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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2512 - Renown
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Chapter 2512: Renown

At the start, the four Godkings from the Mantuo clan did not take the young man seriously. He was only an Overgod, and he was Wu Feng’s child; he was both weak and backgroundless. The life of someone as puny as him would be at their discretion. They did not have to worry about any consequences.

However, now that they saw the medallion hanging from the young man’s waist, the expressions of all four changed. They frowned and became extremely careful.

“Let go of my father!” roared the young man. As he stared at the pale-faced and heavily-injured Wu Feng, he felt furious. Killing intent filled his mind.

However, he did not act carelessly. He knew the four of them were Godkings, far more powerful than what an Overgod like him could handle.

“Xiaohe, go, go! Don’t worry about me!” Wu Feng also discovered his son. His expression changed drastically. He failed to notice the medallion from the Tian Yuan clan. However, since his child had suddenly appeared, the people of the Mantuo clan would never spare him.

“It was all my fault for killing Zhou Jian. I’ll go back with you for the punishment, but please spare my son. My son is innocent,” Wu Feng called out in a hurry as he urged Wu Xiaohe to escape.

“Don’t worry, father. Even if they were a hundred times bolder, they wouldn’t dare to touch a hair on me.” Wu Xiaohe was fearless and extremely confident. He grabbed the medallion from the Tian Yuan clan and showed it off to everyone. “Do you see? This is an identity token from the Tian Yuan clan. I don’t think there’s anyone who’s bold enough to offend people of the Tian Yuan clan on the current Cloud Plane.”

“I’ve already joined the Tian Yuan clan. I’ve become one of their members. According to the rules of the Tian Yuan clan, the family of all members will receive the care and protection of the clan…”

Wu Xiaohe announced his identity. He spoke very loudly, where his voice rang across half the city. He attracted the attention of countless people.

“It’s true. It really is an identity medallion from the Tian Yuan clan. I never thought he would have actually joined the Tian Yuan clan…”

“The Tian Yuan clan is so difficult to join. Their conditions are far too great. Many Godkings have tried to join, but they’ve been turned down at the doorstep…”

“Only Godkings? I heard that five years ago, a Primordial realm expert wanted to join the Tian Yuan clan and serve them, but he was turned away in the end. The reason that the Tian Yuan clan gave was that the Primordial realm expert had committed many evil deeds and despicable acts in the past. He was humiliated by the Tian Yuan clan in such a manner, but he never dared to lose his temper…”

“The Tian Yuan clan is an extremely special small clan on the Cloud Plane. They take up a tiny piece of land, and I heard that they’re not on a particularly grand scale either, but neither of the two great alliances dare to offend them…”

Many cultivators discussed in the surroundings. They looked at the medallion in Wu Xiaohe’s hand, and all of them revealed looks of envy.

Of course, only an extremely small number of people in the crowd knew about the Tian Yuan clan. They either possessed a certain level of status, or they were extremely well-versed with information. Most of them did not know how special the Tian Yuan clan.

This was the central region after all. It would be very difficult for regular cultivators to learn about the more secretive matters from the southern region.

“My son has actually joined the Tian Yuan clan. The Tian Yuan clan…” Wu Feng became completely stunned. He was a Godking, so he knew quite a lot. He naturally knew about the status that the Tian Yuan clan possessed on the Cloud Plane.

They were a special clan that even the two alliances dared not offend. He even knew that when Mo Xingfeng of the Tian Yuan clan inherited the throne of the Pingtian Empire a few decades ago, both the Four Symbols Alliance and Righteous Alliance had sent people bearing rich gifts.

The coronation ceremony for the tiny Pingtian Empire, basically nameless a century ago, received such attention from the two supreme rulers of the Cloud Plane. They even congratulated the Pingtian Empire in such an amicable manner. This was more than enough to demonstrate the extraordinariness of the Tian Yuan clan.

All of this happened because Mo Xingfeng was one of the founding members of the Tian Yuan clan.

Wu Xiaohe held the medallion high in the air as he coldly said to the four Godkings from the Mantuo clan, “My father is under the protection of the Tian Yuan clan now, but you treat him like this publicly. You look down on the Tian Yuan clan. You are provoking the Tian Yuan clan; do you want to become enemies of the Tian Yuan clan?”

Wu Xiaohe said powerfully. His attitude was very forceful, and his voice rang out everywhere. He faced off against the four Godkings as he held the medallion. He acted reasonably and did not go overboard.

The faces of the four Godkings changed. The leading Godking immediately called out, “Don’t you blabber nonsense. Our Mantuo clan has always been on good terms with the Tian Yuan clan. We send people to the southern region to visit the Tian Yuan clan every year. We definitely have no intentions of provoking them.”

The four Godkings of the Mantuo clan were clearly rather afraid. They possessed some status in the Mantuo clan, so they knew more than Wu Feng. They knew that they could never afford to offend the Tian Yuan clan.

At the same time, they secretly sent a message to the patriarch of the Mantuo clan. They wanted him to come and settle this matter, as they were afraid that they would mishandle it and fall out with the Tian Yuan clan. They would not be able to bear the consequences of something like that.

Jian Chen and Shangguan Mu’er glanced at each other in the crowd. They saw each other’s deep shock.

Neither of them would have imagined that the Tian Yuan clan that had always remained hunkered down in the Dong’an province would possess such deterrent power after several dozen years. Even a few large clans in the central region dared not offend them.

They even began to suspect that the Tian Yuan clan they were hearing about just happened to share the same name as the Tian Yuan clan in the Pingtian Empire.

“It looks like the Tian Yuan clan has been better off than I imagined,” thought Jian Chen. He had always worried about the Tian Yuan clan, but now that he had witnessed just how awe-inspiring the clan was, he completely stopped worrying.

Afterwards, the patriarch of the Mantuo clan personally arrived. After understanding everything, he publicly punished the four Godkings who chased Wu Feng. He even lowered himself to apologise to Wu Feng and Wu Xiaohe. He even gifted them God Tier pills for Wu Feng.

He did not even mention the matter about Wu Feng killing a guest of the Mantuo clan.

In the end, Wu Feng’s situation of certain doom was easily resolved by his son taking out the medallion from the Tian Yuan clan.

“Let’s go back to the southern region and see what the Tian Yuan clan has become,” Jian Chen smiled relaxedly and left the central region with Shangguan Mu’er through a teleportation formation.

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