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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2515 - More Powerful Support
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Chapter 2515: More Powerful Support

Immediately, it fell dead silent. The four Primordial realm experts who had hurried over from the Tian Yuan clan all focused on Jian Chen. They all looked at Jian Chen in surprise, doubt, and disbelief as they studied him carefully.

They all knew that the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan was Jian Chen, but in reality, they had never seen the patriarch ever since they joined the clan.

Now that someone had suddenly claimed that he was the patriarch, they were stunned.

Quite a while later, the old man who wanted to take Jian Chen away pulled back his hand. He studied Jian Chen carefully and murmured softly, “Although I’ve never seen the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan in person, I have seen an image of him. You really do look a little like him?”

“Are you really the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan, Jian Chen? You’re not joking and toying with us? You need to know that there are extremely severe consequences for pretending to be the patriarch,” said the woman in a dress. Even though her face was stiff, she still possessed charm that could stimulate the desires of men.

“Let’s ask young master Ming to see whether you are,” said protector Xue. The senses of his soul had already reached the Tian Yuan clan, reporting the matter here.

“Brother, is it really you? You’ve finally returned!” At this moment, a joyous call rang out from the distance. Ming Dong hurried over excitedly and in high spirits.

He moved extremely quickly, crossing several kilometres, or even several dozen kilometers, with each step. He arrived in front of Jian Chen before long.

The divine general from the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, Ming Xie, followed Ming Dong closely. He stood by his side at all times like a loyal bodyguard.

“Hahahaha, I’ve waited in the Tian Yuan clan for decades. If you still hadn’t come back, I would’ve taken over.” Ming Dong laughed loudly as he hugged Jian Chen enthusiastically.

They had been friends for an extremely long time. They befriended each other when they had just embarked on the path of cultivation back on the Tian Yuan Continent and had developed the Flame Mercenaries together, roaming the Tian Yuan clan. Now, they had become accomplished in cultivation and were experts of the Saints’ World.

The two of them had gone through thick and thin together. They had bled and battled together, making their way through life-threatening dangers and difficulties. They had established a lasting friendship a very long time ago that could not be worn down by time.

A group of people hurried over quickly from the Tian Yuan clan after him. Jian Chen was familiar with all of them. There was the azure-robed Qing Yixuan with her rather courageous demeanear, the beautifully-dressed Xi Yu with her noble bearing, and the golden-robed Nubis with his rather strange smile.

Behind them was the ancestor of the Mo clan that Jian Chen had been acquainted with from the very start as well as other original members of the Tian Yuan clan. They were all excited.

These people were not the strongest in the Tian Yuan clan. As a matter of fact, their strength did not hold any significance to the clan at all. However, they were definitely the oldest members of the clan. They had all contributed to the founding of the clan, and their services had to be recognised.

“Brother Jian Chen, you’re finally back,” a white-clothed, pure young lady who seemed to be in her twenties called out happily.

She was Mo Yan, the young lady of the Mo clan in the past. After several decades, she had truly blossomed into a lady from a girl. She possessed the energy of youth, but she seemed much more mature.

Xi Yu and Qing Yixuan stood beside Mo Yan. The two of them also possessed great beauty, and they formed quite a scene by standing together.

Xi Yu’s eyes were filled with undisguised excitement. She smiled faintly as she stared right at Jian Chen. Tears seemed to pool up in her eyes.

Qing Yixuan remained much more composed. She remained cool like before, just like a glacier. She looked at Jian Chen with some mixed feelings.

“Greetings, patriarch!”

The original members of the Tian Yuan clan all clasped their fists and bowed from behind them.

“I never thought he would actually be the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan.” Protector Xue watched on from one side. He looked at Ming Dong and Jian Chen as they hugged warmly and sank into his thoughts.

The three other Primordial realm experts confirmed Jian Chen’s identity as well, so they looked at each other other sternly.

