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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2474 - Crossing Through Space
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2474: Crossing Through Space

Atop the Martial Soul Mountain were nine, grindstone-sized stone pedestals. They stood in a formation there. Every single pedestal was connected with many inscriptions.

As he looked at the nine pedestals, Jian Chen knew that this was where the secret for crossing a huge distance and appearing anywhere in the Saints’ World through the power of the mountain soul lay.

The mountain soul was not the soul of the Martial Soul Mountain, but an apparition of the Martial Soul Mountain’s power. However, this power was referred to as the mountain soul by the Martial Soul lineage.

That was where its name came from.

The formation created by the nine pedestals was crucial for connecting the power of the Martial Soul Mountain to the outside world.

During the years he spent in the sacred grounds, Jian Chen had absorbed a lot of knowledge regarding the Martial Soul lineage. Although he did not know everything, he did know most of it. He knew that there needed to be five people at least in order to activate the formation.

These five people all had to be members of the Martial Soul lineage. They could not be replaced by others.

Moreover, the higher the number of people who took part in activating the formation and the more powerful they were, the more terrifying the mountain soul’s power would become.

At this moment, Hun Zang, Chu Jian, Yue Chao, Yun Ziting, Su Qi, Bai Rufeng, and Qing Shan all sat on the stone pedestals.

Jian Chen did not hesitate when he saw that. He arrived before an empty pedestal and sat down. He looked at the empty ninth pedestal and thought, “I wonder when the ninth successor of the Martial Soul lineage will appear.” He could not help but think of the glorious age when all nine successors were present.

However, Jian Chen’s mind quivered in the next moment. He felt like his soul had established an extremely obscure connection with the Martial Soul Mountain. He felt like he had become part of the Martial Soul Mountain, and they were inseparable.

Afterwards, he felt the world around him spin. He seemed to see countless stars flicker as they changed in position.

This feeling lasted for just a few seconds. When the landscape around Jian Chen cleared up again, he discovered that he was in a completely different region of space.

Many meteorites and shattered planets hovered in the surroundings. Violent energy filled the entire region.

Jian Chen glanced beneath his feet and discovered that the Martial Soul Mountain under him had already turned illusionary; it was completely condensed from energy. In that short moment, he had left the Martial Soul Mountain, crossing a tremendous distance and appearing in a foreign region of space.

“The Martial Soul Mountain really is wondrous. Just the speed alone is faster than interplanar teleportation formations. More importantly, it doesn’t need five-colored divine crystals at all,” Jian Chen sighed in amazement inside.

At this moment, a huge boom rang out from behind.

Jian Chen immediately followed the sound and looked over. He saw an azure divine hall there, shining with dazzling, blue light that formed an impenetrable screen of light, enveloping the entire structure.

A huge chain shone with dazzling light and wounded around the screen of light, completely trapping the divine hall.

Several dozen Primordial realm experts surged with energy, using various methods to keep the divine hall suppressed.

Seven of them were Grand Primes, while the rest were Chaotic Primes.

Jian Chen’s face immediately sank when he saw the trapped divine hall because it was the Neptunean Divine Palace.

“The people of the Martial Soul lineage have actually come as well. I never thought the Martial Soul lineage would be interested in the Neptunean Divine Palace as well. However, Hun Zang, let me say this first. Before the Neptunean Divine Palace runs out of energy, we’re not allowed to fight against one another, just in case the Neptunean Divine Palace manages to slip away again.”

It was impossible for them to hide the arrival of the mountain soul from the peak experts. Even from afar, they noticed it the moment it appeared. Immediately, an old voice boomed out.

He was a Grand Prime. His voice was thunderous, booming through the entire region.

“And what happens once the Neptunean Divine Palace runs out of power?” Hun Zang asked from the top of the mountain soul.

“Once it runs out, it’ll obviously be up to your personal ability…” replied a peak expert coldly.

“Personal ability? Alright then.” Hun Zang chucked and approached the Neptunean Divine Palace with the Martial Soul Mountain.

“I’ll contact the artifact spirit of the Neptunean Divine Palace and see if we can forge an alliance through eighth junior’s relationship. If they’re willing, we’ll do it,” Hun Zang said to the other members of the Martial Soul lineage secretly before sitting down.

Jian Chen immediately sensed an extremely obscure strand of Martial Soul Force drift out from Hun Zang’s forehead, spreading towards the Neptunean Divine Palace carefully.

It was difficult for others to discover Martial Soul Force. Coupled with Hun Zang’s careful control, even the Grand Primes present failed to sense it.

Martial Soul Force could penetrate everything, so the Martial Soul Force from Hun Zang passed through the energy restraints smoothly. It gently came into contact with the Neptunean Divine Palace without alerting anyone.

The Grand Primes in the surroundings stared at the Martial Soul Mountain the entire time. They paid close attention to all their actions. They were extremely stern.

A few of them even looked at the Martial Soul Mountain cautiously with fear.

The Martial Soul lineage was renowned across the Saints’ World. Although they could not break through to Grand Prime, no one dared to underestimate the successors of the Martial Soul lineage.

This was because many experts who had once fought against them still felt lingering fear. Even after they became Grand Primes, they did not dare to look down on the Martial Soul lineage as long as they had not reached the higher levels of Grand Prime.

“Hun Zang, why hasn’t your Martial Soul lineage taken action yet?” At this moment, a voice rang out. An old man was questioning the Martial Soul lineage. He felt that something was off from how Hun Zang sat with his eyes closed.

“We’ve just crossed over a huge distance to come here, so we obviously need to recover. Moreover, wasting away all of the energy can’t be achieved in a single day or two. What’s the hurry?” Hun Zang replied calmly.

At the same time, Xiao Man and Zi Yun stood within the Neptunean Divine Palace. They were worried and panicking. Clearly, they knew the situation outside very well and understood the predicament they were in.

“What do we do? What do we do? What are we supposed to do? If this continues, the Neptunean Divine Palace will run out of energy one day.” Xiao Man was completely flustered. She was at a complete loss.

“Xiao Man, don’t worry. The Heaven-splitting Ancestor will definitely come save us. His battle against the first majesty of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng should end soon.” Zi Yun comforted Xiao Man, but her beautiful face was filled with much unease as well.

At this moment, a short old man appeared silently. He said to Xiao Man, “Little master, Hun Zang of the Martial Soul lineage has contacted me. He said he wants to form an alliance with little master. If little master is willing, their Martial Soul lineage can break us out…”

“I won’t listen to them, I won’t. I’ll never form an alliance with them. They seem all nice, but they’re actually tricking us. Hmph, do you think I’m easy to trick?” Xiao Man shook her head in annoyance.

“The Martial Soul lineage has always possessed a good name in the Saints’ World. They never delve into tricks and schemes, so they should be trustworthy. M- moreover, Hun Zang said he’s Jian Chen’s senior brother. Jian Chen is outside as well,” said the artifact spirit of the Neptunean Divine Palace.

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