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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2510 - The Dao Clan
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Chapter 2510: The Dao Clan

In the vast sea of stars in the Saints’ World, there was a galaxy composed of millions of resplendent stars and meteors. It shone with dazzling light, revolving slowly with the vibes of the ways.

A galaxy composed of millions of stars was basically nothing in the vast cosmos because there were countless galaxies composed of billions of stars there.

However, this small galaxy was very extraordinary. As it revolved, it gave off a mysterious power. It followed the trajectory of the ways and could interfere with the operation of the ways.

Clearly, the small galaxy was a colossal formation.

A colossal formation composed of millions of stars and meteors.

At the centre of the galaxy was a green planet brimming with life. Like a precious gemstone, it was protected by the colossal formation.

Anyone could tell that the formation in outer space protected this green planet at the centre.

The green planet was not large. It did not make it into the ranks of the eighty-one great planets of the Saints’ World, but it gave off a terrifying presence that could shake up the universe.

This was the ancestral lands of the Dao clan, one of the archean clans in the Saints’ World!

The Dao clan had survived from the previous aeon, and it had been through countless changes. It was already very difficult to examine how long they had existed.

Having existed for so long, the Dao clan’s heritage ran extremely deep. After countless years of development, cities now stood on the green planet where billions of cultivators lived.

All of them belonged to the Dao clan.

However, not all of them were members of the clan or possessed the bloodline of the Dao clan. Ninety-nine percent of them were servants and the descendants left behind by servants brought in from outside. There were very few people who truly inherited the bloodline of the Dao clan.

There would always be a statue in every city. An old man could be roughly made out from the statue, but his facial features were blurry as if they were obscured by a dense mist.

However, these statues all possessed a supreme presence as if they were looking down on the world.

He was the founding ancestor of the Dao clan. He did not belong to the current aeon and was instead a supreme figure who had vanished from the long river of history, the Dao Union Grand Exalt.

Several old men sat together in a majestic hall within the ancestral lands of the Dao clan, staring below emotionlessly.

The injured Dao Gongming, Ba Bu, and Ge Tong stood below extremely cautiously. Even though Ba Bu and Ge Tong were Infinite Primes, and even if they were people who possessed status in the Saints’ World, Infinite Primes were nothing special in the Dao clan that had existed since ancient times.

“That is how everything happened. Great-grandfather, great-great-grandfather, grandfather, you have to stand up for your grandson…” Dao Gongming narrated what he went through in the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound after warping some truths, placing all the blame on Jian Chen and the Daoist Sect of Divine Sound.

“Ge Tong, Ba Bu, is that correct?” One of the old men asked Ge Tong and Ba Bu.

The two of them looked at each other and replied, “That’s roughly it. Jian Chen was indeed the one who injured us.”

“Jian Chen… Jian Chen…” The light in the eyes of the old men flickered as they murmured. Immediately, information about Jian Chen appeared in their heads.

After a moment of pause, Ba Bu continued, “And it seems like Shangguan Mu’er is already Jian Chen’s wife.”

The old men all frowned slightly when they heard that. One of them said gently, “Jian Chen and Shanggun Mu’er are actually a couple? That’ll be rather troublesome.”

“It wouldn’t be a problem if it were someone else, but this Jian Chen… sigh, Jian Chen has already returned the Anatta Tower. He has the backing of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, so if we lay our hands on him, we’ll probably come into conflict with the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng…”

“Since he’s related to the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, we can’t touch him. Our branch never had a particularly great status in the clan. If we really end up in conflict with the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, we won’t be able to bear the consequences…”

“Our branch is mainly responsible for collecting information across the Saints’ World. Originally, we thought we could take advantage of the fact that we learnt Shangguan Mu’er was the Third Ancestor’s successor first and have Gongming marry her, allowing the status of our branch to rise in the sect, but it really seems like it’s not for us…”

“It’s time for us to report this. The ancestor was one of the people who courted the Third Ancestor in the past. Now that the Third Ancestor’s successor has appeared, we can’t keep the news hidden…”

The old men did not mention anything about avenging Dao Gongming because the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng stood behind Jian Chen. This had surpassed the limits of what they could handle.

After leaving the hall, Dao Gongming was in a horrible mood. He said in resentment, “Goddamn Heavenly Palace of Bisheng. Jian Chen injured us to such a degree, so are we just supposed to spare him? Are we supposed to just drop this matter?”

“Young master, if you want revenge, you can just disclose this matter to someone else. Our branch cannot afford to offend the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, but there are people who can,” Ba Bu said at this moment.

Dao Gongming’s eyes lit up from that. “Do you have someone good in mind?”

“The foster son of the Nine Brilliance Star Lord from the Star Brilliance Plane, the young star lord,” replied Ba Bu.

Elsewhere, Jian Chen and Shangguan Mu’er had already left the Skyfire Plane through a teleportation formation. They constantly passed through teleportation formations as they headed towards the Cloud Plane.

Jian Chen no longer lacked five-colored divine crystals. Ever since he destroyed the Gloomwater sect, he had obtained a lot of five-colored divine crystals from the Space Rings of the Infinite Primes, as well as the colored divine crystals stored in the Watercloud Hall. Now, Jian Chen was basically filthy rich. He no longer needed to treat the five-colored divine crystals needed for teleportation formations seriously.

After several teleportations, crossing through plane after plane, the two of them finally arrived at their destination, the Cloud Plane!

The teleportation formation in a bustling city in the central region of the Cloud Plane shone with blinding light, and Jian Chen and Shangguan Mu’er appeared.

Shangguan Mu’er wore a veil again, covering up her great beauty. Jian Chen did not use his true appearance either, replacing it with an unfamiliar face through Mo Tianyun’s mask.

After leaving several decades ago, he had no idea about the situation of the Cloud Plane. He only planned on using his true appearance after understanding the situation of the entire plane.

“Cloud Plane, I’ve finally returned. I wonder how the Tian Yuan clan is doing now and whether Ming Dong is still here,” Jian Chen felt a strange sense of closeness and familiarity as he stared at the unfamiliar land of the central region.

After all, this was a part of the Cloud Plane.

“And Huai An, vice-leader of the Empyrean Demon Cult, you forced me off the Cloud Plane in the past. I’ve finally returned today. I will have my revenge.” Jian Chen looked in the direction of the Cloud Plane. He seemed to see the Pingtian Empire and the Dong’an province.

However, in the next moment, he showed some sorrow. He had left the Cloud Plane with Kai Ya in the past, but Kai Ya was gone forever now.

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