“I never thought the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan, Jian Chen, would have returned. But looking at him, it’ll probably be rather difficult to accept him. There are quite a few people who are arrogant in the Tian Yuan clan now, and they show no respect to anyone aside from young master Ming, senior Ming, and senior Xu. If Jian Chen returns to the Tian Yuan clan and wants to regain authority, it won’t be easy.”

“Yeah, some of them are far too haughty. They all suck up to young master Ming as if that’s all that matters, but they’ll put on airs before as, looking down on us. It’s basically impossible for Jian Chen to possess any actual power in the Tian Yuan clan. Let’s just see what Jian Chen does…”

The two Infinite Prime old men conversed. They did not greet Jian Chen like the others.

Clearly, the two of them did not take Jian Chen too seriously, as they were Primordial realm experts.

All of them understood that the Tian Yuan clan could only develop to such a point because of Ming Dong. Many of them did not even knew the person who was supposed to be patriarch.

Even though Ming Dong was only a peak Godking, he had the constant protection of a peak Chaotic Prime, and the two supreme forces on the Cloud Plane dared not offend him. That was more than enough to show just how special Ming Dong’s identity was.

As a result, all the Primordial realm experts who joined the Tian Yuan clan accepted him wholeheartedly as the one in charge, following his commands willingly.

However, Jian Chen would be a whole different story.

After a short conversation, everyone returned to the Dong’an province.

The provincial city differed greatly from before. It had expanded to a hundred times its original size, basically becoming as supercity.

Moreover, it was divided into an inner city and outer city that were separated by internal city walls.

The inner city was where the provincial city originally stood. It seemed even more prosperous, and the city walls stood even more impressively than before. It seemed like a primordial beast slumbering there, giving off a tremendous pressure as it hid astonishing power.

The outer city was land that the city had expanded into. It had become prosperous after several decades of development.

Under Jian Chen and Ming Dong’s lead, the group flew through the skies in an awe-inspiring manner, causing quite an uproar in the city.

At that moment, countless people stared at the sky, looking at the large group of people there. Their eyes became filled with envy and anticipation.

“Who are they? They’re actually flying in the provincial city. Isn’t that forbidden here? Everyone needs to walk on foot…”

“Are you an idiot? Any person who flies fearlessly in the provincial city belongs to the Tian Yuan clan. Hmm, I think I see elder Xi and several Primordial realm experts? Why are they at the back? Who are the two young men at the front?”

“I think one of them is the legendary young master Ming of the Tian Yuan clan, Ming Dong. I really can’t think of another person who can make Primordial realm experts follow them around.”

“One of them is young master Ming, but who’s the other one?”

People discussed in the city.

However, the group ignored this. They did not pay any attention to the discussion below. They directly passed through the outer city and descended in the Tian Yuan clan in the inner city.

“Senior Xu, you’re here as well?” To Jian Chen’s surprise, he discovered someone familiar as soon as he returned to the Tian Yuan clan.

It was Xu Ran who had assisted him in destroying the Gloomwater sect!

Xu Ran remained the same as before, a white-haired, wrinkly old woman. It would have been a piece of cake for her to recover her beautiful appearance with her current level of cultivation, but her mind had grown old. She had seen through many matters, so she no longer cared too much about her appearance anymore.

“I don’t have anywhere to go across the Saints’ World, so I can only stay here for now. I wonder if I’m welcomed,” said Xu Ran. Her voice was old but powerful as she stood there with a wooden walking staff. She completely concealed her presence, making her seem like an ordinary granny.

However, aside from Jian Chen, Ming Dong, Ming Xie, and Shangguan Mu’er, all the other people in the group showed respect and greeted her with clasped fists. Protector Xue was not an exception either.

“You’re welcome, you’re more than welcome. As long as senior is willing to stay here, it is the honor of our Tian Yuan clan.” Jian Chen was overjoyed. Xu Ran was a Fifth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime, so the Tian Yuan clan would stand even stronger with her presence.

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