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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2494 - Leaving The Sect
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Chapter 2494: Leaving the Sect

“Jun Kong crushed a pill in the Cave of the Demonic and Divine. He clearly wanted to use underhanded methods against me, but he underestimated me. He didn’t know that I could defend against such pills, so he obviously failed in the end and doomed himself instead.” Shangguan Mu’er told the truth. Her voice was extremely cold.

As a matter of fact, she showed no respect at all. Clearly, she no longer had any good impression of Lian Qi.

As if he did not hear the change in Shangguan Mu’er’s tone, Lian Qi continued to stare at the Cloudmoon Peak with an ugly expression. He said sternly, “Mu’er, you should have some method of controlling the effects of this pill. Why don’t you help out your senior Jun Kong?” Lian Qi’s voice was filled with blame and displeasure.

Jun Kong’s behaviour would greatly affect both the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound and him. Perhaps in the future, the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound would be reduced to a laughing stock on the Skyfire Plane.

“He had it coming, so why should I stop him? He’s despicable for using such underhanded methods against me. If it weren’t for the fact that we share the same sect, Jun Kong would already be a dead man,” Shangguan Mu’er said coldly, and a faint sense of killing intent radiated from her.

Not only did she mention fearlessly how she could have killed the supreme prodigy that the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound had raised through great difficulties before the three ancestors, she did not even disguise her killing intent. This was more than enough to show just how furious Shangguan Mu’er was inside.

“Mu’er, you…” Lian Qi’s face changed slightly, and he glared at Shangguan Mu’er.

Lian Qi’s mood had already become horrible from Jun Kong’s repulsive actions, and now that Shangguan Mu’er argued back with no respect for her elders, Lian Qi was extremely furious.

However, he did not touch Shangguan Mu’er. After all, she had obtained the Third Ancestor’s legacy. Even though she was technically his junior, her status was significant as well.

As the only successor of the Third Ancestor, even if she committed some heinous crime within the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound, probably no one would dare to punish her.

This was because if the successor of the Third Ancestor successfully matures, she would definitely become a supreme figure of the sect.

Her will would represent the entire Daoist Sect of Divine Sound, and every single action from her could determine the fate of the entire sect.

“Lian Qi, shut up!” Deng Wenxin, who was only second to the Wind Ancestor in the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound, spoke. She said with absolute authority, “Lian Qi, Jun Kong is your disciple. You hold direct responsibility for his despicable actions today. Immediately go find all disciples that know about this. We can’t let news of this scandalous matter spread.”

“Then should we stop Jun Kong?” Gu Na asked and looked at Deng Wenxin.

Deng Wenxin sighed gently. “He has been poisoned by the Intoxicating Philtre. The poison is extremely potent, and it can only be purged from his body through this method. If we stop him now, it will destroy him.”

“Whatever, whatever. It has been so many years since our Daoist Sect of Divine Sound has gained an outstanding disciple who comprehended one of the three great concepts. If we just destroy him like this, it would be a huge pity. Moreover, it has all already happened. Even if we destroy Jun Kong, it won’t amount to anything. We’ll make Jun Kong accept the dozen or so female disciples who offered themselves up to him.”

Deng Wenxin’s words determined Jun Kong’s fate.

In terms of accepting the female disciples, it was obviously accepting them as partners.

However, unbeknownst to Deng Wenxin, her decision made Shangguan Mu’er no longer reluctant to leave.

At this moment, the barrier that Deng Wenxin had cast down suddenly distorted, and a crack the size of a door ripped open.

The group of people from the Dao clan walked in. A fist-sized orb hovered above their heads, enveloping them in a layer of light.

The orb was clearly a god artifact with special powers. Powered by the two Infinite Primes, it opened a hole in Deng Wenxin’s barrier.

The arrival of the group immediately caused the expressions of Deng Wenxin, Gu Na, and Lian Qi to change. Right now, they were just about to leave. They sensed that the situation was not good. The three of them subconsciously wanted to forcefully drive out the five of them, but they did nothing in the end as soon as they thought of their background.

“I wonder what’s going on that has made the seniors of the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound so frantic? If there are any difficulties, our Dao clan is willing to help out for the sake of miss Shangguan Mu’er,” said the young master from the Dao clan, Dao Gongming, with a chuckle. He looked around curiously.

However, the expressions of the two Infinite Primes who followed him became rather strange. There was some surprise.

“Young master, look over there,” an Infinite Prime told Dao Gongming secretly.

With that, Dao Gongming immediately expanded the senses of his soul and enveloped the Cloudmoon Peak. In the next moment, he became extremely fascinated.

“Hahahaha, interesting, interesting. Truly interesting. I never thought the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound would really put on such an interesting show. This trip really was worth it. It really was worth it.” Dao Gongming laughed aloud and continued, “If I am seeing things correctly, that should be the prodigy of your Daoist Sect of Divine Sound, Jun Kong. Tsktsk, I never thought Jun Kong would actually have such interests. Do you think that your Daoist Sect of Divine Sound would be utterly disgraced if I spread this matter?”

“Please keep it a secret,” Lian Qi said as his face became utterly sunken.

Dao Gongming stared towards the Cloudmoon Peak. The scene made him feel a burning sensation inside as he became rather restless as well. He sniggered and said, “Of course I can keep it a secret. Hurry up and agree to my marriage proposal to miss Shangguan Mu’er.”

“From today onwards, I, Shangguan Mu’er, formally leave the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound. The Daoist Sect of Divine Sound no longer has anything to do with me, and the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound has no power over me at all.” At this moment, Shangguan Mu’er spoke up from one side. Her eyes were cold, and her voice was firm. Clearly, she was truly ready to leave the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound.

“As for the support that the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound has provided me in the past years, I will definitely return it manyfold if I become accomplished in the future.”

“Mu’er, what are you blabbering on about…”

“Mu’er, how can you say something like that…”

Deng Wenxin, Gu Na, and Lian Qi were all surprised. They were ancestors of the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound, so they treated the sect with more importance than anything else. They could lose anybody except for the only successor of the Third Ancestor.

However, Shangguan Mu’er also managed to attract Dao Gongming’s attention with that. When he saw her breathtaking beauty and otherworldly bearing, he was completely stunned. It was as if his soul had been whisked away.

“You’re Shangguan Mu’er!” Dong Gongming said as infatuation filled his eyes. His heart had already been stolen away the moment he saw Shangguan Mu’er.

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