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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2487 - Xuan Zhan’s Stance
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Chapter 2487: Xuan Zhan’s Stance

Regardless of whether Xuan Zhan revealed the fact that he was present, Jian Chen knew that Xuan Zhan’s appearance alone meant that he could no longer remain on the Desolate Plane. He said, “Yunxue, Bai Yu, sir, take care. I must bid you farewell.” Afterwards, he looked at Bai Yu and Han Xi with mixed feelings. He said seriously, “Perhaps we really might become enemies in the future, but no matter what happens to us, you will always be my junior sister and teacher in my mind. Farewell.”

With that, Jian Chen left without even looking back.

Donglin Yanxue was reluctant for Jian Chen to go as she looked at him. She caught up without any hesitation and said, “Just let me send you off one last time. I’ll be able to keep Xuan Ming busy if he plans on attacking you.”

“Let’s return to Donglin City. There’s an interplanar teleportation formation there.”

“Xuan Ming.” Jian Chen sighed inside when he heard that name again. Although he and Xuan Ming were technically just strangers who had happened to run into each other, they had known each other in the past. He had never thought Xuan Ming would actually become like this today; it left Jian Chen incredibly disappointed.

However, this was related to a Grand Exalt’s cultivation method after all. Let alone him and Xuan Ming, even many brothers who had gone through thick and thin together would turn on each other if such a great cultivation method was presented before them.

“Father, why did you take me away? The Grand Exalt’s cultivation method is with Jian Chen. That’s the greatest cultivation methods in the world. Obtaining it is basically opening up a path to heaven. Even if we ignore Grand Exalts, peak experts only second to Grand Exalts are figures that can shake up an entire world as well.” Xuan Ming stared at his father with regret. Currently, they were within the sacred hall above the clouds in the Radiant Saint Hall.

Xuang Ming had become a protector of the Radiant Saint Hall. Both his status and strength were completely different from the past. He now stood at the top, where he had the right to fight for things that would benefit him. The Grand Exalt’s cultivation method just happened to be something that interested him very much.

Xuan Zhan stared at the regretful Xuan Ming and sighed gently. “Ming’er, have you really lost your mind over a single protector sword? You need to understand that the power from the protector sword is from a foreign source in the end. Since the artifact spirit of the Radiant Saint Hall could bestow it upon you, he can also take it away. Once you lose the protector sword, do you think you have the ability to keep the Grand Exalt’s cultivation method?”

With that, Xuan Ming immediately calmed down. He also understood that everything he currently possessed came from the protector sword.

“Since the protector sword has chosen me, it won’t leave me that easily.” Xuan Ming also became slightly afraid. He had grasped this great power, becoming a supreme existence. He could not accept losing this power and getting reduced to a failure.

Xuan Zhan shook his head. “You’re wrong. You all think the protector swords chose you, but in reality, it was the artifact spirit, not the protector swords.”

“The artifact spirit has full control over who becomes the master of the protector swords, or it would have been impossible for Bai Yu and Han Xin to obtain swords with their talent, let alone the fact that their protector swords’ rankings exceed ours. They’re not descendants of the Grand Exalt after all.”

Xuan Zhan had already explained it so clearly, so Xuan Ming would be far too dim if he still did not understand.

“Father, are you saying that it’s all because of Jian Chen that we’re able to obtain the protector swords?” Xuan Ming paled in fright. Disbelief filled his face.

Xuan Zhan did not provide a straightforward answer. He said sternly, “The Tower of Radiance has slumbered for so long, yet right after Jian Chen enters it, things happen, awakening the artifact spirit. In the miniature world where Jian Chen and Gongsun Zhi competed over the legacy, the gateway suddenly closed after Jian Chen had left as well, trapping all the Radiant Godkings in there. Apart from Gongsun Zhi, who’s the Grand Exalt’s descendant, all the wielders have ties with Jian Chen. Don’t you think that’s a little too coincidental?”

With that, Xuan Ming sank into his thoughts. The light in his eyes changed as he became both surprised and uncertain. He was extremely shocked inside.

“Ming’er, it’s best if you focus on your cultivation next. You don’t have to worry about anything else. Don’t think about obtaining the Method of the Exalted Saint either. Even if you get your hands on it, you will become mortal enemies with Gongsun Zhi. With Gongsun Zhi’s identity as the Grand Exalt’s descendant and the rest of the legacy that he has obtained, he’s basically supposed to obtain the cultivation method,” Xuan Zhan said with mixed feelings. After a long while of hesitation, he still ended up not telling Xuan Ming about the Martial Soul lineage being the imperial clan.

He was still not prepared for someone else to learn about this astonishing news, just in case it upheaved the Radiant Saint Hall.

“W- was I wrong? Did my judgement really become clouded by greed?” At that moment, Xuan Ming could not help but ask himself those questions.

Through the interplanar teleportation formation in Donglin City, Jian Chen left the Desolate Plane successfully. He continued travelling without stopping, taking more teleportation formations to return to the Martial Soul Mountain as soon as possible. He reported everything he had learnt to the other seven members of the Martia Soul lineage.

“If there are three wielders of protector swords who don’t target us and only watch over the Desolate Plane, the pressure we face will be greatly reduced.” The other members of the Martial Soul lineage were relieved after receiving Jian Chen’s news.

“The only problem is Xuan Zhan. He was already extremely powerful. Him possessing a protector sword is basically overkill. I need to admit that there’s no one in our Martial Soul lineage who’s Xuan Zhan’s opponent anymore,” Hun Zang said sternly as he frowned heavily.

“Since we’re not his opponent, let’s just defend the Martial Soul Mountain with our lives. As long as we remain on the Martial Soul Mountain, even Xuan Zhan won’t be able to break in with his protector sword,” said Su Qi. The Martial Soul Mountain was the last line of defence for the Martial Soul lineage. Unless it was a supreme expert who had reached the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Grand Prime like the Heaven-splitting Ancestor, no one could breach the Martial Soul Mountain.

“I hope our ninth successor appears as soon as possible. Once the nine successors gather, our Martial Soul lineage will experience an unprecedented high and be able to stand supreme in the Saints’ World. Moreover, the archives have clearly recorded that during the age when the nine successors appeared, our Martial Soul lineage could even face off against Grand Exalts,” Chu Jian said eagerly.

The Martial Soul lineage already had eight people now. They only needed one more person.

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