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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2493 - An Ugly Scandal
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Chapter 2493: An Ugly Scandal

The formation of the Cloudmoon Peak immediately rose up. However, this was inside the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound, so the formation was not particularly powerful. Its main purpose was to block off the senses of the soul and maintain privacy, so the formation shattered when Jun Kong collided with it.

Jun Kong, having lost his mind, directly charged towards the hot spring.

A series of cries immediately rang out when a man, Jun Kong, suddenly appeared. Many female disciples ran around naked as barriers of energy and armor appeared, covering up their bodies.

“Jun Kong has been blinded by lust. I will give you ten seconds to leave. You should know what will happen after those ten seconds.” Shangguan Mu’er’s voice rang out from above the hot spring. It was extremely cold.

Her voice seemed to possess a mysterious charm, causing Jun Kong to pause right before he threw himself at a lady.

He was under Shangguan Mu’er’s influence again, and even his mind was temporarily controlled. He stood in the hot spring blankly like a fool.

“It’s senior Jun Kong. It’s actually senior Jun Kong…” Quite a few of the terrified and frantic women immediately calmed down slightly when they heard Jun Kong’s name. The light in their eyes flickered as they looked at Jun Kong with various emotions.

There was infatuation in many of the gazes.

“Senior Jun Kong has been blinded by lust. The only way to save senior Jun Kong is to… even if… Otherwise, senior Jun Kong will suffer from an extremely terrifying backlash…”

“Senior Jun Kong is the prodigy of our Daoist Sect of Divine Sound, an expert of the Godkings’ Throne. He has even comprehended the Heart of Life and Death out of the three supreme concepts. His future is limitless. We can’t let anything happen to senior Jun Kong…”

Some female disciples said. They were blushing and embarrassed. However, there was also some eagerness.

Jun Kong possessed a handsome appearance, an impressive bearing, and astonishing talent and background. He had also comprehended the Heart of Life and Death. With all these glorious features, Jun Kong had already become the prince charming in the eyes of many female disciples of the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound. Many of them were infatuated with him, and it was to the point where they would offer themselves up without any hesitation at all as long as Jun Kong asked for it.

As a result, a few of them realised an opportunity had presented itself when they saw that Jun Kong had become blinded by lust.

In the end, over a dozen people chose to stay out of over a hundred female disciples.

“Even if this disgraces me, I won’t regret it as long as I can become senior Jun Kong’s woman…”

“What are you blabbering about? What disgracing yourself? Can’t you see that senior Jun Kong is under the influence of something? If we don’t save him, the consequences will be horrendous. We’re saving senior Jun Kong like this…”

A few female disciples discussed softly in the hot springs. They all understood the consequences of remaining, but none of them would regret it.

Shangguan Mu’er hovered beyond the Cloudmoon Peak emotionlessly. Her enchanting eyes shone with cold light. After seeing how there were still a few women who refused to leave after the ten seconds had elapsed, she did not try to persuade them. She just released her control over Jun Kong.

The ten seconds were more than enough for them to escape. They would have been long gone if they wanted to leave. Now that they had chosen to stay, whatever happened next would have nothing to do with her.

Without Shangguan Mu’er’s control, Jun Kong immediately let out a roar and launched over.

During that time, a female disciple tossed out an embroidered umbrella. The umbrella immediately expanded to a size of several hundred metres, covering up the entire region…

At this moment, a group of high ranking members of the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound were currently receiving important guests in a discussion hall on the main peak. The discussion hall was actually a medium quality god artifact, and its interior seemed like a completely different world.

The Daoist Sect of Divine Sound had set up an extremely great scale to welcome them. Not only were three of the four ancestors present, but even the current sect master and all the Primordial realm elders were here as well.

Such a large scale just to welcome a few people rarely happened in the sect’s history.

This was because the guests they received this time possessed extremely great statuses. They were from one of the few archean clans in the Saints’ World, the Dao clan.

Organisations referred to as archean clans, without a single exception, had existed since the previous aeon and had given birth to a Grand Exalt in the previous aeon at the very least. Moreover, they would possess the Grand Exalt’s legacy, peak god artifacts, and a supreme expert only second to Grand Exalts.

Only when all those conditions were fulfilled could they be referred to as an archean clan.

As a result, perhaps there were quite a few ancient organisations that had survived since the previous aeon, but ones that could truly hold the title of archean clan were mythical existences.

Every single archean clan possessed a deterrence in the Saints’ World only second to the Grand Exalts.

A total of five people had come from the Dao clan. If Jian Chen were present, he would definitely recognize that the five of them happened to be the group who had arrived after he came to the Skyfire Plane. They were the handsome young man, the two accompanying Primordial realm experts, and the two female attendants.

The three ancestors and all the elders of Daoist Sect of Divine Sound accompanied them carefully. Even though they knew that the young man only came from a branch family of the Dao family, they did not dare to waste any of their time at all.

At this moment, the three ancestors frowned. As ancestors of the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound, they possessed partial control over the divine hall. However, they realised at that moment that someone had touched the divine hall outside.

This was an alert for urgent matters that they had set up. Unless something extremely urgent had happened, the disciples outside definitely would not disturb them.

One of the four ancestors, Lian Qi, immediately looked at Gu Na. Gu Na understood and immediately sent the senses of her soul outside to check on the situation.

“Ancestor, something bad has happened. S- something huge has happened with the Cloudmoon Peak…” A Godking disciple reported in a hurry outside.

Gu Na immediately extended the senses of her soul to the Cloudmoon Peak, but in the next moment, her face changed drastically. It became filled with shock. She could no longer remain composed and jumped to her feet. She did not even tell the people of the Dao clan that she was leaving before vanishing in a flash.

Everyone in the hall was extremely surprised by Gu Na’s hurried departure. The two other ancestors, Lian Qi and Deng Wenxin, could not help but expand the senses of their souls as well, but their faces changed drastically as well very soon.

“Preposterous!” The ancestor, who was only second to the Wind Ancestor in terms of strength and status, Deng Wenxin, immediately called out furiously. She left the divine hall in a hurry.

Shangguan Mu’er carried the Zither of the Demonic Cry as she hovered coldly outside the Cloudmoon Peak. She did not leave.

At this moment, there was a flash beside her and Gu Na arrived there. Even though Gu Na looked middle-aged, she was still attractive. However, at this moment, her face had become pale from anger as her chest heaved. She stared right towards the back of the Cloudmoon Peak.

In the next moment, Lian Qi and Deng Wenxin arrived as well. Deng Wenxin had a long face. Her expression was as ugly as possible and extremely sunken.

As for Lian Qi, his gaze flickered with uncertainty.

“It’s the Intoxicating Philtre,” Gu Na gritted her teeth as she was extremely furious inside; it was to the point where her entire body trembled.

“I never thought a scandal like this would happen in our Daoist Sect of Divine Sound. It is our misfortune. It is our misfortune…” Deng Wenxin was both distressed and disgusted. Even though everything on the Cloudmoon Peak was covered up but a large umbrella, they could still see what was happening with their as Chaotic Primes.

This was utterly humiliating to the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound.

More and more Godkings gathered over here. Even quite a few elders in the discussion hall hurried over.

To prevent even more people from learning about this, Deng Wenxin waved her hand and cast down a barrier, blocking off the scene from everyone.

“Mu’er, what is this about?” Lian Qi stared at Shangguan Mu’er with an ugly expression and asked like he was interrogating her. He had secretly given the Intoxicating Philtre to Jun Kong, but he believed that even if Jun Kong used it, it would only be in the Cave of the Demonic and Divine. Such a matter would have never happened.

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