Cover Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2573 - The Tian Yuan Clan’s Counterattack (Three)
Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2573 - The Tian Yuan Clan’s Counterattack (Three)
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2573: The Tian Yuan Clan’s Counterattack (Three)

The middle-aged man’s actions stunned the Infinite Primes behind him. They were rather confused. Afterwards, they expanded the senses of their souls into the surroundings as well. Immediately, they witnessed the situation of the southern and western fortresses. They were all shocked.

“I- impossible…” The Infinite Primes who had attacked the eastern fortress were all shocked. Without any hesitation, they scattered and fled as quickly as they could.

This army from the Four Symbols Alliance began to flee desperately before the battle even begun.

“Kill them all! Leave none alive!” Jian Chen coldly ordered. The remaining half of all the cultivators from the Tian Yuan clan surged out from the Watercloud Hall, hunting down the cultivators from the Four Symbols Alliance in the surroundings.

Hei Ya joined in as well. Under Jian Chen’s orders, he did not go looking for Primordial realm experts. Instead, he was responsible for Godkings.

The army that had attacked the eastern fortress had more Godkings than the Tian Yuan clan, so Jian Chen used Hei Ya to make up for this difference.

He planned on killing the Infinite Primes personally.

Although he possessed the Ultimate Way of the Sword and could replace the world with his will, killing everything within the range of a hundred thousand kilometres, he did not use it against these Godhood cultivators of the Four Symbols Alliance. He planned on using this as an opportunity to properly train the cultivators of the Tian Yuan clan.

The Watercloud Hall continued to hover above the battlefield, but Jian Chen had already vanished. He travelled ten million kilometres away with the Laws of Space, stopping the Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime who had fled first. His Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways shone with resplendent light as nine illusionary stars appeared. Shining with starlight, he engaged in an intense battle against the Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime.

Jian Chen’s presence surged as sword Qi rampaged through the surroundings. He used his full strength, and every single strand of sword Qi was blinding. He was locked in an intense fight against the Infinite Prime.

At the same time, he expanded the will of his Ultimate Way of the Sword, enveloping a range of a hundred thousand kilometres.

The other Infinite Primes were all within this range. Even though they moved very quickly, it had only been a few seconds since they started fleeing.

However, at this moment, the expressions of the fleeing Infinite Primes all changed. In the next moment, they saw the space around them tremble, and a wall of invisible sword Qi silently appeared, engulfing them with cold killing intent.

The Infinite Primes all tried to defend, but since it had happened all of a sudden, a few strands of sword Qi broke through their defences and left behind various wounds on them.

“Who is it? Who launched a sneak attack against us?”

The Infinite Primes all became cautious. Even though the sword Qi around them was not powerful, it was silent, as if it had appeared out of nowhere. They dared not be careless.

However, no matter how they searched, they were unable to find where the attacks came from.

Suddenly, their faces changed. At that moment, they felt their surrounding space seemingly turn into a world of sword Qi. The origin energy, vegetation, and pebbles littered across the ground actually erupted with sword Qi. They flew in from everywhere towards them.

At that moment, they even had the impression that everything in the world had become sharp swords. Where they stood had become a domain where only sword Qi existed. Endless sword Qi, whether in the form of anything or from nothing, bombarded them from all directions.

The Infinite Primes of the Four Symbols Alliance were powerless. They used their various methods to deal with the barrage of attacks from all directions as they continued to flee into the distance.

Fortunately, the sword Qi did not pose much of a threat to the Infinite Primes. It was very difficult to harm their lives while they utilised their full defence.

However, it was still interference. It made them slow down dramatically.

To another side, Jian Chen frowned more and more as he fought the Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime. His opponent was extraordinary, having reached the peak of the Ninth Heavenly Layer. Although Jian Chen could achieve victory with his current strength coupled with the Laws of Space, it was very difficult for him to end the battle quickly.

If this fight dragged out for too long, he might not be able to kill the other fleeing Infinite Primes.

“I can only do this if I want to end the battle quickly.” The light in Jian Chen’s eyes flickered. He immediately made up his mind, and a strand of Profound Sword Qi appeared. It shone with illuminating light and stabbed into his opponent’s forehead instantly.


Immediately, piercing pain appeared in the Infinite Prime’s soul, and he could not help but wail out. He clutched his head as blood flowed from all his facial openings. He directly fell from the sky.

If Jian Chen’s Profound Sword Qi was used against a Fourth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime, it could probably only stun them temporarily. However, against Infinite Primes, even those at the Ninth Heavenly Layer, it could deal life-threatening damage.

Swish! With a flash, Jian Chen’s Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways directly plunged into the middle-aged man’s forehead, killing him off immediately.

He did not stop after that. He stowed the corpse away with a wave of his hand before leaving with the Laws of Space.

In just a split second, Jian Chen crossed several tens of thousand kilometres. He stopped a second Infinite Prime in his tracks and struck out with lightning speed.

At the same time, the Gentle Breeze Ancestor, Cheng Hu, Gong Ji, Changfeng Yun, and Wu Lu gathered together in the headquarters of the Four Symbols Alliance. They all frowned.

“Shi Zhan is already dead. He’s a peak Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime, only a step away from becoming a Chaotic Prime. If he had time, he would definitely be able to break through within a century. What a pity,” said Zheng Hu with a sigh of pity.

“A few Infinite Primes still remain. With the strength that Jian Chen has displayed and his ability to pursue with the Laws of Space, none of these Infinite Primes will be able to escape. Gentle Breeze, do we interfere?” Gong Ji asked.

The Gentle Breeze Ancestor shook his head and sighed gently. “We definitely cannot. Right now, their battle is only happening because of the young star lord’s grievances with the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan. As the young star lord’s guards, they all must listen to the young star lord. What they do has nothing to do with our Four Symbols Alliance.”

“We need to do our best to rope in the young star lord, but we can’t afford to offend the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng either. We have to remain uninvolved with the battle between the young star lord and the Tian Yuan clan…”

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