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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 252
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 252: Xia Clan

As soon as the Xia clan’s carriage disappeared from sight, the commanding soldier called out to another soldier, “Go and inform the lord, the Xia Clan has arrived in Wake City!”

“Yes!” The soldier immediately got on a horse after receiving the order and headed to the mansion.

The Xia clan’s group of people continued to travel within Wake City before finally arriving in front of the Kai clan’s courtyard. Two youths dismounted from their horses before walking up to the gates. One of them then called out to the guards, “Have your leader of the Kai clan come out straight away!” This man spoke with arrogance and eyes that looked down on everyone.

Despite the disgusting attitude of this man, the guards of the Kai clan didn’t dare to offend the group. They knew in their hearts that this group had a considerable amount of influence after seeing the formation in front of them and so one of the guards immediately replied, “Please wait one moment, I will go inform the leader.”

The youth didn’t have any plans to wait however and immediately lifted his foot to step toward the gates. But before he could cross into the courtyard, the second guard blocked his path and spoke impassively, “Sire, we’ve already gone to notify the leader, please wait one moment.”

Upon hearing this, the youth’s face instantly changed. He stared at the guard blocking him and roared angrily, “Who are you to stand in my way, get the f*ck away!”

The youth’s outrage caused the guard’s face to change. Looking at the carriage behind, the guard clearly didn’t know who the Xia clan was or what area they were from, but from the banners on the carriage, the guard knew that this group of people was not someone he could afford to offend.

“Honored one, our Kai clan has some rules in place. Without the approval of the elders, I cannot allow you in, please don’t make this any more difficult for this one.”

The youth snorted, “A little watchdog dares to block my path, you are seeking death.” The youth immediately lifted his hand in disdain to slap the man across the face with a heavy palm strike.

The guard had already long since prepared himself for this and blocked the slap with his arm.

“How impudent! To go against the Xia clan, you must be tired of living!” The second youth roared as he slammed his leg against the guard’s stomach.

The guard doubled up in pain as his face began to turn pale from the kick. The two youths didn’t plan on stopping there. Once more, the two youths immediately lashed out to kick the guard in the head.


The guard immediately flew through the gates and rolled over the ground with his head dripping with blood before falling unconscious.

“Hmph, a mere watchdog of a tiny clan dared to block our Xia clan? That is a crime even death cannot absolve.” One of the youths looked at the bloody guard with contempt.

“Hmph, who dares cause such a disturbance to our Kai clan and even hit one of our guards?” An angry shout came from within the courtyard as Kai Er and a few other men walked forward.

“Who are you?” One of the youths stared at Kai Er with disdain.

“Hmph, I am Kai Er, clan leader of the Kai clan. Who are you two?” Kai Er sneered.

“So you’re the clan leader, we are from the Xia clan!” The youth laughed.

“The Xia clan!” Immediately, Kai Er’s face changed before asking, “Which Xia clan?”

“Clan leader, are your eyes blind? Could there possibly be a second Xia clan anywhere within a thousand miles from us?” The youth spoke arrogantly.

As they spoke, the men who came along with Kai Er to the front suddenly saw the banners drifting in the wind and immediately grew serious at the sight.

Kai Er cupped his hands together in a respectful greeting, “So you are from the Xia clan, how impolite of me.” If the Xia clan were to come by the Kai clan a week ago, then Kai Er would have definitely been extremely respectful. At this moment, he was no longer afraid of them since the Kai clan of today was no longer the same Kai clan from before.

“Clan leader, hurry up and pay your respects to our young lord.” The youth sneered,

Hearing this, Kai Er looked toward the carriage and cupped his hands together, “Kai Er of the Kai clan respectfully greets the young lord of the Xia clan, what purpose might thee young lord have with our Kai clan.”

Seeing how Kai Er was so casual, the guards to the carriage looked at him with their eyes narrowed. Despite how impassive Kai Er was to their lord, they didn’t say anything.

“Kai Er, I’ve heard there is a youth named Jian Chen in your Kai clan, is this true?” A youth spoke out from within the carriage.

“That’s right.” Kai Er didn’t deny it.

“Go and call out Jian Chen, I have some matters to speak to him with.” The youth spoke.

Hearing this, Kai Er’s eyebrows furrowed together as he couldn’t help but feel angry at this command. Right now, Jian Chen was his leader, and a powerful one at that. Although the Kai clan had a considerable amount of power, Kai Er didn’t believe that Jian Chen’s mysterious identity was weaker than the Kai clan. So when the youth within the carriage told him to call out Jian Chen, Kai Er couldn’t help but feel dissatisfied by this.

Kai Er’s smile didn’t quite reach his eyes as he spoke, “Lord Xia, I will go report to captain Jian Chen, but whether or not he decides to see you is not something I can guarantee.”


“How impudent!”

When Kai Er spoke, the men guarding the carriage couldn’t help but cry out, “The identity of our young lord is something that even the city lord of Wake City has to be respectful, this Jian Chen is a mere mercenary, something vastly different than our young lord! There is no need to report to him, have him come out here right away!”

“An significant blade of grass dare make the young lord of the Xia clan wait? Hmph, how audacious!”

“Call out this Jian Chen immediately and don’t waste our time! You risk incurring our wrath if this continues any longer!”

Another horseman cried out in anger.

At these indignant cries, Kai Er’s face began to grow dark.

“Go and have some men bring out Jian Chen.” The young lord called from within.

“Yes, my lord.” Immediately a few men dismounted from their horses and headed within the courtyard.

“Halt! This is the domain of the Kai clan, without the clan leader’s consent, no one can simply walk in!” At this moment, a loud voice called from within the courtyard. Turning everyone, everyone could see Duo Kang, Charcas, and Qingfeng all walk toward the gates slowly.

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