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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2516 - Times Change
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Chapter 2516: Times Change

Xu Ran could not help but smile faintly. She exchanged a few simple pleasantries with Jian Chen. As they talked, she would occasionally glance across at Ming Dong who stood beside him, along with Ming Xie who followed him closely. Mixed feelings appeared in her eyes.

She had already learnt about Ming Dong’s true identity.

Originally, she could have been as glorious as Ming Dong, possessing an extremely great identity and background; her future would have been resplendent. However, all of this shattered after her master made an incorrect decision.

“Senior Xu, I obtained some hell water from the Gloomwater sect before, so please accept a droplet of it,” Jian Chen immediately took out a jade bottle of high quality, passing it to Xu Ran.

Xu Ran did not turn him down. She stowed the hell water away and said, “Hell water is good stuff. It has wondrous effects on the soul and can nourish it. It’s even effective on Grand Primes. It’s extremely rare in the Saints’ World and is basically priceless, so don’t waste it. You have to use it wisely.”

Jian Chen nodded. He had already learnt about the effects of hell water, but he did find the rumours to be rather exaggerated, as he discovered that although the effects of the hell water were impressive when he ingested it, it was not as great as rumoured.

“Hell water primarily affects the soul. My soul has fused with a strand of true Chaotic Force, so it has already changed. Is that the reason why the effects of the hell water have been greatly reduced?” Jian Chen could not help but wonder.

If that really was the case, he would not be ingesting the remaining droplets of hell water. He would not be able to unleash their full potential like that, so it would be a complete waste.

The eyes of protector Xue and the three other Primordial realm experts who had stopped Jian Chen lit up. They became filled with interest and desire.

The Aqua Plane was just too far away from the Cloud Plane, so they had never heard of the Gloomwater sect. However, the special product of the Aqua Plane, hell water, was renowned throughout the Saints’ World. It was a rare treasure for the soul, which tempted them.

A droplet of hell water was enough for them, Infinite Primes, to throw their lives on the line. It could lead to a bloody battle between Primordial realm experts. However, this was the Tian Yuan clan, so they dared not do anything.

After a simple conversation, Xu Ran directly left, returning to the space that the Tian Yuan clan had specially allocated to her for cultivation.

Having reached a level like hers, she had basically transcended mortal affairs. She did not look into, nor did she pay any attention to the various matters of the Tian Yuan clan. She only needed to ensure that everything remained the same. Only larger matters would alarm her.

Xu Ran left and Jian Chen’s group arrived in the Tian Yuan clan. They gathered in a dignified discussion hall for Jian Chen to learn about the situation of the clan in detail.

“Brother, you deal with your matters. I’ll be leaving first. Let’s catch up after you handle these affairs.”

Jian Chen casually sat at the patriarch’s position in the discussion hall. The other important members of the Tian Yuan clan sat to the two sides quietly in a line that extended towards the door.

Ming Dong was a casual and free person, so he was not accustomed to an environment like this. As a result, he bid farewell and left with Ming Xie.

Xi Yu took the initiative and stood forward, reporting the exact situation of the Tian Yuan clan to Jian Chen.

“We currently have over a hundred and fifty Godkings and eighteen Infinite Primes. Ten are early Infinite Primes, five are mid Infinite Primes, and there are only three late Infinite Primes…”

“Besides that, we’ve established a ten-thousand-man army now. It’s completely composed of Gods or stronger. Overgods occupy a third of the entire army. We’ve named the army as the Sword God Army, and Nubis is the commander…”

“Recently, the Heavenly Moon Empire has wanted to band together with our Pingtian Empire, but we’ve declined. However, the Heavenly Moon Empire has gifted us three high grade divine crystal mines…”

In just a few decades, the Tian Yuan clan had changed tremendously. Xi Yu spoke in great detail, going on for hours before reaching the current situation.

After the report, Xi Yu returned to her seat while Jian Chen seemed to be burdened as he sat in the patriarch’s throne.

After several decades, he had returned, but he also understood that some of his acquaintances in the Tian Yuan clan were gone.

Xiao Jin and Xiao Ling had gone with a mysterious old man, and there was no news of them.

Jian Chen knew that they were probably with Mo Tianyun now.

Moreover, Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu, the three seniors who had protected him back on the Tian Yuan Continent and accompanied him through many difficult times, had left the Tian Yuan clan many years ago for training. They had yet to return, and there was no news of them either.

Even the white tiger he had basically watched grow up had left the Tian Yuan clan. He had ventured off to a distant land to train. There was no news of him either.

A long while later, Jian Chen let out a long sigh as he sat on his throne. His voice was filled with melancholy and reminiscence.

The Tian Yuan clan had become completely stable now. It had become powerful, but just how many of his acquaintances and friends who had come up from the Tian Yuan Continent with him were still present?

As a matter of fact, he did not even know if he would still be able to meet them in the future in the dangerous Saints’ World.

In particular, Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu had once assisted Jian Chen tremendously. If anything happened to them, Jian Chen would be filled with guilt for the rest of his life.

At this moment, a divine hall appeared in Jian Chen’s hand. Jian Chen called out Hei Ya, who had been cultivating in there.

“Master!” Hei Yu clasped his fist towards Jian Chen and greeted him politely.

“Hei Ya, look at these people and remember all of their presences,” said Jian Chen.

“Yes, master!”

At this moment, Nubis said as he sat lazily in his seat, “Oh, Jian Chen, there’s something else you can’t ignore. Ever since Ming Dong came to the Tian Yuan clan, he gave us a tremendous amount of cultivation resources, legacies, and cultivation methods. That bastard sure had it easy. He just dumped all this wealth on us for ourselves to manage, while he just played around with his Chaotic Prime guard and some princess of some empire. It sure was easy for him. But unfortunately for us, the distribution of the resources and legacies created a great argument in the Tian Yuan clan.”

“We obviously have to look after a few original members of the Tian Yuan clan. Regardless of their talent, they all must obtain resources and legacies, but when the people who joined our clan later saw this, they said we were being unfair. The weaker people were naturally unwilling to mention it openly, but some of the Primordial realm experts that we recruited were far more straightforward. They came up with excuses like for the sake of their cultivation, to heal old wounds, problems with their cultivation methods, or they needed something particular to break through. Anyway, the Primordial realm experts used various excuses to take resources and cultivation methods from us. If we didn’t give it to them, they would be unhappy, and when we come across them when they’re in a bad mood, they’ll just immobilize us with their pressure…”

Nubis spoke leisurely without any particular emotion, but all the people seated there could clearly hear the anger hidden in his voice.

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