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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2530 - A Battle At The Apex
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Chapter 2530: A Battle at the Apex

All the elders gathered in the hall were left stunned as they stared at Sang Tu whose head had been cut in half. Disbelief filled their faces.

Sang Tu, the ancestor of the Earth Spirit sect, was a mighty Primordial realm expert, yet he had been slain so easily right before them, unable to fight back at all. All of them struggled to accept this.

After all, the strongest among them were only Godkings. Primordial realm experts were supreme existences in their eyes. They were invincible and insurmountable, figures they could only look up to.

However, a Primordial realm expert had just been slain in a single blow right before them. Their invincible impression of Primordial realm experts immediately crumbled.

Very soon, the Godkings returned to their senses. Sorrow filled all of their faces, and tears streaked across some of their faces.

The hall was extremely quiet. Even though the elders were overwhelmed by their feelings, none of them dared to make a sound. None of them dared to object.

They all knew that the fate of the Earth Spirit sect now lay in the hands of the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan.

As a result, even when their ancestor, their only Primordial realm expert, was slain before them, they dared not make a sound at all.

After killing Sang Tu, Jian Chen did not trouble the elders of the Earth Spirit sect because he did not see any of the elders being involved when he peered into the heavenly secrets.

Afterwards, he exited the hall and shot off into the distance as a streak of light. He departed from the Earth Spirit sect.

Hei Ya stared at the ancestor’s corpse with mixed feelings as he felt amazed inside, “A Second Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime could not even withstand a single blow from master. Master’s increase in strength is just too terrifying. If this continues, master will reach Chaotic Prime before long.”

Hei Ya followed behind Jian Chen and left the Earth Spirit sect while feeling amazed.

However, at this moment, the entire starry space beyond the Cloud Plane suddenly warped. In that instant, the sun stopped shining, and the sea of stars vanished. The Cloud Plane descended into complete darkness.

It was completely pitch-black, with no light at all.

Jian Chen came to a halt outside the Earth Spirit sect. He raised his head to look at the sky, and his expression immediately became extremely stern. Like swords, his eyes shone as two streaks of white light, piercing through space and the darkness to see the depths of the universe.

At the same time, five figures appeared in the Four Symbols Alliance of the southern region. They were also stern as they stared at outer space in shock.

The lord of the Heaven’s Link Peak, who originally sat on the top of the mountain, suddenly stood up in the central region. He was also alarmed as he stared at outer space in shock.

In various other locations of the Cloud Plane, all the Primordial realm experts sensed something at that moment and emerged. They hovered in the sky silently as they stared at the sky.

“There are supreme experts fighting. The shockwaves of their battle have interfered with the space beyond the Cloud Plane, causing space to distort. It’s blocking out all light…”

“What a terrifying pressure, what a terrifying pulse of energy. T- this truly is devastating…”

The powerful Primordial realm experts cried out from various locations on the Cloud Plane. They all paled from shock.

Outside the Earth Spirit sect, Jian Chen was extremely stern as well. He could gradually see that the changes to the Cloud Plane were actually caused by a battle between supreme experts.

“Just the shockwaves of battle have led to such a shocking sight. Just what level of cultivation do these people possess?” Even Jian Chen was shocked. It was on a level far too terrifying and far too distant. It was something that he could not understand given his current knowledge and insight.

At this moment, the space beyond the Cloud Plane suddenly ripped open. A million-kilometre-long crack appeared out of nowhere. It seemed like the sky had cracked open, creating a shocking and terrifying sight.

Extremely resplendent light shone within the crack. The power of laws revolved around it, making it seemingly resonate and fuse with the world.

The ball of light came from a person. It was thousands of times more radiant than the sun, so just his existence alone illuminated the entire Cloud Plane.

Suddenly, the figure extended a huge hand towards the Cloud Plane. The hand was condensed from the power of laws as the inscriptions of the ways flickered. It seemed to extend without end, falling towards where the Pingtian Empire stood.

Jian Chen’s face immediately changed drastically. How could he not understand that the person was targeting the Pingtian Empire?

“Don’t you dare!”

At this moment, a woman’s voice rang out from the spatial crack. Although the voice was cold, it was pleasant. The sounds waves were countless times more terrifying than the thunder in heaven, causing the dark space to ripple.

Another ball of light appeared in the huge crack. It was also extremely resplendent, thousands of times brighter than the sun. It was the light of ways.

She struck out firmly. With a wave of her hand, a stream of light that seemed like a galaxy collapsed the hand that reached towards the Cloud Plane.

However, the figure who targeted the Cloud Plane did not give up. He extended towards the Pingtian Empire below, and immediately, the space there actually froze up at an unbelievable rate.

“You’re looking to die! The Ways are in Heaven…”

“And I stand in the World…”

“For I am the Heavenly Ways…”

The woman bellowed out, and immediately, a mysterious, terrifying power suddenly appeared, enveloping the supreme expert before her.

Immediately, the space there was reduced to chaos. Only a terrifyingly powerful pressure appeared. No one knew what was happening there.

When everything cleared up again, the light around the supreme expert who first appeared from the spatial crack dimmed. The power of ways around him thinned out, revealing his appearance.

“It’s the Heaven-splitting Ancestor!”

The lord of the Heaven’s Link Peak cried out from the central region.

Above the Cloud Plane, one of the two supreme experts was the ancestor of the Heaven-splitting clan, an existence who stood at the apex of the Saints’ World, someone only second to Grand Exalts.

However, at this moment, his face was extremely pale—sheet-white, as a matter of fact. He seemed to have aged as blood oozed from the corner of his mouth.

He was already heavily injured.

“The Authority of the Grand Exalt is indeed very powerful, but it’s still not enough to kill me!” The Heaven-splitting Ancestor said calmly and relaxedly. Even though he was badly wounded, he did not care at all. Afterwards, he fused with the space there, combining with the ways of the world before shooting off in an instant. He vanished from the space there.

The shining woman behind him vanished as well. She pursued him relentlessly.

With their departure, the abnormalities of the Cloud Plane gradually vanished, and the sky slowly cleared up.

However, Jian Chen was heavy-hearted. He said nothing. He did not even think about the battle that occurred beyond the Cloud Plane. He made his way back to the Pingtian Empire as quickly as he could.

Very soon, he returned. He only became relieved when he learnt that everyone was fine.

He clearly saw that the hand had fallen towards the Dong’an province. Fortunately, it had been stopped.

“It was the battle between the first majesty and the Heaven-splitting Ancestor.”

Very soon, Jian Chen met up with Ming Dong, and he finally learnt the true identities of the two supreme experts.

“Who knows what’s going on with the first majesty, suddenly coming into conflict with the Heaven-splitting Ancestor as if they have deep grievances. She has already chased the Heaven-splitting Ancestor around for decades now.” Ming Xie sighed gently as he felt extremely troubled.

“I can tell that the Heaven-splitting Ancestor is already heavily injured. His protective light has been dispersed. He shouldn’t be able to last much longer,” Jian Chen said. He had no good impression of the Heaven-splitting Ancestor. No matter why the first majesty of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng was hunting him down, he was naturally happy to see the Heaven-splitting Ancestor suffer.

“It’s not as simple as you imagine it to be. It seems like the first majesty is definitely much more powerful than the Heaven-splitting Ancestor, but they are at the same level of  cultivation after all. As a result, defeating the Heaven-splitting Ancestor is easy, but killing him will be extremely difficult.”

“Unless the Heaven-splitting Ancestor stays behind for a battle to the death, it’s basically impossible to kill him as long as he insists on running,” said Ming Xie.

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