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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2532 - A Sly Old Fox
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Chapter 2532: A Sly Old Fox

“Nubis’ life is in danger. He has asked for help. Protector Xue accompanied him, but even protector Xue with his cultivation as a Seventh Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime can’t handle the problem. I can only ask senior Xu to accompany me to the Delight Plane just in case.” Jian Chen clasped his fist.

Xu Ran nodded. Her expression did not change as she asked, “When do we set off?”

“The situation is extremely urgent. We need to set off immediately.” Jian Chen immediately passed down an order. Jian Chen, Xu Ran, and all the Primordial realm protectors left the Tian Yuan clan in an imposing manner.

Originally, only the central region of the Cloud Plane had interplanar teleportation formations, but ever since the Four Symbols Alliance settled down in the southern region, they expended a tremendous amount of resources to build one in the southern region as well. It happened to be in the imperial capital of the Blood Sun Empire.

When the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan arrived in the Blood Sun Empire with such a large group of Primordial realm experts, he immediately alarmed the emperor of the Blood Sun Empire. He ventured out from the imperial palace personally, and even the upper echelon of the Four Symbols Alliance paid close attention.

Of course, the person who became the most worried and afraid by Jian Chen’s sudden arrival in the imperial city was the ninth prince.

“What did you say? The patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan, Jian Chen, has suddenly appeared in the imperial city with a group of Primordial realm experts?” The ninth prince immediately became restless when he received the news. He became unsettled as he paced around in his residence.

When he pursued the matter of the Flower of Ways in the past, he had almost destroyed the Tian Yuan clan. If it were not for the sudden arrival of the emperor of the Xi Empire at a critical moment, saving the clan, the name of the Tian Yuan clan would probably cease to exist in the southern region.

As a result, his grievances with the Tian Yuan clan ran very deep.

Now that he learnt that Jian Chen had come to the Blood Sun Empire, the ninth prince would obviously become utterly panic-stricken.

“I have an agreement with princess Xi Yu of the Xi Empire for a battle to the death in ten thousand years’ time. It’s not very likely for Jian Chen to kill me during those ten thousand years,” the ninth prince thought to himself. He clenched his hands as he broke out into a cold sweat. He was extremely nervous.

He could only comfort himself like that now.

He understood just how great of a status the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan possessed. Because of Ming Dong, both the Four Symbols Alliance and the Righteous Alliance did their best to befriend them, not daring to offend them.

Their Blood Sun Empire was only one of the organisations under the Four Symbols Alliance. Honestly, they were equivalent to the Four Symbols Alliance’s dog. With Jian Chen’s status as the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan, even executing the current emperor was nothing difficult, let alone a prince who had lost power.

The Blood Emperor had already arrived before Jian Chen as quickly as he could. Very soon, he learnt that Jian Chen wanted to take the teleportation to the Delight Plane, so he immediately let out a breath in relief. He personally saw Jian Chen off, letting him use the teleportation formation for free.

Very soon, the group left the Cloud Plane through the teleportation formation.

“What? The patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan has left? He has left the Cloud Plane? He hasn’t come for me?”

The news reached the ninth prince very soon, which immediately overjoyed him. He finally relaxed, feeling like he had just survived a disaster.

“It looks like the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan also wants to wait for the battle between me and Xi Yu in ten thousand years’ time. It’s very unlikely for me to survive, but there’s still quite some time before the agreed period.” The ninth prince exhaled deeply before asking a female attendant beside him, “Huang Huan, how many years are there till my battle against princess Xi Yu?”

“Your highness, there are still over nine thousand and nine hundred years…” The female attendant replied.

“Over nine thousand and nine hundred years…” The ninth prince murmured softly. He was gloomy. Was that all the time he had left?

In a bustling city within the central region of the Delight Plane, the interplanar teleportation formation suddenly lit up in the large square. When the light completely dispersed, Jian Chen, Xu Ran, and the protectors of the Tian Yuan clan all stood in there.

They did not want to raise too much attention with their visit this time, so they all concealed their presences, preventing the other cultivators from seeing their cultivation.

“Hei Ya, immediately locate them,” Jian Chen was burning with anxiety. Before he had even emerged from the teleportation formation, he had already ordered Hei Ya.

Nubis had crushed the three jade talismans, so his situation was extremely urgent. He could die at any moment, so they could not afford to waste any time at all.

Hei Ya could see how worried Jian Chen was as well. He nodded and closed his eyes without saying anything else, using his innate ability.

He had seen all the important members of the Tian Yuan clan before, so finding Nubis and protector Xue was nothing difficult.

“I found them! They’re over there!” Very soon, Hei Ya pointed in one direction and said, “However, Nubis and protector Xue are in different locations, master. There are ten million kilometers between them.”

Jian Chen frowned. He ordered, “Lead the way. Go to where Nubis is first.”

The group immediately shot off with lightning speed.

There was an endless chain of mountains at the border of the Delight Plane. The mountains rose and fell, seeming like a yellow, boundless ocean from the sky.

The mountains had no presence of life. It seemed deathly silent and extremely barren.

However, there was a huge valley in the depths of the mountains and flames roared at the bottom of it.

These were not regular flames, but flames that contained the power of laws. As they roared, they gave off terrifying heat, dyeing the sky red.

The flames hovered in the air and covered an extremely vast area, spanning over ten thousand kilometres.

All the space within that range was enveloped by the flames.


Chilling howls would ring out from the flames from time to time. They were filled with pain, as if the person howling was going through the most brutal torture in the world.

A thin but extremely long golden snake writhed violently in the flames. It struggled painfully as it endured the flames. It was miserable.

Under the flames, the golden snake almost seemed to become cooked. It gave off quite a fragrance as the vital essences within it drifted out slowly from the flames.

“Hehehehe, kid, struggle and howl as much as you want, as those are the last sounds you’ll be able to make in this wonderful world. In another six hours, all your vital essences will be refined.”

A black-robed old man laid on the ground lazily outside the roaring flames. He held a wine gourd, sipping from it from time to time. He constructed a small bonfire beside him, roasting a meter-long beast on there.

He enjoyed his alcohol as he looked at the golden snake struggling painfully in the flames. He was satisfied.

“It’s very rare to come across other Golden-striped Silver Snakes in the Saints’ World. Your arrival both surprised me and caused me great joy. For the sake of finding other clansmen and breaking through with their essence, I travelled across most of the Saints’ World, but I only found around a dozen.”

“After absorbing all their essence, I struggled to find another one in the Saints’ World.”

“Of course, I do know that there are still many in the Saints’ World, but the weaker ones all hide far too well. Finding them is almost impossible, while I don’t even dare to provoke or even approach the stronger ones. I have to hide from them carefully. There are fewer and fewer people I can feast on.”

“Kid, did you really think the news you received came from your investigations? I’ll tell you the truth. Everything you know was purposefully leaked by me, just to draw you over.”

“I heard that whatever clan on the Cloud Plane had a Ninth Heavenly Chaotic Prime, so I could not risk it myself. As a result, I purposefully leaked the news so that you would come out from the clan. In the end, hahahaha, you really did fall for it.” The black-robed old man laughed aloud. He stared at the vital essence that wafted out from the flames as he became restless.

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