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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2522 - Tidying Up The Clan (Two)
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2522: Tidying up the Clan (Two)

Jian Chen’s order immediately threw the crowd into an uproar. All the high ranking members of the clan were stunned, and the Infinite Primes all looked at each other, as if they had never expected Jian Chen would be so vicious against the three protector who did not come.

After all, they were not protector Shan. Protector Shan had gone overboard in the discussion hall, so expelling him from the clan did make sense.

However, the three protectors were being expelled purely because they had not come to the meeting. Were Infinite Primes worth nothing?

At that moment, basically everyone present had such a thought.

After all, they were Primordial realm experts, not Overgods or Godkings.

In many large organisations, any Primordial realm expert would be revered as an ancestor. The organisation would do their best to fulfil whatever they wanted, afraid that they would displease them. There was no one like Jian Chen, who would directly dismiss them over something as small as this.

After all, these were only so many Infinite Primes in the current Tian Yuan clan. Without any exaggeration, every single one of them held an extremely great status.

“Xi Yu, Hei Ya, immediately go to their residences with some people and ask them to leave the Tian Yuan clan,” Jian Chen said coldly and firmly. He left no room for negotiation.

“J- patriarch, w- we shouldn’t do that, right? They’re Primordial realm experts after all, and two of them are at the Fifth Heavenly Layer,” a Primordial realm expert in the hall stood up and asked for mercy.

Originally, he wanted to call Jian Chen by his name, but as soon as he thought about the strength Jian Chen displayed when he injured protector Shan, he changed his words.

“So what if they’re Fifth Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes? They use the resources of our Tian Yuan clan, yet they ignore the rules. Let alone Fifth Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes, even Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes have no reason to stay if they’re like that,” Jian Chen said coldly. He had enveloped the Tian Yuan clan with the senses of his soul, so he knew the three of them were not cultivating.

There was definitely no reason for him to keep people who only knew how to laze around.

Xi Yu and Hei Ya immediately left the discussion hall with over a dozen Godkings and went to where the three Primordial realm experts resided.

The Godkings were obviously useless before Primordial realm experts, but they were high ranking members of the clan’s disciplinary hall. They were responsible for upholding rules, so it only made sense for them to handle the matter.

Very soon, the three Primordial realm experts were called out, and when they learnt that they had been expelled from the clan by the patriarch, they all became furious.

“What? Jian Chen is expelling us from the Tian Yuan clan? Just him? Hmph, we’re Primordial realm experts. We’ve come to serve young master Ming. Who does Jian Chen think he is? What right does he have to expel us from the clan?” The three Primordial realm experts called out loudly as they directly made their way to the discussion hall to confront Jian Chen.

Of course, even though the three of them were angered, they dared not start fighting like protector Shan. After all, the Tian Yuan clan had Chaotic Primes. They could take Jian Chen lightly, but they had to consider the presence of the two Chaotic Primes.

“Let’s go. Let’s go find young master Ming and get him to dismiss Jian Chen from the position of patriarch. Does he really think he can directly order us because he’s the patriarch? He doesn’t have that right yet.”

The three Primordial realm experts left the discussion hall furiously to find Ming Dong.

Ming Dong strolled through a garden of exotic flowers within the forbidden grounds of the Tian Yuan clan with Yun Xiaoyan. They remained in their own quiet, little world. They were at ease and relaxed, paying no attention to any matters of the clan, as if they did not care at all.

At this moment, a female attendant reported that the three Primordial realm experts wanted to see Ming Dong.

Ming Dong frowned when he heard that. He had already established that they should not disturb him unless there was something particularly important, as he never liked to deal with such matters.

Moreover, now that Jian Chen was back, even if there was anything particularly important, he was there to deal with them. Why had the three Primordial realm experts come to him?

“Ming Dong, are the three protectors looking for you because of your brother Jian Chen?” Yun Xiaoyan said gently from beside Ming Dong.

A gleam of light flashed through Ming Dong’s eyes from that. He could not ignore matters regarding Jian Chen, so he immediately met up with the three protectors.

“Greetings, young master Ming!” Very soon, the three protectors appeared before Ming Dong. They dismissed their haughtiness and showed great respect.

Afterwards, they vented all their unhappiness, roughly explaining Jian Chen’s ruthless actions while warping certain aspects, making him antagonistic.

However, before they had even finished speaking, Ming Dong frowned and stopped them by raising his hand. His face sank slightly, and he said, “Are you saying that Jian Chen is expelling the three of you from the clan?”

The three protectors rejoiced inside when they saw Ming Dong’s expression change. They thought Ming Dong had become displeased by Jian Chen’s ruthless actions, so they clasped their fists in a hurry. “Indeed. Young master Ming, please correct this injustice for us.”

Ming Dong’s face sank. “Jian Chen is the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan. What he says is the ultimate decision of the clan. Since he has expelled you from the clan, you no longer belong to the Tian Yuan clan.”

The expressions of the three protectors changed. “Young master Ming…”

“Shut up. Jian Chen has gone through thick and thin with me. Offending him is even worse than offending me, yet you speak of him poorly before me. You even want me to dismiss him from the position of patriarch. Do you think that you’ve surpassed the patriarch just because you’re Primordial realm experts? That you can ignore the patriarch’s orders?” Ming Dong snorted coldly.

Ming Dong’s attitude made their expressions change. They looked at one another, and their faces became very ugly. They had never thought that Ming Dong would favour Jian Chen so much.

They were Primordial realm experts after all. Even in peak clans, they would hold a certain level of status. Now that they spoke so submissively, they were firmly rejected instead. It was quite a horrible feeling.

“Uncle Ming, chase the three of them out of the Tian Yuan clan.”

With that, Ming Xie appeared silently, causing the three protectors to pale in fright.

In the end, the three Infinite Primes left the Tian Yuan clan in low spirits.

All the Primordial realm experts seated within the discussion hall became stern. They had always been paying attention to the three protectors with the senses of their souls. Although they were unable to observe the happenings in the forbidden grounds due to the formations, they did see the three protectors enter the forbidden grounds and emerge miserably. After that, they tidied up their things and left the clan in low spirits.

All of the protectors originally believed that they could get Ming Dong to deal with Jian Chen, but the fate of the three protectors made all their hearts sink. Their final light of hope was extinguished.

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