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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2548 - Taking The Beast Soul
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2548: Taking the Beast Soul

Jian Chen’s heart sank as well. He did not know what had happened outside, but Cheng Ming suddenly becoming so frantic allowed him to realise that the situation outside had not taken a turn for the better.

Very soon, Jian Chen stepped onto the colorful Heaven-link Bridge behind Cheng Ming.

The Heaven-linking Bridge was extraordinary. The power of ways circulated within it, allowing it to extend through the formations around the forbidden grounds. It was silent and did not alarm the insect emperor soul lurking outside.

“Hold on!”

As soon as Jian Chen stepped onto the Heaven-linking Bridge, he was stopped by Cheng Ming. The two of them remained within the forbidden grounds. They had yet to pass through the formations.

Cheng Ming stared at the space outside the forbidden grounds with shining eyes. He looked around as if he was searching for the lurking Spatial Insect Emperor. He was extremely stern.

“Grand elder, what is the matter?” Jian Chen asked. He was stern as well, unwilling to drop his guard at all. He had even readied himself for battle.

The grand elder did not reply. He stared at the space before him as the light in his eyes flickered. He murmured to himself, “I hope there’s still time.”

Afterwards, the grand elder suddenly looked at Jian Chen. His eyes shone as he said sternly, “Master gave you a mask in the past. Wear the mask now.”

Jian Chen was in doubt, but he did not ask about it. He immediately took out the mask and put it on.

“Jian Chen, listen carefully. What you are going to do next might be very dangerous, but it’s also a great fortuitous encounter for you.” The grand elder was stern as he continued, “Taking you into the forbidden grounds of the Cloudsurge Empire was not actually my idea, but the great elder’s request. Even if you didn’t come to the Delight Plane this time, we would send people to contact you on the Cloud Plane when our Empyrean Demon Cult launched our attack on the Cloudsurge Empire.”

“The real reason for bringing you here is actually the soul of the Spatial Insect Emperor outside. Spatial Insects are natural beasts of space. From the moment they’re born, their species knows how to use the Laws of Space, and Spatial Insect Emperors can use the Laws of Space to an extremely great level. Since you’ve comprehended the Laws of Space, the soul of a Spatial Insect Emperor will be a great fortune to you.”

“I’ve brought you along this time for you to obtain the soul of the Spatial Insect Emperor, for the Spatial Insect Emperor to enter your soul so that you can refine it and absorb its comprehension of the Laws of Space.”

The grand elder’s words were astonishing. In just a few sentences, Jian Chen was left stunned.

“Grand elder, what did you just say? You want me to refine the Spatial Insect Emperor’s soul?” Jian Chen’s expression immediately changed. He said with a sliver of disbelief, “Grand elder, even though the Spatial Insect Emperor has been reduced to a soul, it still possesses great strength, and it can fight back. Not to mention that its usage of the Laws of Space near perfection. Even though it’s just a soul now, not even regular Grand Primes can deal with it, let alone the fact that I have to let it into my soul. I probably can’t do anything to it.”

Jian Chen felt no confidence about this. An individual’s soul was already extremely fragile. If he used his soul alone, he would probably fail to deal with people a whole cultivation realm lower than him, yet he had to face a terrifying beast soul that he could not defeat with even his full strength.

He had witnessed the Spatial Beast Emperor kill the Godking of the Cloudsurge Empire. The beast soul could definitely kill Infinite Primes easily. Even Chaotic Primes would suffer in its hands.

“Don’t worry. Since master wants you to do this, he naturally believes you have the ability to refine the beast soul. Even if you can’t refine it, you won’t be in danger. At the very least, the Spatial Beast Emperor won’t be able to destroy your soul, as master did say that your soul was rather special in the past.”

“Jian Chen, fortune comes with risk. The greater the risk, the greater the fortune. What do you think? If you don’t want to take the risk, I’ll take you away right now.” Cheng Ming stared at Jian Chen sternly.

“My soul is special?” Jian Chen thought of his soul instead. His soul was indeed rather different. Let alone the fact that part of it was missing, but it had even fused with a strand of true Chaotic Force. It had changed a long time ago, making it different to the souls of regular cultivators.

“Alright. I’ll do it. Grand elder, tell me what I should do.” In the end, Jian Chen made up his mind and agreed. If he could refine the soul of the Spatial Beast Emperor and absorb its comprehension of the Laws of Space, it would really be a great fortune to him.

Of course, this was extremely dangerous as well. After all, a battlefield set in the soul could lead to certain doom from the slightest carelessness.

Cheng Ming was glad. “If you want to deal with the Spatial Insect Emperor, we have to stay in the formation, as the Rain Abbess has bound the Spatial Insect Emperor, restricting its movements. The area within the formation just happens to be a place where it cannot set foot in. The Spatial Insect Emperor can’t attack us here.”

Afterwards, Cheng Ming took out a jade bottle and sprinkled a white powder onto Jian Chen. “This is a powder refined from the corpse of a Spatial Insect. If you have it on you, the Spatial Beast Emperor will mistake you for one of its clansmen. Space beasts never have any particularly great intelligence, not to mention that it’s only a soul now. Basically all of its intelligence has been refined away by the Rain Abbess. The remaining instincts aren’t enough to distinguish who you are.”

“Use master’s mask to cover your presence carefully so that you only possess the presence of a Spatial Insect. Space beasts are extremely sensitive to presences. Many impressive concealing techniques aren’t able to hide from their senses but master’s mask can.”

“Once the soul of the Spatial Beast Emperor senses the presence of its own clansmen, its instincts will take over, and it will immediately enter your body to take over you. Your battle against the beast soul will hence begin. However, you don’t need to worry, I’ve already prepared some things. You only need to keep the Spatial Insect Emperor busy for a while. Once we leave here, I can assist you in dealing within the beast soul.”

Cheng Ming’s voice was rather rushed. He knew that time was extremely tight, so he did not give any time for Jian Chen to ask questions. He took out a pill from his Space Ring and shoved it into Jian Chen’s mouth in a hurry and said, “This is a Soul-numbing Pill. It’s for numbing the soul. However, master said that your soul is rather special, so the Soul-numbing Pill won’t have any particularly great effects. Hold it in your mouth. Once the beast soul enters your head, crush the pill immediately.”

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