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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2492 - Intoxicating Philtre
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Chapter 2492: Intoxicating Philtre

Shangguan Mu’er paused after hearing Jun Kong’s words. Disgust and great repulsion appeared in her eyes. If she still held onto any ties with Jun Kong, they had been completely severed at that moment.

“Is that what ancestor Lian Qi wants?” Shangguan Mu’er asked without looking back. Her voice was completely cold.

“Junior, master’s plan is all for your sake. Many peak organisations eyes you now. They’re willing to stop at nothing. If you keep saying Jian Chen is your partner, Jian Chen will be killed off by people from those peak organisations. After all, it is impossible for a tiny figure with no background to receive any attention from those organisations.” Jun Kong arrived before Shangguan Mu’er and said boldly, “But your senior’s different. I’m a prodigy of the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound. If we’re together, and we announce that we’re partners, those peak organisations who eyes junior Mu’er won’t be able to say anything.”

“After all, even if our Daoist Sect of Divine Sound has declined, we’re not a small sect that just anyone can trample over. Moreover, the Wind Ancestor’s cultivation has already reached the peak. Once she breaks through, our Daoist Sect of Divine Sound will stand among the ranks of peak organisations once again.”

“Senior, you better give up on that thought. I will only have a single husband in my life, and that’s Jian Chen. Even if my husband dies, I will never become the partner of someone else,” Shangguan Mu’er said firmly.

Jun Kong became filled with jealousy when he heard Shangguan Mu’er’s determination. However, he did not show it. He sighed gently and said, “Junior, just what’s so good about this Jian Chen? Why can’t you forget about him?”

Shangguan Mu’er said nothing. She just left the Cave of the Demonic and Divine. Currently, she felt complete disappointment towards the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound.

If the idea had come from Jun Kong, her opinion of the sect would remain the same. She would still recognise the sect.

However, the idea came from one of the four ancestors of the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound, Lian Qi, which completely disappointed her.

Staring at Shangguan Mu’er back, a sliver of resolution flashed through Jun Kong’s eyes. He said, “Junior, since you’re so heartless, you can’t blame your senior.” A dark red pill silently appeared in his hand behind his back.

The pill was called the Intoxicating Philtre. It came from his master, Lian Qi, who was one of the four ancestors of the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound.

The Intoxicating Philtre’s only use was to drown people in lust. Its effects were extremely potent, having reached God Tier. Let alone Godkings, even Infinite Primes and weaker Chaotic Primes would not be able to contain their lust once they became affected. They would lose their minds and be led around by their lust.

Jun Kong held the Intoxicating Filtre as he stared straight at Shangguan Mu’er. He could not help but smile evilly before crushing the pill with a slight exertion of force.

Immediately, a faint, red mist expanded from the Intoxicating Filtre. The mist moved extremely quickly, permeating the entire Cave of the Demonic and Divine in an instant before spreading even further away.

In just three seconds, all three caves were filled by the red mist. Shangguan Mu’er happened to be standing within it.

The effects of the pill were astonishingly potent. In just an instant, Jun Kong was affected. His eyes became scarlet.

“Junior, forgive me. I never wanted to do this either. It’s just that I want you too much. After today, you are mine,” Jun Kong said sternly as his breathing became heavier and heavier. The flames of lust lit up in his scarlet eyes.

Shangguan Mu’er slowly turned around. Her eyes were clear, but they were extremely sharp right now. Clearly, she was not affected at all.

The hand-sized Zither of the Demonic Cry hovered above her head quietly, shining with a faint layer of light that enveloped her.

She seemed to be standing in a different world within the light, allowing the red mist to permeate her surroundings. However, when it approached her, it did not affect her at all.

Looking at Jun Kong, who was like a beast in the heat, a sliver of killing intent that had not appeared for many years flashed through Shangguan Mu’er’s eyes. It was bone-chilling. She said coldly, “Jun Kong, since you want to dig your own grave, I’ll let you get what you want. We are no longer seniors and juniors from now onwards.”

Jun Kong’s usage of the pill had completely angered Shangguan Mu’er. With a flash of light, the Zither of the Demonic Cry transformed into the size of a regular zither in her hands. She gently plucked the strings with her slender hands.

Immediately, an enchanting tune suddenly rang out. It seemed to be able to pierce anything and everything.

When Jun Kong heard the tune, his body stiffened slightly. His eyes immediately became hollow, and it was like he had lost his soul and turned into a zombie.

He was completely under the music’s control now.

The artifact spirit of the Zither of the Demonic Cry had already awakened. Shangguan Mu’er had obtained the complete legacy of the Third Ancestor from the artifact spirit as well, so her grasp over the zither basically approached perfection. She could easily control Jun Kong completely.

At that moment, without any exaggeration, Jun Kong had temporarily become Shangguan Mu’er’s puppet. His soul was under her control. His fate was completely in Shangguan Mu’er’s hands.

Jun Kong let out a deep, bestial roar. Under Shangguan Mu’er’s control, he directly flew out of the forbidden grounds.

The Cloudmoon Peak was the mountain where all the female disciples of the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound stayed. Towards the back, in a steaming hot spring, a bevy of women showed off their snow-white skin and slender bodies as they played around. Squeals and giggles would ring out from time to time.

This was where all the female disciples bathed and cleaned themselves.

At this moment, a figure shot over from the distance and stopped above the Cloudmoon Peak.

He was Jun Kong.

However, Shangguan Mu’er stopped controlling him as soon as he arrived. As a result, he regained control over himself again, but since he was under the influence of the pill, he was completely lost in lust.

Like a beast in the heat, he hovered beyond the Cloudmoon Peak as he breathed heavily. He looked at the hot spring where the female disciples bathed towards the back and let out a deep roar as he directly rushed over like a bull.

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