Cover Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2523 - Tidying Up The Clan (Three)
Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2523 - Tidying Up The Clan (Three)
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2523: Tidying up the Clan (Three)

Originally, the protectors never took Jian Chen seriously.

Only after they witnessed Jian Chen injure protector Shan and saw the astonishing strength he displayed did they truly understand his power.

The patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan definitely was not as weak as rumoured.

Not to mention that not only was he powerful, but his actions were also extremely ruthless and decisive. He expelled three Primordial realm experts just because they had not shown up for a meeting.

As a result, none of the protectors dared to take Jian Chen lightly anymore. They began to accept him as the patriarch.

Jian Chen sat on the patriarch’s throne and glanced past the protectors coldly. He knew that he had already managed to establish his might, but this was not the end.

“Who is protector Xiang?” Jian Chen asked emotionlessly.

As soon as Jian Chen mentioned protector Xiang, Mo Yan’s face immediately lit up as she stood near the entrance. Excitement filled her face.

The eyes of Mo Ling, the past ancestor of the Mo clan, lit up as well. He seemed to guess something, and he became eager.

“I am Xiang Ping, and I greet the patriarch!” A bald old man stood forward and clasped his fist at Jian Chen. He behaved in an approachable manner, without putting on any airs as a Primordial realm expert.

Of course, this was only because he had witnessed Jian Chen’s strength earlier.

Jian Chen looked at protector Xiang and said, “Protector Xiang, I heard you injured a founding member of the Tian Yuan clan?”

The eyes of all the Primordial realm experts in the discussion hall narrowed, and they stared at protector Xiang. Some of their faces became very unnatural.

From Jian Chen’s tone, they could all tell that he was about to punish protector Xiang.

He had only injured a puny figure, someone who was essentially ant-like in their eyes, yet he would be judged and punished before everyone. This made all the Primordial realm experts sense an ill omen.

After all, they had done quite a lot of things in the Tian Yuan clan in the past. If Jian Chen decided to go through them one by one, many of them would face miserable outcomes.

It was impossible to defeat him in battle. Even the strongest protector, protector Shan, was not his opponent, let alone them. Even their last sliver of hope, young master Ming, stood on Jian Chen’s side.

Without any exaggeration, if the patriarch decided to punish them for past matters, there really was no way for them to avoid it.

Protector Xiang could sense what Jian Chen wanted to do as well. His heart sank slightly, and he said, “Patriarch, there’s probably a misunderstanding. I hope the patriarch can get to the bottom of this!”

“Mo Ling, tell me how protector Xiang treated you in detail, as well as everything that led up to it,” said Jian Chen.

Mo Ling was overjoyed as he began to go through the matter carefully.

The Tian Yuan clan had already investigated a few matters with regards to protector Xiang’s past. He had fallen out with an ancestral emperor of the Heavenly Moon Empire many years ago and had once been hunted down for around a century, so he resented the Heavenly Moon Empire. He wanted to destroy them.

Unfortunately, his strength was limited, so he was unable to destroy the empire with his strength alone. At the same time, he faced the pursuit of the ancestral emperor at all times, so he ended up joining the Tian Yuan clan.

Protector Xiang had used various reasons to urge on the high ranking members of the clan many times. He had even directly roped in a few protectors to suggest that they should conquer the Heavenly Moon Empire.

On the surface, he seemed like he did this completely out of consideration for the clan’s expansion, giving suggestions and advice to assist the clan. However, in reality, he wanted to use the Tian Yuan clan’s might to destroy the Heavenly Moon Empire and fulfil his personal objective.

His suggestion had received the support of many important members of the clan back then, but due to Mo Ling’s intense objection, the idea fell through and was rejected in the end.

Infuriated, protector Xiang directly grabbed Mo Ling by the neck and threw him out, injuring him.

Protector Xiang’s expression became rather ugly after Mo Ling’s narration.

“Protector Xiang, do you admit to this?” Jian Chen looked at protector Xiang coldly.

“Patriarch, I suggested conquering the Heavenly Moon Empire purely out of consideration for the clan’s development. I definitely have no selfish intentions behind it. As for Mo Ling, he’s only an Overgod, yet he dares to stand up to me. I only punished him slightly. Am I in the wrong for doing that as well?”

“Am I, a Fifth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime, not even as great as an Overgod in the Tian Yuan clan?” Protector Xiang refuted as he felt wronged.

Many of the protectors nodded and agreed with protector Xiang.They believed that an Overgod deserved some punishment if he challenged their words.

Jian Chen snorted coldly from the patriarch’s throne. “Primordial realm experts do possess very great status in the clan, but if you want to use that status to do whatever you want, there’s only one outcome for you.” With that, Jian Chen suddenly vanished. He arrived beside protector Xiang like he had teleported, and sword Qi surged from his body. The power from the Ultimate Way of the Sword gathered in his hand as he struck out, shattering space as he attacked protector Xiang with lightning speed.

At the same time, formations rose up and enveloped the entire discussion hall, protecting all the protectors and high ranking members of the clan.

Jian Chen’s sudden attack caused protector Xiang’s expression to change drastically. However, he was experienced in battle as a Primordial realm expert, so he immediately responded. He placed a low quality god artifact shield before him.


Jian Chen’s hand struck the shield, and a rumble immediately rang out. Powerful energy shook it up, knocking protector Xiang away with the shield.

Jian Chen’s current battle prowess was far beyond the Fifth Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime. The difference in strength was far too great. As a result, even when protector Xiang wielded a god artifact shield, he struggled to endure the might of a blow from Jian Chen.

Protector Xiang landed on the floor in sorry shape. His face was pale as blood sprayed from his mouth. He was heavily injured.

Jian Chen stood in the centre of the discussion hall with his hands behind his back. He glanced at protector Xiang coldly before swinging his arm and turning around, returning to his throne. He said, “From today onwards, anyone who touches members of the Tian Yuan clan will suffer the same fate as protector Xiang. Protectors do possess status, but they cannot ignore the rules of the clan. They do not stand above the disciplinary hall.”

The discussion hall was dead silent. Everyone was stunned, and no one said anything. Some of the protectors even became covered in cold sweat. They were unsettled.

“From today onwards, Xiang Ping is no longer a protector of the Tian Yuan clan. He is expelled!” Jian Chen passed down another command.

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