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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2577 - The Xuandao Empire’s Crisis
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Chapter 2577: The Xuandao Empire’s Crisis

“There won’t be any benefits at all? Brother Jian Chen, may I ask why you say that?” Tong Tian was confused.

Jian Chen said after some thought, “If I’ve guessed correctly, your Righteous Alliance should already know that the Four Symbols Alliance has begun to rope in the young star lord. As the only child of the Nine Brilliance Star Lord, the young star lord holds extremely great power. The ancestors of your Righteous Alliance are worried that the young star lord will assist the Four Symbols Alliance against you, so they thought of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng in hopes of using the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng against the young star lord when the day comes.”

“That’s a good idea, except you overestimate me far too much. I cannot make the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng step in with my power alone. All I can do is protect myself. As a result, if your Righteous Alliance gets involved, it’s not necessarily a good thing for you.”

Jian Chen directly explained everything. Although he could directly declare war on the Four Symbols Alliance with the support of the Righteous Alliance, or even destroy them in a single stroke, there really was no benefit for the Righteous Alliance in doing so.

If the Righteous Alliance did not take part, they would not offend the young star lord, and the young star lord would not resent the Righteous Alliance. However, once they did take part, they would really be falling out with the young star lord. By then, even if the Four Symbols Alliance was destroyed, the Righteous Alliance would have to face the retaliation of the young star lord.

The Righteous Alliance definitely could not deal with the retaliation of the young star lord.

With Jian Chen’s explanation, Tong Tian also understood the connections involved. He could not help but frown.

He also came to a certain understanding that perhaps the Tian Yuan clan’s relationship with the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng was not as sturdy as his ancestor believed it to be. Jian Chen could use his merit from returning the Anatta Tower to protect the Tian Yuan clan, but he definitely would not be able to protect the Righteous Alliance.

Meanwhile, at the majestic imperial palace of the Xuandao Empire that was enveloped by a powerful formation, only a few gates were left uncovered, allowing officials to move in and out.

However, at this moment, a figure flew over with extremely great speed. His energy surged as he made the wind and clouds churn. His tremendous presence enveloped the entire imperial palace.

This was an Infinite Prime. His level of cultivation was so great, having reached the Ninth Heavenly Layer. As soon as he arrived, he alarmed the ancestors of the Xuandao Empire.

Tian Shang of the three ancestors of the Xuandao Empire opened her eyes in the forbidden grounds of the imperial palace. She stared outside sternly. The person who had come had a presence so tremendous that it had reached the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime. An expert like that could crush the entire Xuandao Empire.

“He’s actually come right to the imperial palace. Who is he?” Tian Shuang thought before appearing outside with a flash.

The two other Infinite Primes of the Xuandao Empire emerged from seclusion at the same time as well. They planned on going out and receiving him personally.

The three ancestors of the Xuandao Empire dared not be careless now that a Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime had personally come.


However, at this moment, a deafening rumble rang out. The barrier around the imperial palace shook violently. It rapidly dimmed before shattering easily despite being the most powerful formation in the entire empire.

As soon as the person approached the imperial palace, they struck out, destroying their protective formation with a single strike. He did not try to talk to them at all.

The expressions of Tian Shuang and the two other ancestors, who had originally planned on greeting him politely, immediately changed. He had expressed that he had come with ill intentions.

“Please stop! May I ask how our Xuandao Empire has offended you and made you so angry? You destroyed the formation of our imperial palace as soon as you arrived!” Tian Shuang called out, flying into the sky with the two other Primordial realm experts of the Xuandao Empire.

At this moment, the three of them saw the person in question. He was an old man who seemed extremely ordinary, but his presence was so powerful that it was enough to cause the three of them to shiver.

A Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime was like a mountain to the three ancestors of the Xuandao Empire, who were at the Fourth Heavenly Layer at most. It was suffocating as they faced him.

The old man was the young star lord’s bodyguard, Mu Lin.

Mu Lin stood in the sky. He had suffered at the hands of the Tian Yuan clan before and had also returned in defeat during the young star lord’s attack on the Pingtian Empire. As a result, he felt extremely aggrieved. Now that he faced Tian Shuang and the others who were weaker than him, he finally seemed to regain his confidence. He used his powerful presence to envelope the three of them and coldly said, “Where are the people in possession of the Innate Body of Ways and the Heavenly Yin Body? Immediately summon them so that they can return with me and serve the young star lord.”

The expression of the three immediately changed with that. They did not know who the young star lord was, but since he could make a Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime serve him, his identity was definitely extraordinary. He was not an existence that their Xuandao Empire could provoke.

“Xing’er and Lan’er are already engaged to the young master of the Godsfallen clan,” said Tian Shuang. The Godsfallen clan was a peak clan on the Cloud Plane. Now, she could only mention the Godsfallen clan in hopes of scaring him away.

However, she did not know that the young star lord mentioned by Mu Lin was far greater than she had imagined him to be.

“Hmph, the Godsfallen clan? Even they dare to contend for the Heavenly Yin Body and the Innate Body of Ways with the young star lord?” Mu Lin was filled with contempt as he sneered. Afterwards, he spread his hand, and powerful energy immediately gathered over, condensing into a huge hand that reached towards the imperial palace below.

He did not take the three ancestors seriously at all. He could not be bothered to waste words on them anymore, so he directly took action.

He had already located the two women among the various halls.

“Stop!” Tian Shang and the two other ancestors of the Xuandao Empire were furious. How could they just watch Mu Lin take people away in such a fearless fashion? The three of them immediately interfered.

“Even you want to try and stop me? You’re looking to die!” Mu Lin’s eyes turned cold. He used one hand against his opponents, forming a hand seal to use a secret technique, which conjured a starlight that enveloped the three of them. He used his other hand to control the hand of energy, demolishing a hall below with a rumble. He grabbed Xing’er and Lan’er who were cultivating.

Tian Shuang and the two other old men of the Xuandao Empire were repelled by Mu Ling’s secret technique. They became covered with blood, injured.

Out of the three of them, the most powerful, Tian Shuang, was only a Fourth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime. A huge difference existed between them and Mu Lin, who had reached the Ninth Heavenly Layer.

“They really are great beauties. The young star lord will definitely like them.” Mu Lin studied Xing’er and Lan’er and nodded in satisfaction. Afterwards, he looked at Tian Shuang and the others and killing intent shone in his eyes. “Your northern region seems to stand on the side of the Righteous Alliance. Since that’s the case, I can’t spare you.” With that, Mu Lin struck out once again, planning on killing the three of them.

The expressions of the three ancestors of the Xuandao Empire changed drastically. They immediately struck out to receive his attacks that forced them into a battle above the imperial palace of the Xuandao Empire.

A battle between Primordial realm experts was extremely terrifying. Every time they clashed, the energy shockwaves they erupted with were devastating. Coupled with how they were only a few hundred metres away from the ground, the imperial palace was reduced to ruins in just two clashes. Many armored soldiers scurried about for their lives. People were dead and injured.



Trapped, Xing’er and Lan’er called out sorrowfully. They watched the emperor in dragon robes get knocked away by the shockwaves of energy, spurting blood along the way before being buried in the ruins.

Spurt! Spurt!

At the same time, two heads flew high into the sky. Blood dyed the sky red. Aside from Tian Shuang, the ancestors of the Xuandao Empire had all been beheaded and slain by Mu Lin.

Meanwhile, Tian Shuang was covered in blood. She was heavily injured.

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