.

Jian Chen had chosen a few secret techniques that suited him more to practise from the sacred grounds. However, as he had always been trying to increase his Martial Soul Force and Laws of the Hallowed during the past few years, he had never found the time to practise these techniques and secret techniques. Now, he finally had the opportunity.

“Come, come. Am I supposed to be afraid of you? Your puny Martial Soul Force only has the right to scratch my itches,” said the artifact spirit mockingly. Although that was what he said, he did become nervous as well. After all, Martial Soul Force was just too wondrous. It could directly penetrate the obstructions of the divine hall to attack his body. He had no idea just how much Jian Chen’s Martial Soul Force had increased by after ten years.

Jian Chen sat there with his eyes closed, doing his best to control Martial Soul Force and condense the Soul-destroying technique.

As this was the first time he had tried to use this technique, it was not very successful even though he knew the method and tricks. He failed several times in condensing it.

Several hours later, Jian Chen finally condensed the Soul-destroying technique. He suddenly opened his eyes, and they became pitch-black. Powerful Martial Soul Force gathered at his forehead.

But in the next moment, the Martial Soul Force gathered near his forehead collapsed. It began to disperse.

His first attempt at casting it was a failure!

“Hahaha, is that your so-called Soul-destroying technique…” The artifact spirit, who had always remained on high alert, could not help but laugh aloud after witnessing this.

Jian Chen’s face did not change. He continued to close his eyes and started to condense the Soul-destroying technique again.

He used an even shorter amount of time with the condensation this time. In just two hours, he completed it.

His eyes suddenly snapped open, and they immediately became pitch-black. It was like a boundless black mist surged there violently. It was an enchanting sight.

A strange pulse appeared from his forehead. Martial Soul Force shot out like a sharp sword, directly penetrating the divine hall and reaching the body of the artifact spirit.

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