Cover Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2571 - The Tian Yuan Clan’s Counterattack (One)
Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2571 - The Tian Yuan Clan’s Counterattack (One)
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2571: The Tian Yuan Clan’s Counterattack (One)

All the scouts of the Righteous Alliance set off with the lord of the Heaven’s Link Peak’s personal order, infiltrating the southern region through various means.

Although the Four Symbols Alliance had basically sealed up the entire southern region to prevent the entry of the Righteous Alliance, they were unable to achieve air-tight security. Most of the scouts were able to enter through various regions and methods.

Even the scouts that had infiltrated the southern region already became active again. Most of them investigated the most recent news in the southern region, relaying it all to the Righteous Alliance.

At the same time, the lord of the Heaven’s Link Peak gathered together with the other decision makers of the Righteous Alliance within a divine hall. Many of them were stern.

“We can’t peer into anything. The heavenly secrets have fallen into disorder. Someone is hiding what is happening in the southern region on purpose…” Some of the decision makers shook their heads. All of them tried peering and understanding something.

Unfortunately, none of them found anything aside from the lord of Heaven’s Link Peak.

“It’s Gentle Breeze. Within the Four Symbols Alliance, he’s the most skilled at peering into things. And I can sense his presence. He’s purposefully obscuring it,” said the lord of the Heaven’s Link Peak. Even with his ability, he was only able to see a sliver of what was happening under the Breeze Cloud Ancestor’s cover.

At this moment, the lord of the Heaven’s Link Peak’s expression changed. A smear of surprise appeared in his eyes. “I’ve just received the news that a mysterious organisation has declared war against the Tian Yuan clan. This organisation’s banner is nine stars.”

With that, the lord of Heaven’s Link Peak paused. He glanced past the people seated there and continued, “Surprisingly, basically everyone in the organisation comes from the Four Symbols Alliance.”

With that, the people present frowned. Both the Righteous Alliance and the Four Symbols Alliance knew who was backing up the Tian Yuan clan. It was the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng that stood at the peak of the Saints’ World. Now that the Four Symbols Alliance had declared war against the Tian Yuan clan despite the risk of offending the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, they all understood that this matter was probably far more complicated than it seemed.

“I suspect that the Four Symbols Alliance probably has something that they can rely on, which is why they don’t fear the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng.” The lord of the Heaven’s Link Peak voiced his guess.

“If that’s true, our Righteous Alliance will be in danger…”

“Look into it. Look into it with everything that we have. We have to get to the bottom of what’s happening in the southern region…”

The five Chaotic Primes engaged in an extremely intense battle in the southern region of the Cloud Plane. Xu Ran possessed an absolute advantage against them, forcing the four great elders into retreat. They gradually departed from the Pingtian Empire.

The four great elders of the Four Symbols Alliance were troubled. Xu Ran was just too powerful. They knew that if they kept fighting, they would be defeated sooner or later.

“Senior Xu, allow me to help you kill one of them!” Jian Chen chased over from behind. He slashed open the surging ripples of energy and said to Xu Ran.

He still had three strands of Profound Sword Qi remaining. He was ready to use a second or even a third strand at any time now.

The actions of the Four Symbols Alliance had completely infuriated him. If it were possible, he was tempted to kill all four Chaotic Primes then and there.

The four great elders of the Four Symbols Alliance all heard Jian Chen’s secret message. They turned green.

They had all witnessed how Jin Li had died with the senses of their souls. Originally, Jin Li would have been able to last until they arrived with his strength, but in the end, he died to Xu Ran’s hands because of a strand of sword Qi from Jian Chen.

As a result, all of them felt fear towards Jian Chen’s Profound Sword Qi.

They obviously would not be like this if it were some other time. It was just that they were locked in combat with a powerful enemy right now. Any negligence could claim their lives.

“The senses of the souls from those from the Four Symbols Alliance have arrived. We can’t kill them,” Xu Ran responded rather powerlessly.

“Return.” At the same time, the Gentle Breeze Ancestor’s voice rang out in the heads of the four great elders.

The four great elders looked at one another before making up their minds and pulling out together. They travelled away like they were running away, vanishing into the horizon in an instant.

Xu Ran did not pursue them. She stared in their direction sternly.

Jian Chen snorted coldly. He held the Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways and suddenly vanished. He returned to the ruins of the southern fortress with the Laws of Space.

There were still a few soldiers who had been scattered by the shockwaves, as well as some Infinite Primes in horrible shape.

They were all members of the Four Symbols Alliance.

Jian Chen surged with killing intent. Like a god of slaughter, he charged into the crowd with the Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways and started a massacre. Sword Qi shone brightly as he killed an Infinite Prime with a single strike.

“Run! Run!”

Immediately, the armies of the Four Symbols Alliance began to flee crazily. Even in the beginning, there were only several tens of thousand of them at the southern fortress. They lost a few people to the shockwaves of energy from the battle between the Chaotic Primes, but most of them still remained. They scattered and fled for their lives.

“You killed millions of soldiers, so how can you just escape?” Jian Chen snorted coldly. His gaze was extremely frigid. With a single thought, the will of the Ultimate Way of the Sword appeared, enveloping a region of a hundred thousand kilometres in an instant.

At that moment, he seemed to have become the ruler of that range. His will replaced the laws of the world, and he only needed a thought to destroy everything.

Spurt! Spurt! Spurt! Sput…

Immediately, there were a series of explosions, and all the soldiers at Godhood within the range exploded. They were reduced to a bloody mist, dyeing the sky red with blood. Only the Infinite Primes remained fine.

With just a thought, Jian Chen killed several tens of thousands of people. It was extremely shocking.

“W- w- what’s happening…” The Infinite Primes who remained witnessed this, and all of them paled in fright. They had never seen or heard of something so strange.

“What powerful sword intent. How is the Way of the Sword Jian Chen has comprehended so powerful? T- this isn’t the regular Way of the Sword.” The five peak experts in the headquarters of the Four Symbols Alliance witnessed this with the senses of their soul, and they all stood up in surprise.

The five peak experts did not interfere to save them. They had already begun treating lives as nothing since long ago. Losing a few Godhood soldiers would not raise their attention at all. Even if a few Infinite Primes died, it would not be able to shake up their status.

Jian Chen extended a finger, and the rain of blood in the sky immediately gathered together, condensing into a huge sword. It gave off a heavy smell of metal, and powerful energy was hidden within.

Jian Chen suddenly looked at one of the fleeing Infinite Primes and pointed at him.


The blood-red sword immediately shot out. With the support of Jian Chen’s Ultimate Way of the Sword, it pierced through space with a resplendent glow, cutting the Infinite Prime in half and claiming his life.

By now, the three remaining Infinite Primes had completely vanished. It was no longer possible to find them with the naked eye.

Jian Chen’s killing intent did not decrease at all. He silently vanished. When he appeared again, he was several million kilometres away. He happened to be in the way of an Infinite Prime.

His Laws of Space had already reached the Primordial realm. Was there anything faster than the Laws of Space for travelling?

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