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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2501 - Running Away
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Chapter 2501: Running Away

Even a low quality god artifact had exceeded its limits and was damaged. This was more than enough to show just how astonishing Jian Chen’s attack was.

Moreover, when the low quality god artifact was damaged, an unstoppable power pierced right into Ba Bu’s body.

The flesh near Ba Bu’s waist immediately became a bloody mess. He struggled to stand upright, as all his organs had been reduced to pieces.

Jian Chen’s attack was simply too powerful. If it were not his armor, Ba Bu would have been almost cut in half.

“No wonder Mu’er always longs for Jian Chen and never wavers when she faces Jun Kong’s courtship. Jian Chen really does possess supreme, rare talent. His growth rate is so astonishing that he even makes me suspect whether he’s the reincarnation of someone powerful…” Gu Na stared straight at Jian Chen and praised in amazement.

“Hmph, so what if his growth rate is impressive? It’s not like geniuses like that haven’t appeared in the Saints World, but in the end, how many of them are truly able to reach the peak? Almost all of them die along the way…” Lian Qi said to Gu Na secretly to express his disapproval.

However, in reality, he too had begun to take Jian Chen seriously.

“Jian Chen isn’t using a god artifact right now, yet he already possesses the battle prowess of a Sixth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime. It’s rumoured that he has a low quality god artifact, the Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways. I wonder what level he’ll reach once he uses it,” Lian Qi wondered as he became stern.

At that moment, he no longer dared to take Jian Chen lightly because he also understood just how astonishing Jian Chen’s growth rate was. Although Jian Chen’s current strength still had not reached a level that he had to worry about, it would not take him long to reach such a level if he continued to grow at his current rate.

Deng Wenxin stared right at Jian Chen as if she wanted to see his ins and outs. She said sternly, “Jian Chen actually still does not plan on stopping. The people of the Dao clan cannot die in our Daoist Sect of Divine Sound, or it’ll cause trouble. I should stop him.”

To another side, sword Qi condensed around Jian Chen as he shone with dazzling light. Just when he planned on continuing his attacks, Deng Wenxin arrived before him with a flash.

“Jian Chen, enough.” Deng Wenxin sighed gently with extremely mixed feelings.

When the experts of the Dao clan attacked Shangguan Mu’er, their Daoist Sect of Divine Sound was unable to stop them at all. They could only watch the only successor of the Third Ancestor endure the combined attacks of two Primordial realm experts despite only being a Godking.

Yet now, when Jian Chen completely dominated and heavily injured the two Primordial realm experts, she was forced to stop Jian Chen and protect them.

Deng Wenxin felt extremely powerless over this entire matter.

Jian Chen’s face sunk. He could feel a tremendous pressure from Deng Wenxin; he felt like he faced a mountain.

The threat he felt from Deng Wenxin was much greater than what he felt from Xu Ran.

“As a disciple of your Daoist Sect of Divine Sound, Mu’er has been harmed by outsiders, yet not only do you, an ancestor of the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound, not protect her, you even assist those who harm her. Is this how your Daoist Sect of Divine Sound treats your people?” Jian Chen growled. He was extremely furious. Even though he had already heavily injured Ba Bu and Ge Tong, he was still angry.

The Daoist Sect of Divine Sound’s actions disappointed him. He struggled to imagine just how severe the entire situation would have become if he had come even a day late. He might not have been able to see Mu’er ever again.

Deng Wenxin sighed gently. Her face was filled with powerlessness as she said to Jian Chen secretly, “Jian Chen, we hold Mu’er in great importance just like you. As the only successor of the Third Ancestor, Mu’er is directly related to the sect’s future. Our sect naturally cares for her. However, these people come from the Dao clan. The Dao clan is one of the few archean clans in the Saints’ World, and they’re too, too powerful. Our Daoist Sect of Divine Sound cannot afford to provoke them, or not only will we fail to protect Mu’er, but our sect will even be destroyed in the process…”

The strength that Jian Chen had displayed gained Deng Wenxin’s recognition. Afterwards, Deng Wenxin gave Jian Chen a detailed explanation of an archean clan’s strength such that he would possess a rough understanding about them.

“Jian Chen, just drop the matter here. Whether it’s to the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound or our Tian Yuan clan, the Dao clan is a tremendous existence that we cannot offend.” Shangguan Mu’er also arrived before Jian Chen. She tugged Jian Chen’s arm with her bloody hands to stop him.

She understood Jian Chen. She knew that if this continued, it would be extremely likely for him to kill someone, either a Primordial realm expert or Dao Gongming. If that really happened, the consequences would be severe.

The light in Jian Chen’s eyes flickered, and the sword intent around him gradually dispersed. The Dao clan was just too powerful, basically no weaker than the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng. They possessed a Ninth Heavenly Layer Grand Prime. With his current strength, it was best if he did not completely offend an archean clan unless he ran out of choices.

Although he had heavily injured Dao Gongming and the two Primordial realm experts of the Dao family, that was completely different from killing them.

“I’ll spare your lives this time. If it happens again, I won’t show any mercy. I’m not going to fear you just because your Dao clan is an archean clan. You should know that I’ve already returned the Anatta Tower, and you should understand what that means as well,” Jian Chen said coldly.

Ba Bu and Ge Tong were about to retort viciously, but when they heard what Jian Chen said at the end, they swallowed their words. Afterwards, they dragged their injured bodies and left in disheveled manners with Dao Gongming and the two female attendants.

“Mmm…” Dao Gongming looked back at Jian Chen and Shangguan Mu’er as he was taken away. His eyes were venomous. Just when he wanted to say something, his mouth was covered up by Ge Tong.

Only when they were far away from the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound did Ge Tong let go.

“Why did we leave? Why did we leave? Go back, go back! Go back and kill Jian Chen! I swear I’ll have Jian Chen dead. We’re a part of the Dao clan. We’re disgracing the name of the Dao clan by running away. We can’t be humiliated like this…” Dao Gongming could not help but roar out once he could speak again. His eyes were filled with intense killing intent.

“Young master, calm down!” Ge Tong’s expression was ugly as well. As a Primordial realm expert of the Dao clan, he was revered and respected basically wherever he went, where no one would offend him. However, he had suffered greatly in the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound instead, which left him furious as well.

However, there was nothing he could do. He said sternly, “Young master, Jian Chen’s strength is extremely great. Ba Bu and I can’t defeat him even when we work together. Moreover, he has the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng behind him, making his identity different from before. Any mistakes might devolve into a grievance between our Dao clan and the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng.”

“Are we just supposed to let the matter be? We’re a part of the Dao clan after all,” Dao Gongming bellowed out as he coughed up blood.

“Matters connected to the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng is not up for us to decide. We need to return immediately and report this to the elders so that they can make a decision,” Ba Bu said sternly.

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