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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2490 - The Skyfire Plane
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Chapter 2490: The Skyfire Plane

“Eighth junior, this spaceship was forged by your senior sister. Although it’s technically only a low quality god artifact, it has reached the peak of low quality god artifacts. It might not be a medium quality god artifact, but it outshines even medium quality god artifacts in certain aspects of convenience.”

Jian Chen’s fifth senior, Su Qi, took out a sliver-white flying shuttle.

The shuttle seemed like a diamond, hovering in her hand quietly. It shone with a faint layer of light, giving off the pressure of a god artifact.

“Since you’re leaving the Martial Soul Mountain, you must have a lot of traveling to do. The spaceship I’ve forged can match Chaotic Primes. Even some weaker Chaotic Primes can’t catch up to it. Moreover, the spaceship doesn’t just possess speed. It has great defence and can pierce through many things. Once it reaches its full speed, it has extremely powerful attacks, and it can even directly pierce through planets,” Su Qi continued to explain to Jian Chen in detail.

“Thank you fifth senior, but it’s just far too valuable.” Jian Chen declined the gift. A spaceship that was extremely close to being a medium quality god artifact would definitely be worth several times more than regular medium quality god artifacts.

Let alone the difficulty of forging a god artifact like that, the materials for it would be extremely rare as well. As a result, special god artifacts like spaceships were worth several times more than regular god artifacts.

“Eighth junior, just accept it. Your fifth senior sister has quite some skill in terms of refining artifacts. Refining a low quality god artifact has become nothing special for her now. Just take the spaceship,” said the fourth senior brother, Yun Ziting.

“Eighth junior, you can’t decline gifts from fifth senior sister. She has reached the level of grandmasters in terms of refining artifacts. In reality, basically all of your seniors possess a spaceship refined by your fifth senior. Look, here’s mine,” said Qing Shan. A spaceship also hovered in Qing Shan’s hand. It was also diamond-shaped, but its appearance differed from the one that Su Qi was offering.

Qing Shan continued, “Moreover, the spaceships refined by fifth senior aren’t just god artifacts. They also possess the symbol of our Martial Soul lineage. Although our Martial Soul lineage isn’t a superpower that can deter all forces in the Saints’ World, we do have some deterrence. Basically no regular peak organisation dares to actively provoke our Martial Soul lineage. Apart from the Radiant Saint Hall, we don’t have any enemies either.”

Jian Chen stared at the spaceship in Qing Shan’s hand. He could tell with a single glance that Qing Shan’s spaceship was a medium quality god artifact.

Jian Chen no longer tried to turn down the offer after seeing that. He accepted the spaceship from Su Qi.

He understood that even if he did not use the spaceship himself, he could still give it to the Tian Yuan clan in the future.

The spaceship was only the size of a hand when shrunken. An artifact spirit had already been born inside.

Under the artifact spirit’s cooperation, Jian Chen refined the spaceship easily.

Four hours later, a silver-white light shot off from the Martial Soul Mountain. It vanished into the depths of outer space with a flash.

A silver-white, diamond-shaped spaceship just sixty meters in length shot through the icy depths of outer space with extremely terrifying speed.

Jian Chen stood with his hands behind his back inside the spaceship. He looked at the star chart in there and murmured, “The spaceship refined by fifth senior sister really is extraordinary. This speed is at least ten times faster than when I travel alone. Probably even some Chaotic Primes cannot match this speed.”

“The only problem is that the spaceship is a little small inside.” Jian Chen looked behind. The limit of the spaceship was only sixty meters. It could not expand any further.

With the spaceship, Jian Chen completed a journey of three days in just over four hours. He arrived at the interplanar teleportation formation closest to the Martial Soul Mountain. After paying up some five-colored divine crystals, he left through it.

“The Daoist Sect of Divine Sound is on the Skyfire Plane. It has already been so many years, so it’s time for me to go see Mu’er. If it’s possible, I should probably take her back to the Tian Yuan clan,” Jian Chen thought. He teleported across several planes consecutively, directly arriving on the Skyfire Plane.

In the past, he did not have the strength to fetch Mu’er, but he was confident he possessed the ability to do so now. After all, basically no one could pose any threat to him now as long as there were no Chaotic Primes.

That included Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes.

In the past, Jian Chen had used the Profound Sword Qi to kill a Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime back at the Gloomwater sect. After cultivating on the Martial Soul Mountain, his strength had increased once again.

As a result, only Chaotic Primes could threaten him now.

In terms of cultivation resources, he had obtained the Watercloud Hall. With the tremendous amount accumulated in there over the years, Jian Chen was confident that the cultivation resources he possessed were no less than the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound.

After over a dozen teleportations, Jian Chen finally arrived at his destination, the Skyfire Plane.

The interplanar teleportation formation was clearly erected in a city. As soon as he arrived there, he saw the busy square and streets before him.

“It has been so many years. I’ve finally set foot on the Skyfire Plane. I wonder how Mu’er is doing,” Jian Chen sighed emotionally inside as he looked at the Skyfire Plane.

In the distant past, when Shangguan Mu’er was taken away from the Cloud Plane by experts of the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound, the Skyfire Plane was a place so distant that he could only imagine it back then. This was because the five-colored divine crystals needed for a single teleportation was an astronomical figure for him.

Back then, he could only swear that he would use his own strength to cross the vast cosmos one day and fetch Shangguan Mu’er from the Skyfire Plane.

Now, he had finally achieved it.

At this moment, the teleportation formation that Jian Chen had just used shone with intense light once again, and violent energy surged forth.

“Sir, please move to give way to the next people so that you don’t interfere with their teleportation,” a soldier stationed there arrived before Jian Chen and said to him very politely.

None of the people who could travel through these teleportation formations would be simple, so the soldiers did not dare to offend them.

At this moment, the teleportation formation flashed, and five figures were sent over from another plane, appearing there.

Jian Chen could not help but look over. He could tell that the two old men in the group of five were Primordial realm experts, but they were only an early and mid Infinite Prime respectively.

Out of the three remaining people, one of them was a young master with a striking appearance. He seemed rather arrogant. The two others were women who seemed to be attendants.

“Let’s go straight to the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound,” the young master said indifferently, but his eyes told a different story. He seemed rather hurried.

The two female attendants stood to one side quietly, while the two early Infinite Prime old men nodded, immediately taking the three of them away.

“They’re also going to the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound? It looks like they’re also trying to propose a marriage…” The soldier who had spoken to Jian Chen murmured after the five of them had left.

“The Daoist Sect of Divine Sound? To propose a marriage?” Jian Chen heard everything that the soldier had said, which surprised him. He felt rather curious.

After all, he was about to visit the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound. He hoped to learn more about any matters that were relevant to the sect.

“Sir, may I ask which female prodigy these people will be proposing a marriage to when they go to the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound?” Jian Chen asked with a clasped fist.

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