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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2473 - The Martial Soul Lineage In Danger
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Chapter 2473: The Martial Soul Lineage in Danger

“What? The Heaven-splitting Ancestor is being hunted down by the first majesty of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng?” This news shocked Jian Chen.

The Heaven-splitting Ancestor was a peak expert who stood at the apex of the Saints’ World, someone only second to Grand Exalts. His strength was unimaginable. Someone like that basically stood supreme in the Saints’ World. Unless there were inconciliable grievances, even peak experts at the same level would not be willing to offend him.

All Ninth Heavenly Layer Grand Primes possessed cultivation close to perfection and exceptional abilities. There would be quite a lot of problems once they had been offended.

Yet now, Jian Chen actually heard that the first majesty of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, Yi Xin, was hunting down the Heaven-splitting Ancestor. While he was stunned, he also felt utterly astonished.

He was confused by why the Heaven-splitting Ancestor had fallen out with the first majesty of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, and he was also shocked by the first majesty’s strength.

He had never thought that while they were both Ninth Heavenly Layer Grand Primes, the Heaven-splitting Ancestor would actually be hunted down by the first majesty. This allowed Jian Chen to sense just how terrifying the first majesty’s strength was once again.

“A battle at such a level rarely ever happens in the Saints’ World. Now, basically all the peak experts across the Saints’ World are paying attention to this,” Qing Shan discussed with great interest. He was in high spirits, clearly extremely excited by the whole matter.

It felt like the Heaven-splitting Ancestor was not being hunted down by the first majesty but Qing Shan himself.

“Senior Qing Shan, do you know why they began fighting?” Jian Chen asked. An ancient piece of jade appeared in his hand silently. It was covered with the patterning of the ways.

The first majesty of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, Yi Xin, had handed the jade to him when he returned the Anatta Tower. As long as he had the jade, he did not have to worry about the Elder of Mountains and Seas finding him through his innate ability.

Unfortunately, he did not know that the Elder of Mountains and Seas was already dead back then, so the jade was not actually very useful anymore.

Qing Shan shook his head. “I don’t know why they started fighting, but this time, I heard that the Heaven-splitting Ancestor has been utterly disgraced. He has been chased for several years, and he’s still running right now.”

At this moment, Hun Zang walked over from afar. He said to Jian Chen, “Eighth junior, I heard that you once assisted the current master of the Neptunean Divine Palace when you were in there. Did that actually happen?”

“Yes, I did. However, I had only struck a deal with Xiao Man back then. May I ask why you’ve suddenly brought up this matter?”

Hun Zang said in thought, “The Neptunean Divine Palace had been on the Nine Clouds Plane the entire time before. Previously, it was under the protection of the Heaven-splitting Ancestor, so no one in the Saints’ World dared to eye it. However, ever since the first majesty killed her way through the Nine Clouds Plane, the Heaven-splitting clan’s protective barrier has remained shattered. The Heaven-splitting Ancestor has fled from his clan was well, running all over the Saints’ World. Now that the Heaven-splitting clan has lost its leader, it has lost its force of deterrence, so many peak experts have secretly infiltrated the Nine Clouds Plane to take the Neptunean Divine Palace away forcefully. The Neptunean Divine Palace fled from the Nine Clouds Plane as a result, so many experts are chasing it down right now.”

Jian Chen became rather stern. Wealth could lead to all sorts of troubles. Now that Xiao Man and Zi Yun possessed an extremely valuable high quality god artifact, the Neptunean Divine Palace, while they were not powerful enough, they would obviously face a lot of problems. After all, he too had been hunted down by all those Grand Primes when he possessed the Anatta Tower.

After all, Zi Yun and Xiao Man were not like him. There was nowhere that they could hide because the Grand Primes could just peer into their location. The Neptunean Divine Palace could only protect them temporarily.

“It looks like the two of them are in danger,” thought Jian Chen. Although his ties with Zi Yun and Xiao Man were not particularly deep, he was still rather reluctant to see them being harmed.

“Jian Chen, do you have confidence in roping in the new master of the Neptunean Divine Palace?” Hun Zang stared at Jian Chen with shining eyes.

Jian Chen was slightly surprised when he heard that. The Martial Soul lineage had existed for a very long time such that they themselves became an organisation. Did they still need to rope in the Neptunean Divine Palace?

Hun Zang sighed gently as some worry appeared on his face. “A few protector swords suddenly appeared in the Radiant Saint Hall. Every single protector sword is astonishing powerful, so with a few of them, the strength of the Radiant Saint Hall has risen. They’ve become the greatest organisation on the Desolate Plane. Our Martial Soul lineage has lost the power to fend off the Radiant Saint Hall, so we need to recruit people who stand with us.”

“Protector swords?” Jian Chen was in doubt. He had stayed in the Radiant Saint Hall for some time. Although he did not know everything the Radiant Saint Hall hid, he did know most of it. Since when did the Radiant Saint Hall have protector swords?

“I can try, but I can’t guarantee anything,’ said Jian Chen.

Hun Zang nodded. “If the new master of the Neptunean Divine Palace can band with us, we’ll be able to keep her safe before she completely matures at the very least. At the same time, we won’t desire anything she possesses. However, if she ends up with those other peak organisations, her situation won’t be fantastic.”

“A high quality god artifact might not be able to tempt a supreme expert like the Heaven-splitting Ancestor, but it is extremely tempting to most Grand Primes in the Saints’ World. As a result, we’re helping her, not harming her.”

“Let’s go and meet the new master of the Neptunean Divine Palace…”

Hun Zang took Jian Chen and Qing Shan to the top of the Martial Soul Mountain. Before long, Chu Jian, Yue Chao, Yun Ziting, Su Qi, and Bai Rufeng all gathered over as well.

The eight successors of the Martial Soul lineage had gathered together.

“Eighth junior, may I ask how much confidence you have in roping in the new master and making her stand on our side?” His fifth senior sister, Su Qi, stared at Jian Chen. Clearly, she cared about this matter very much.

After a moment of thought, Jian Chen said, “Actually, I don’t have much confidence at all. I can only try my best.”

Su Qi nodded. She was filled with helplessness as she sighed gently. “Originally, our Martial Soul lineage was no weaker than the Radiant Saint Hall. However, after the Radiant Saint Hall gained their protector swords, the difference in strength widened in an instant, forcing us to seek foreign reinforcement. Eighth junior, we’ll all be relying on you this time.”

“Roping in the Neptunean Divine Palace is only the first step. We need to gather even more people who will stand with us in the future, or our Martial Soul lineage will be in danger,” Chu Jian added sternly. The appearance of the protector swords made them feel a great sense of danger.

Hun Zang glanced past everyone and said, “We’ll talk about this in the future. Let’s use the power of the mountain soul to head over first. The Neptunean Divine Palace seems to be trapped, so we better hurry up.”

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