Cover Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2549 - Battling The Insect Emperor
Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2549 - Battling The Insect Emperor
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2549: Battling the Insect Emperor

Time was extremely tight. After explaining the matters that Jian Chen should watch out for, Cheng Ming grabbed him by the shoulder. Jian Chen could not feel any particular difference from how Cheng Ming’s soul felt compared to a physical body. He was directly lifted up by Cheng Ming.

Of course, Cheng Ming only managed to do that since Jian Chen did not resist.

Cheng Ming held Jian Chen by the shoulder and arrived at the centre of the Heaven-linking Bridge with a flash. His finger swept across the sky gently.

Immediately, a crack silently appeared within the rainbow light from the bridge. Cheng Ming stared at the empty space within the crack before taking out another jade bottle. He poured out a droplet of milky-white fluid.

As soon as the droplet of fluid appeared, a heavy scent of blood permeated the surroundings.

This white liquid was actually the blood of Spatial Insects.

Moreover, from the residual energy within the blood, it was evident that it came from a Spatial Insect that had reached the Primordial realm.

The presence of the blood wafted out through the crack in the Heaven-linking Bridge, spreading outside.

At the next moment, the space outside the formation suddenly pulsed. It felt like it had become a body of water, where the slightest breeze would make it ripple.

Jian Chen’s eyes narrowed as he stared straight outside. Right after, he saw a white, insect-like figure appear and disappear with a flash.

The figure was not large, only around a metre in length. It was illusionary, as if it had fused with space. Only a rough outline could be seen, obscuring its complete appearance.

“The Spatial Insect Emperor!” Jian Chen shivered inside. He was completely certain that the figure he just saw was the Spatial Insect Emperor.

The insect emperor was a terrifying creature on par with Grand Primes. Even though it no longer possessed a body, it was still terrifying.

In the next moment, the grand elder flicked away the droplet of blood.

The white blood possessed the presence of Spatial Insects. It shot through the crack in the Heaven-linking Bridge like an arrow, flying outside.

However, at the same time, the space outside the Heaven-linking Bridge suddenly seized up. At that moment, the space there froze and everything fell silent. It was as if time had stopped.

The droplet of blood that flew out had been locked up outside the light around the Heaven-linking Bridge.

Afterwards, a white, insect-shaped figure that had seemingly fused with space swam around the droplet of blood like a fish. Its figure faded and consolidated from time to time, making it very difficult to clearly see.

The grand elder retreated in a hurry, entering the forbidden grounds once again.

At this moment, the droplet of blood suddenly vanished. The Spatial Insect Emperor did not seem to devour the droplet of blood. It had just vanished without a trace all of a sudden.

In the next moment, the soul of the Spatial Beast Emperor flew through the light around the Heaven-linking Bridge along the blood’s trajectory, appearing on it.

Its figure was still illusionary, having completely fused with space. As a result, it was difficult to see its true appearance. As a matter of fact, it was impossible to tell its head from its tail.

A chill ran down Jian Chen’s spine. He was under the impression that the beast soul seemed to have locked onto him.

Even though he could not see the eyes of the Spatial Insect Emperor, that was simply what he felt.

Jian Chen remained calm, carefully concealing his presence. He knew that he was covered in a layer of powder from the corpse of a Spatial Insect, which was why he possessed a Spatial Insect’s presence. As a result, the Spatial Insect Emperor had mistaken him for one of its clansmen and would not attack him.

However, if he let his presence as a human cultivator leak out, he could be mercilessly slain by the Spatial Beast Emperor.

As a space beast, the Spatial Insect Emperor had never possessed any great intelligence. Coupled with its current state, its intelligence was further compromised, so it basically acted out of instincts now. It was unable to correctly identify what Jian Chen actually was.

Suddenly, the soul of the Spatial Beast Emperor turned into a blur and charged towards Jian Chen.

It moved just too quickly, surpassing the restrictions of space. It appeared before Jian Chen in an instant and wormed into Jian Chen’s head with pressure that weighed down on the soul.

Only when Jian Chen felt a splitting pain from his head did he realised that the soul of the Spatial Insect Emperor had already entered him.

He became extremely stern. His head would be a battlefield soon, and he would engage in a battle of life or death with the Spatial Insect Emperor. The slightest carelessness would take his life.

Without any hesitation, he immediately crushed the Soul-numbing Pill in his mouth.

The Soul-numbing Pill shattered, and a medicinal effect that could numb the soul expanded, directly entering Jian Chen’s soul.

By now, Jian Chen had already closed his eyes. The muscles on his face twitched unnaturally as he gradually paled.

It would take some time for the effects of the Soul-numbing Pill to completely kicked in. However, his soul was already under the vicious attacks of the Spatial Insect Emperor, so he had to endure intense agony.

The soul of the Spatial Beast Emperor appeared in Jian Chen’s sea of consciousness as a white bug. Following its natural instincts, it tried to devour Jian Chen’s soul.

Its appearance was nothing special. It only seemed like a silkworm that had been enlarged countless times, plump and around a metre long.

Jian Chen did not just sit and wait. He also appeared in his sea of consciousness, using the Laws of the Sword and the power of his soul to engage in a battle against the soul of the Spatial Insect Emperor.

However, the disparity strength was simply too great. Even when Jian Chen used his full strength, he was unable to harm the soul of the Spatial Insect Emperor at all.

After all, it had reached the level of Grand Primes. Compared to Jian Chen, it was like the heavens, while he was the earth.

The soul opened its mouth. In a single gulp, it directly sucked up a portion of Jian Chen’s soul.

However, after that, the Spatial Insect Emperor began to squirm unnaturally. Its body constantly expanded and shrunk as if it was in great pain.

This lasted for a few seconds before the Spatial Insect Emperor suddenly opened its mouth and spat out the portion of Jian Chen’s soul.

It seemed like it was unable to digest that portion of Jian Chen’s soul.

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