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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2505 - Crushing Jun Kong
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Chapter 2505: Crushing Jun Kong

Jun Kong’s anger almost reached its limit after hearing Jian Chen’s sneers. His eyes were icy-cold, and his face had become completely warped. He felt like his face was on fire, utterly humiliated.

He had openly challenged Jian Chen to a fight. He was confident, absolutely confident, with his Heart of Life and Death. He wanted to properly trample Jian Chen right before Shangguan Mu’er, to show her just how useless the Jian Chen she always longed for was. He wanted to show her the great disparity between himself and Jian Chen.

He was even ready to kill Jian Chen because the Wind Ancestor had spoken earlier and permitted his battle with Jian Chen.

Originally, he believed the Wind Ancestor had allowed the battle to happen because she had complete confidence in him winning, which made Jun Kong even more confident.

However, he had never thought that the final result would be so awkward; it was the exact opposite from what he imagined.

Jian Chen, who had always been a thorn in his backside, just stood there leisurely with his arms crossed. He did not use any treasures, nor did he take up any defences, but the attacks Jun Kong took pride in were unable to affect him at all.

Besides, he had already used his full strength, unleashing the limit of his Heart of Life and Death. Without any exaggeration, he was using his full strength, if not more, but he just could not harm Jian Chen.

It seemed like Jian Chen was completely immune to his sound attacks.

“Impossible, impossible, impossible. Why would it be like this? Why would it be like this…” Jun Kong could no longer remain composed. His eyes were bloodshot as he struggled to accept reality.

“Jun Kong, it’s best if you unleash your full strength. Attacks like this are nowhere close to harming me.” Jian Chen hovered above the mountains with his arms crossed. Mist would drift past him from time to time, shrouding him and making him seem mysterious.

Jun Kong’s face had already darkened. He did not stop playing his flute, but his teeth were gritted together tightly. He felt humiliated.

After comprehending the Heart of Life and Death, it had become his greatest trump card. The power of the concept had exceeded all the secret techniques he possessed. Now that he had unleashed all of the concept, he had used his full strength.

Jian Chen wanted him to unleash his full strength, but he had already reached his limit.

Deng Wenxin, Gu Na, and Lian Qi watched quietly as their expressions became rather mixed.

The strength that Jun Kong displayed was indeed extraordinary. Just the music itself would be enough to affect First Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes.

It was already extremely impressive for a Godking to achieve that. Even across the Saints’ World, only a handful of people could replicate such a feat.

Unfortunately, he was not facing a First Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime, but someone who easily defeated a Fourth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime.

As a result, the three of them felt sorry for Jun Kong.

“It looks like this is your full strength,” Jian Chen said. He shook his head gently and stared at Jun Kong like he was looking at an ant. He said, “You’re far too weak, so weak that it makes me lose interest in touching you. My servant could easily kill you several times over.”

“However, you never, ever should have used underhanded methods against Mu’er. Since you’ve done it, you must face the consequences.” With that, Jian Chen appeared before Jun Kong like he had teleported and directly threw a punch at him.

The punch was extremely simple. It did not involve any laws; it was just raw, physical strength.

However, Jian Chen’s Chaotic Body was so powerful that even his physical strength was astonishing, having reached the level of Infinite Prime.


His punch seemed unstoppable. Before it had even arrived, the terrifying pressure it contained had already made Jun Kong pale.

It was impossible for Jun Kong to avoid Jian Chen’s punch with his strength.

The fist struck Jun Kong’s flute first, and it immediately shattered, having been crushed to pieces. In return, it shot into Jun Kong’s hands and chest.

Jian Chen’s fist continued onwards without slowing down at all, landing heavily on Jun Kong’s nose.

Immediately, blood sprayed out, and Jun Kong’s nose was broken. It completely caved in, and a fist-sized hole appeared on his face. It was a horrendous sight.

Jun Kong was knocked away by Jian Chen’s punch, striking the barrier behind him heavily before rebounding back.

At that moment, he only felt the world around him spin as he saw stars. Jian Chen’s punch was just too powerful, even violently shaking up his soul when it struck his nose.

“If you had used honourable means, I would have nothing to say, but you just had to choose underhanded methods. I can’t spare you because of that.” Jian Chen’s cold voice exploded in Jun Kong’s head like thunder.

Afterwards, he arrived before Jun Kong with another flash. He did not use his fists this time. Instead, he slapped Jun Kong away with his hand.

The slap was astonishingly powerful, reducing half of Jun Kong’s face to a mess with a crisp sound. It was all bloodied, and all his teeth were broken.

Jun Kong was furious. He glared at Jian Chen venomously and opened his mouth, but he could not say anything.

Jian Chen’s slap had silenced him, rendering his jaw useless.

Afterwards, Jian Chen attacked rapidly, using both his arms and legs to crush Jun Kong. Jun Kong became like a ball, tossed around in the air.

Jian Chen controlled his power. It was just enough to injure but not kill, or he would have been able to kill Jun Kong with a flick of his finger.

Jian Chen had been utterly infuriated by Jun Kong’s actions. He did not want Jun Kong to die so easily.

Deng Wenxin and Gu Na both struggled to watch on as they also showed some anger as they witnessed Jian Chen beat Jun Kong into a pulp.

This was anger towards Jian Chen. Jun Kong was a prodigy of the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound, yet Jian Chen was currently beating him up in the sect right in front of them. They found it rather humiliating.

As for Lian Qi, his eyes shone viciously. He would clench and release his fist from time to time as his emotions fluctuated. He stared right at Jian Chen, constantly paying attention to whether Jun Kong was still alive.

Shangguan Mu’er remained cold. She did not waver at all as she looked at how miserable Jun Kong had become.

Back on the Tian Yuan Continent, Shangguan Mu’er had gained the moniker of the Heavenly Enchantress. She was never a soft-hearted person, and she could kill without a second thought. Since Jun Kong had used the Intoxicating Philtre against her, she also wanted to kill him, but she never took action because of the kindness the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound had shown her.

Now that Jian Chen was punishing Jun Kong, she obviously would not plead for mercy.

In reality, she had already saved Jun Kong once in the Neptunean Divine Palace, or Jun Kong would have died to Ming Dong’s hands long ago. He would not be here.

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