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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2578 - The Godsfallen Clan
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Chapter 2578: The Godsfallen Clan

Looking at her headless and dead companions, Tian Shuang was filled with grief. She glanced at Xing’er and Lan’er, who had been captured by Mu Lin one last time, before gritting her teeth and fleeing into the distance.

“None of you can leave today.” Mu Lin sneered as he gave off a bloodthirsty killing intent. He had repressed this far too much these days. Now that he finally had an opportunity to vent, he naturally wanted a massacre.

Mu Lin immediately transformed into a blur in pursuit. He moved extremely quickly, approaching Tian Shuang in an instant.

After all, the difference in strength was just too great. Not only were their battle prowess on completely different levels, but their speeds were as well. How could Tian Shuang escape from Mu Lin as a Fourth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime?

Tian Shuang’s heart suddenly sank. Mu Lin clearly wanted to kill her.

But afterwards, determination flooded her eyes. Immediately, faint flames sprang up from her body. At that moment, Tian Shuang burned her essence blood in a frenzy, paying a great price to use a secret technique and immediately travel millions of kilometres away.

Mu Lin sneered. He expanded the senses of his soul and easily found Tian Shuang. He shot off like a comet, pursuing with lightning speed.

Several million kilometres was extremely distant. It was impossible for regular people to even cross a tenth of that in their lifetime, but to a Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime like Mu Lin, it was only a matter of a few dozen seconds.

Several million kilometres away, Tian Shuang collapsed in a wasteland powerlessly. She was pale. She had been heavily injured already, and then she burnt her essence blood to use a secret technique. Her vitality was sapped.

However, she knew that this was nowhere near enough to escape from the pursuit of a Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime. Now that she faced potential death, she dared not rest. She immediately struggled to her feet, and with a flip of her hand, a white, jade disc, thirty centimetres across, appeared in her hand. She took out a three-colored divine crystal and activated it.

Immediately, the disc shone brightly and conjured a map. It gave off a power that could teleport people away.

The map actually depicted the five regions of the Cloud Plane. Through the map, it was possible to see where the five regions were located, as well as the vast ocean that separated the regions.

Tian Shuang pointed at the map, and in the next moment, she vanished after being enveloped by intense light.

“Hmm? A teleportation formation disc? She actually has a teleportation formation disc on her.” At the same time, Mu Lin stopped in the distance and revealed some slight surprise.

“Whatever. I’ll just spare you for now.”

He knew that it would be extremely troublesome to chase a Primordial realm expert with a teleportation formation disc. Coupled with the fact that he did not want to spend so much time on someone unimportant, he just gave up. He immediately hurried back to the southern region with the two princesses.

The Godsfallen clan resided in a great mountain range. It was enveloped by powerful formations, and it seemed like a sea of clouds from the outside.

Suddenly, the space near the Godsfallen clan twisted. Tian Shuang fell out from the space there with a pale face. As soon as she arrived, she crushed a jade talisman.

Before long, a man appeared from the sea of clouds. He seemed to be in his thirties. He had a resolute demeanour and a striking appearance.

The man was an Infinite Prime.

“Tian Shuang, what’s wrong with you? Who injured you like this? How dare they.” The man had originally arrived here joyously, but when he saw how Tian Shuang was all bloodied, his expression immediately changed. He became pained and also felt great fury.

“A Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime destroyed the imperial palace of the Xuandao Empire and abducted Xing’er and Lan’er…” Tian Shuang cut right to the chase, explaining everything that happened in just a few sentences.

“That actually happened? How dare they. Xing’er is the fiancee of one of great elder Luo Heping’s great gransons, while Lan’er is betrothed to young master Luo Yingjian. Young master Luo Yingjian is a direct descendant of the ancestor. Who is bold enough to even abduct people of our Godfallen clan?” The man was furious. The Godsfallen clan was a clan that stood at the apex of the Cloud Plane. They possessed great status. Now that someone had actually come looking for trouble with them, the person in question was basically looking to die.

“So what if he’s a Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime? That’s just a slightly larger ant in the eyes of our Godsfallen clan. Tian Shuang, don’t worry. I will report this to the great elders right now. Here’s a God Tier pill. Heal up.” With that, the man directly sent a message into the clan.

He was a direct descendant of the Godsfallen clan. His name was Luo Feiye, and he was an Infinite Prime, so he possessed quite some status in the Godsfallen clan. As a result, he could directly contact the great elders there.

Any person who had the right to become a great elder in the Godsfallen clan was a Chaotic Prime.

Tian Shuang nodded. Her eyes were filled with hatred. The two other ancestors of the Xuandao Empire had died right before her, which filled her with resentment. If she wanted revenge, she had to go to the Godsfallen clan.

As a result, she was eager for the Godsfallen clan to send Chaotic Primes sooner and kill Mu Lin.

As Tian Shuang waited anxiously, an old man emerged from the Godsfallen clan very soon. He wore black robes, and his eyebrows were as straight as swords. His eyes shone brightly. He seemed very much like a soldier.

However, he kept his presence concealed, so it was impossible to sense this Chaotic Prime.

“Greetings to the great elder!” Tian Shuang rejoiced inside and immediately greeted him with clasped hands when she saw the old man.

She knew the old man. He was one of the great elders of the Godsfallen clan, Luo Heping. One of his great-grandsons had an engagement with Xing’er.

Now that Xing’er had been kidnapped, it only made sense for Luo Heping to take action.

Luo Heping nodded. He was rather cold, as if he did not take Tian Shuang seriously at all.

“I’ve already found this person’s traces. Let’s go. We’ll capture him right now. No matter who he is and what his background is, we cannot spare him for opposing the Godsfallen clan,” said Luo Heping as if he looked down on everyone.

Indeed, with the Godsfallen clan’s strength, they had the right to do so on the Cloud Plane. They were a member of the Righteous Alliance.

Although the Righteous Alliance was known as one of the two rulers of the Cloud Plane along with the Four Symbols Alliance, everyone knew that the Righteous Alliance was actually far more powerful than the Four Symbols Alliance.

However, just when they were about to set off, Luo Heping’s expression changed slightly. A sliver of surprise appeared in his eyes, and his face changed rapidly. He became uncertain.

“Great elder, what happened?” Tian Shuang was alarmed. She stared at Luo Heping in bewilderment.

Luo Heping suddenly fell silent. After quite a while, he said slowly, “From today onwards, our Godsfallen clan is annulling our engagements with the two princesses of the Xuandao Empire.” With that, Luo Heping turned around and vanished back into the Godsfallen clan. He did not even look back.

Tian Shuang was completely stunned. She blanked out.

“W- w- what is this all about?” Luo Feiye was stunned as well. He felt rather tongue-tied. He had never expected this to happen.

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