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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2574 - Heavy Casualties
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Chapter 2574: Heavy Casualties

The Four Symbols Alliance did not interfere with the battle. They completely detached themselves from it. The so-called guards that the Four Symbols Alliance assigned to the young star lord were immediately forced into a retreat without any support. They suffered injuries and casualties.

The Infinite Primes who fled from the eastern fortress of the Pingtian Empire were like a joke before Jian Chen’s Laws of Space. They were hunted down one by one, dying to Jian Chen’s sword.

Although Primordial realm experts were very difficult to kill due to their various methods of escape, the difference in strength was just too great. Even with all their various methods of escape, they felt powerless.

Not to mention that they were facing more than just Jian Chen, someone who could crush them in battles alone, but they were also facing his Laws of Space.

The battle of the Primordial realm near the eastern fortress ended. The battle between the Godhood cultivators continued with great intensity.

The battle between several tens of thousand Godhood cultivators of the Tian Yuan clan and Four Symbols Alliance would not end in a short amount of time. Even though the Tian Yuan clan was the weaker side in terms of Godhood cultivators, where they did not have as many Godkings as the Four Symbols Alliance, they gained the upper hand thanks the Primordial realm Hei Ya, who constantly slaughtered the Godkings.

Jian Chen did not interfere with the battle between the Godhood experts. He immediately vanished.

Two streaks of light shot over a desert a million kilometres to the west of the Pingtian Empire. They moved extremely quickly, vanishing in an instant.

There were two people within the light. They both gave off the presences of Primordial realm experts. Their energy surged as they were wrapped in the power of laws. One of them fled as the other pursued. They travelled further and further away from the Pingtian Empire.

The person in pursuit was protector Xue of the Tian Yuan clan. His white robes were covered with blood. Who knows whether it came from his allies or enemies.

The person fleeing was the Fifth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime from the Four Symbols Alliance. He comprehended the Laws of Wind, so he possessed speed greater than those at the same cultivation level. As a result, even though he was weaker than protector Xue, protector Xue was unable to catch up to him if he wanted to flee.

The distance between them grew wider and wider.

“You’re called protector Xue, right? Save your energy. Although you’re more powerful than me, you’re nowhere close to me in terms of speed. Look, I haven’t even used a secret technique, yet you still can’t catch up to me. If I used a secret technique, do you believe that you wouldn’t be able to see my shadow?” Suddenly, the fleeing Primordial realm expert sneered complacently.

Protector Xue remained silent as he continued his pursuit. His expression was rather ugly. They grew further and further apart. He indeed could not catch up to him.

After all, those who comprehended the Laws of Wind always possessed an advantage in terms of speed.

At this moment, protector Xue’s eyes suddenly narrowed. He stared ahead in delight and stopped chasing.

“Why aren’t you chasing anymore, protector Xue? Is it because-” The fleeing Primordial realm expert scoffed, but he stopped suddenly. His face was filled with surprise.

Jian Chen appeared before him silently, standing in the air and blocking his path.

“T- the Laws of Space,” the fleeing Infinite Prime gulped with some difficulty. He was extremely fast with his Laws of Wind, much faster than people at the same level of cultivation as him. However, he was not faster than those with the Laws of Space.

Jian Chen struck out. He gripped the Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways and swung down mercilessly. With just a single strike, he cut through all the defences of the Fifth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime, stabbing into his head and killing him.

“Patriarch!” Protector Xue arrived before Jian Chen. He clasped his fist in respect.

“Return and provide support to the other protectors.” Jian Chen nodded. He stowed the Primordial realm expert’s corpse away and then his sword. Afterwards, he grabbed protector Xue by the shoulder, and they vanished.

The next moment, Jian Chen took protector Xue back to the battlefield set near the western fortress.

The Four Symbols Alliance had completely lost the upper hand there. They were forced into a constant retreat. Only three Infinite Primes remained.

They were all early or mid Infinite Primes. There was not a single late Infinite Prime among them. Currently, they were making their final desperate struggles in the encirclement led by protector Qi and the six other protectors of the Tian Yuan clan.


Protector Xue set off. As soon as he returned, he immediately entered the battle. Now that a Seventh Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime had joined the fight, the three Primordial realm experts of the Four Symbols Alliance who were making their final struggle became even more powerless. They were slain very soon, and the corpses naturally ended up in Jian Chen’s hands.

Very soon, the battle ended. This time, all the Godhood experts and Infinite Primes who attacked the Pingtian Empire were slain. Not a single one was left alive. The young star lord’s campaign against the Pingtian Empire ended in complete failure.

After the battle ended, Jian Chen left behind a few people to clean up the battlefield and deal with the aftermath. He himself returned to the Dong’an province with several tens of thousands of cultivators of the Tian Yuan clan.

“Patriarch, we’ve completed the head count. This time, a total of around sixty-eight thousand cultivators from the Tian Yuan clan took part in the battle. Less than forty thousand returned alive. We’ve lost close to thirty thousand people in this battle.” Xi Yu held a battle report and explained to Jian Chen in the full discussion hall of the Tian Yuan clan. The atmosphere was rather heavy.

The upper echelon in the discussion hall became pained when they heard the number. The Tian Yuan clan had lost close to thirty thousand people, which was nothing compared to the millions that the Pingtian Empire had lost. However, these cultivators were all handpicked. They were elites and could not be compared to regular soldiers.

Jian Chen just sat on the throne. He did not show any pain or sorrow when he heard the number. He said, “For a clan to thrive, it needs to be baptised with many difficult tests and wars. The battle today is only the first step. We will go through many more in the future.”

Jian Chen understood that the Tian Yuan clan was nowhere close to being the Four Symbols Alliance’s opponent in terms of strength. If he had not killed off over half of the Primordial realm experts with lightning speed, as well as all the cultivators from the southern fortress to decrease the difference, the Tian Yuan clan would definitely suffer defeat.

“The patriarch is right. There is no organisation or clan that does not develop through various tests of life and death across the entire Cloud Plane. I completely agree with the patriarch.” Protector Qi stood up and clasped his hands at Jian Chen. After that, he hesitated a little. However, in the end, he still said, “There’s just something that has raised my doubts. Although the Infinite Primes we faced this time carried a very unfamiliar flag, I do know their identities a little, as I’ve met with them several times in the past. They’re all members of the Four Symbols Alliance. May I ask why the people of the Four Symbols Alliance have turned against us?”

“What? They’re from the Four Symbols Alliance? I- impossible…”

“Hasn’t the Four Symbols Alliance always been very friendly with the Tian Yuan clan? Why have they suddenly attacked us…”

After hearing protector Qi’s words, many people were surprised in the discussion hall. The entire place descended into a ruckus at that moment. Even Xi Yu’s complexion became extremely ugly.

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