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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2554 - Healing
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2554: Healing

Jian Chen was surprised by the Rain Abbess’ words. He lowered his head and glanced at the wooden tub he lay in. He carefully sensed the wondrous energy that was extremely beneficial to his soul within the green liquid. Currently, he felt that things were strange.

Afterwards, he followed the sound and looked over. He saw the beautiful, white figure standing nearby, and he felt very troubled.

The grand elder of the Empyrean Demon Cult and he had infiltrated where the Rain Abbess cultivated, stealing her precious Innate Orchid of Five Elements, along with a large quantity of Innate Spiritual Mud and Innate Spiritual Liquid. Logically speaking, the Rain Abbess should have killed or tortured him.

However, the Rain Abbess did not make things difficult for him at all. Instead, she assisted him in healing his soul.

He did not know what the green liquid was, but he could understand its value.

Jian Chen was very confused about why the Rain Abbess would use something so valuable on him. He had no idea what the Rain Abbess’ intentions were for all this.

“You sure are bold. You’re only an Infinite Prime, yet you’re bold enough to try to take the Spatial Insect Emperor, even letting it enter your soul. If it weren’t for me, you probably would be dead already. It would have been almost impossible for you to survive,” said the Rain Abbess. She was a hundred metres away, standing beside the small fish pond. Her head was slightly lowered, as if she was looking at the fish that swam around in her. There was a supreme sense of authority in her cold voice.

This was the supreme bearing of the greatest expert of the Delight Plane.

“Abbess, why did you save me?” Jian Chen asked. He felt very puzzled. No matter how he thought about it, he could not think of anyone who had any ties with the Rain Abbess.

At the same time, with the Rain Abbess’ current level of cultivation, probably only Mo Tianyun and the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng were the only two existences he knew that she would take seriously.

It was impossible for it to be Mo Tianyun, or there would have never been an attack on the Cloudsurge Empire in the first place. As a result, only the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng remained.

“Is it the first majesty of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng? Or the Martial Soul lineage?” Jian Chen guessed with uncertainty. He had heard the Rain Abbess mention the Martial Soul lineage, but the Martial Soul lineage and the Rain Abbess were clearly on separate levels.

“Abbess, all the divine powders you wanted have been prepared.” At this moment, the emperor of the Cloudsurge Empire appeared. He was holding a white, jade bottle. He was wearing his dragon robes and had an impressive demeanour, but he still stood behind the Rain Abbess politely with his head lowered.

As the leader of the greatest organisation on the Delight Plane, the ruler of the Cloudsurge Empire, he was afraid of even breathing too loudly before the Rain Abbess. He did not even dare to look up at her.

“Pour it all in,” said the Rain Abbess.

“Yes, abbess,” Ye Yizhan replied. Afterwards, he arrived before Jian Chen slowly. As he looked at Jian Chen in the wooden tub, there was a sliver of wonder in his eyes. He did not understand the matter no matter how he thought about it either. He wondered, “Just what kind of relationship does this person have with the abbess? Why does the abbess treat him with such importance, even using so many priceless God Tier heavenly resources on him?”

Although he was filled with questions, Ye Yizhan did not dare to ask even a single one of them. He opened the bottle and poured all the powders from the God Tier heavenly resources into the green liquid without a second thought.

Immediately, Jian Chen felt the cool liquid become scorching all of a sudden. The powerful and brutal effects of the medicine entered his body like needles.

Afterwards, Jian Chen felt great comfort from his soul. The powders that had just been added were also composed of heavenly resources that could heal the soul. However, the method of intake was slightly different.

“All of these are high level God Tier heavenly resources for healing the soul. Even some regular Grand Primes will fight for them. Now that I’ve used them on you, you should recover from the wounds to your soul in three days at most,” the Rain Abbess’ cold voice rang out. She stood beside the pond like a statue, having seemingly fused with the world there. She seemed unfathomable.

Even the fish in the pond gave off strands of mysterious presences, as if they were resonating with the Rain Abbess, forming an extremely obscure connection.

However, no one could sense this connection apart from the Rain Abbess.

“I’m very curious about why you would risk so much and purposefully lure the soul of the Spatial Insect Emperor into your soul. Do you know just how important your life is to certain people?” the Rain Abbess asked.

A gleam of light shone through Jian Chen’s eyes. He asked, “May I ask who the abbess is referring to?”

“Answer my question!” the Rain Abbess said sternly. Immediately, an invisible pressure crushed down on Jian Chen, immediately making him feeling like he was carrying a mountain. It stifled his breathing.

Jian Chen sucked in a deep breath and said slowly, “The Spatial Insect Emperor possesses the comprehension of the Laws of Space. I purposefully lured it into my soul because I want to refine the beast soul and obtain its comprehension.”

“Do you really think you can obtain the Spatial Insect Emperor’s Laws of Space just from refining its beast soul? What a joke? If comprehending laws were that easy, those peak organisations would have begun hunting down space beasts a long time ago to nurture countless experts,” the Rain Abbess snorted with contempt. Even with her insight, she had never heard of someone refining a soul for their comprehension of laws.

Jian Chen obviously knew that the Rain Abbess was right. There were no shortcuts to comprehending laws. It had to be completed step by step. Even when someone left behind a legacy, there would be a need to comprehend the mysteries within it. One needed to completely understand it before completely possessing it as their own. It was the same for the seven golden cores of laws he previously obtained.

It was impossible for him to reach the same level as the seven ancient experts with their golden cores of laws. It was also impossible to understand all the mysteries of laws in an instant. It required time and effort for him to comprehend the power of laws within them. However, the process would just be much easier, sparing him a lot of effort.

However, Jian Chen also knew that his soul was different from the soul of others. Even if others could not do it, that did not mean that he could not.

“With the grand elder of the Empyrean Demon Cult’s insight, he naturally knows about this. He doesn’t do pointless things,” the Rain Abbess murmured gently. A strange light suddenly lit up in her eyes, and with a flash, she appeared before Jian Chen silently. She directly pressed a finger against Jian Chen’s forehead.

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