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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2562 - The Gentle Breeze Ancestor
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Chapter 2562: The Gentle Breeze Ancestor

As the young star lord set foot on the Cloud Plane, a ruddy old man in azure robes sat within the headquarters of the Four Symbols Alliance, cultivating in seclusion.

This old man was one of the five experts of the Four Symbols Alliance. People called him the Gentle Breeze Ancestor.

Suddenly, the power of laws around the Gentle Breeze Ancestor pulsed. He slowly opened his eyes.

“Strange? Why did my heart tremor? It’s as if something is about to happen,” the Gentle Breeze Ancestor furrowed his brows and murmured to himself.

Afterwards, he formed a seal with his hands. The light in his old eyes deepened as he began to peer into the heavenly secrets.

“The countless stars twinkle as they welcome him. Someone of extraordinary status has arrived on the Cloud Plane. This person is a terrifying force who can affect the future of our Four Symbols Alliance.” Very soon, the Gentle Breeze Ancestor’s eyes lit up. He expanded the tremendous senses of his soul to envelop the entire Cloud Plane.

“Just who is this important figure? Hmm? I found him. Is it him?” The Gentle Breeze Ancestor’s eyes narrowed, and he vanished.

“No wonder the Cloud Plane basically ranks at the bottom of the forty-nine great planes in the Saints’ World. The origin energy here is far thinner than our Star Brilliance Place.” In the imperial capital of the Blood Sun Empire, the young star lord studied his surroundings like he was judging it, gently shaking his head.

“The cultivators here are so weak. It’s such a big city, and there are only so many Godkings. They completely pale to our Star Brilliance Plane.” The young star lord looked at the surrounding cultivators with some disappointment. As if he was better than them, his face carried some scorn and contempt.

“Hahaha, the Star Brilliance Plane is under the watch of the famed Nine Brilliance Star Lord. A single thought from an expert like the Nine Brilliance Star Lord can change the fortune of an entire plane. Our measly Cloud Plane naturally pales in comparison.” At this moment, an old voice rang out.

An old man in azure robes appeared before the young star lord silently. He stroked his beard as he smiled pleasantly.

He was one of the five peak experts of the Four Symbols Alliance, the Gentle Breeze Ancestor.

“Old man, who are you? How dare you eavesdrop on my words. You sure are bold.” The young star lord crossed his arms and became displeased.

The Gentle Breeze Ancestor’s expression stiffened when he was called an old man despite being one of the peak experts of the Cloud Plane. He was slightly angered, and his smile disappeared as well. He said indifferently, “People call me the Gentle Breeze Ancestor.”

If it were not for the fact that the Gentle Breeze Ancestor found out the young man was of extraordinary origins and could affect the fate of the Four Symbols Alliance, the Gentle Breeze Ancestor would have never been so friendly.

“The Gentle Breeze Ancestor? One of the five Grand Exalts of the Four Symbols Alliance?” A gleam of light flashed through the Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime old man’s eyes. He looked at the Gentle Breeze Ancestor without any particular feelings and said, “This is the young master of the Star Brilliance Plane. People call him the young star lord.”

“The young star lord?” The Gentle Breeze Ancestor was surprised when he heard that. He stared at the young star lord in shock as he became unsettled.

“So it’s the young star lord who has come to visit. I’ve failed to anticipate your visit, so please forgive me.” The Gentle Breeze Ancestor immediately changed his attitude. All the displeasure he felt vanished.

Although he had never seen the young star lord before, he did know quite a lot about him. He was the only child of the Nine Brilliance Star Lord and was not an existence that he could afford to offend.

The Gentle Breeze Ancestor’s attitude changed completely. With a face full of smiles, he politely invited the young star lord to visit the Four Symbols Alliance.

At the same time, he began to peer into the young star lord’s identity.

If the young star lord was lying, the Gentle Breeze Ancestor could easily peer into his past and future with his cultivation as a Second Heavenly Layer Grand Prime.

If he really was the young star lord, then the Gentle Breeze Ancestor definitely would not be able to see anything with the Nine Brilliance Star Lord’s protection.

As a result, determining the true identity of the young star lord was very easy to some peak experts.

However, in the next moment, the Gentle Breeze Ancestor’s mind suddenly shuddered. Nine brilliant balls of light suddenly appeared in his mind as he peered into the matters of the young star lord. They possessed a supreme pressure and a presence revered by all.

“It’s the Nine Brilliance Star Lord!” The Gentle Breeze Ancestor was surprised. He actually saw an apparition of the Nine Brilliance Star Lord.

With that, there were no longer any doubts about the young star lord’s identity. The Gentle Breeze Ancestor dared not neglect him.

As a matter of fact, he began treating the young star lord with importance that even exceeded Ming Dong.

However, the young star lord was proud. He did not take the Four Symbols Alliance seriously, turning down the Gentle Breeze Ancestor with a single sentence before drifting away.

“Young star lord, our Four Symbols Alliance still happens to bear some influence on the Cloud Plane. If our Four Symbols Alliance can assist the young star lord in any shape or form in the future, please come to our headquarters directly. Alternatively, you can crush this jade talisman.” The Gentle Breeze Ancestor tossed a jade talisman to the young star lord’s bodyguard. He did not remain any longer because he knew that doing so would only create an opposite effect.

After returning to the headquarters of the Four Symbols Alliance, the Gentle Breeze Ancestor immediately called the four other decision makers together. The five experts gathered together in a majestic hall.

“What? Gentle Breeze, you say that the legendary foster son of the Nine Brilliance Star Lord, the young star lord, has come to the Cloud Plane?” The four others were surprised when they received the news.

The Gentle Breeze Ancestor nodded and said, “There are no doubts about his identity. He’s indeed the young star lord from the Star Brilliance Plane.”

“The young star lord’s foster father is the Nine Brilliance Star Lord, and behind the Nine Brilliance Star Lord is the Bloodtear Grand Exalt. We can’t allow anything to happen to the young star lord on the Cloud Plane, or we will face a crisis.” The four other people were stern. They reached the same, terrifying conclusion very soon as well.

Although they were also Grand Primes, they were all early Grand Primes. The disparity between them and the Nine Brilliance Star Lord, a Ninth Heavenly Layer Grand Prime, was like the glow of the moon compared to the radiance of the sun. They were on completely different levels.

“The young star lord’s safety is obviously extremely important. However, his arrival is a great opportunity for our Four Symbols Alliance to change our fate.” said the Gentle Breeze Ancestor slowly, “The lord of the Heaven’s Link Peak of the Righteous Alliance reached the peak of the Third Heavenly Layer many years ago. Now that the Heavenless Demon Exalt is dead, he has become the undisputed strongest expert on the Cloud Plane. Who knows when he’ll break through to the Fourth Heavenly Layer.”

“However, I am certain that the day the lord of the Heaven’s Link Peak breaks through is the day that our Four Symbols Alliance will be destroyed. As a result, we need to establish ties with someone powerful if we want to continue existing…”

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