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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2580 - Intercepted
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2580: Intercepted

“An expert barged into our Xuandao Empire and abducted Xing’er and Lan’er…” Tian Shaung explained everything that had happened in just a few sentences.

“After this happened, I went to the Godsfallen clan first in hopes that they would step forward for us, but I never thought that the Godsfallen clan would actually sever their ties with our Xuandao Empire,” added Tian Shuang. Even though she hoped the Tian Yuan clan would do something very much, she did not wish to cause problems for the Tian Yuan clan either. As a result, she revealed the fact that her enemy had a great background.

Jian Chen lowered his head in thought with that. He paced around with his hands behind his back as he said slowly, “A Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime that even the Godsfallen clan dares not provoke? I think I already know who he is. There’s only them left on the entire Cloud Plane that can make the Godsfallen clan so cautious.”

“Jian Chen, do you know his identity?” Tian Shuang’s face lit up and immediately asked.

Jian Chen nodded slightly. He drew in the air and created an image of Mu Lin. He asked, “Is it him?”

“That’s right, it’s him. It’s him.” Tian Shuang immediately gritted her teeth when she saw Mu Lin. Hatred filled her eyes as she asked, “Jian Chen, who is he?”

Jian Chen glanced at Tian Shuang deeply and said, “There’s no need for you to know who he is. All you need to understand is that his background is far more terrifying than you’ve imagined it to be. Anyways, neither the Four Symbols Alliance or the Righteous Alliance cannot afford to offend this person. It makes sense that the Godsfallen clan would distance themselves from this.”

With that, Tian Shuang shook. Her pale face became even paler. She said powerlessly, “A- are Xing’er and Lan’er really done for?”

“Senior Tian Shuang, don’t worry. Princess Xing’er and princess Lan’er are acquaintances of mine, so I will never just watch and let them fall into the claws of a demon. The Righteous Alliance and Four Symbols Alliance dare not offend them, but that doesn’t mean that I’m afraid of offending them,” said Jian Chen, comforting her. Towards the end, his voice became cold.

“Senior Tian Shuang, how long ago did this happen?” Jian Chen continued to ask.

The flames of hope lit up inside Tian Shuang again with that. She replied, “Less than two hours ago.”

That was true. Due to the Disc of Heavenly Ways, Tian Shuang could teleport from wherever she wished to wherever she wished. As a result, she was able to cross over directly to the southern region in such a short amount of time.

“Now that the regional teleportation formation has been shut down by the Four Symbols Alliance, you can only cross regions by flying. In under two hours, a Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime should have only reached the boundary of the northern region. He still should not have entered the southern region,” Jian Chen murmured before making his decision very soon. He said to Tian Shuang, “Senior Tian Shuang, just heal up here. I’ll go fetch the two princesses.”

With that, Jian Chen suddenly vanished. He had left the Tian Yuan clan and the Pingtian Empire through the Laws of Space.

Tian Shuang opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something, but then she realised that she had completely lost track of Jian Chen.

“The Laws of Space!” Tian Shuang was surprised inside. Jian Chen’s Laws of Space had actually reached such a profound level, which shocked her very much.

But very soon, she began to worry again. She had come to the Tian Yuan clan because they had a Chaotic Prime. Their status was so great that even the Four Symbols Alliance and Righteous Alliance dared not offend them. Originally, she wanted Jian Chen to ask the Chaotic Prime to take action through his status as patriarch, but she had never thought that Jian Chen would just set off alone.

Although she did not know Jian Chen’s current cultivation, she was confident that Jian Chen was not the Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime’s opponent.

When she met Jian Chen in the Xuandao Empire last time, he was only a mere Overgod. How could he grow to a level where he could fight Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes in such a short amount of time?

The southern and northern regions of the Cloud Plane were separated by a vast ocean. It was exactly because of this ocean that the Cloud Plane was split into five regions.

A figure moved through the air with lightning speed. He shot off into the horizon in an instant and vanished.

He was Mu Lin, who was returning from the northern region.

With his speed as a Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime, it would not take him very long to go from one region to another because an expert like that could travel through the stars. His personal speed was on par with some spaceships.

As a result, in just two hours, Mu Lin had left the northern region and arrived above the ocean between the northern and southern regions. Very soon, he crossed the ocean and returned to the southern region.

“I never thought we would actually come across the rare Heavenly Yin Body and the Innate Body of Ways in a small place like the Cloud Plane. Moreover, the two women who possess these physiques are so alluring. The young master will definitely be happy if I take them back,” thought Mu Lin. He was carrying a divine hall with him. Xing’er and Lan’er were currently trapped in there.

“I’ll use the two of them to calm down the young master first, and then we can slowly come up with an idea to destroy the Tian Yuan clan. Hmph. The mere Tian Yuan clan actually shows such disrespect to the young master. They’re so ignorant. If it weren’t for master’s orders preventing the young master from using the forces of the Star Brilliance Plane, the young master would only need a single word to destroy the measly Tian Yuan clan. Do they really think the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng can keep them safe?”

As soon as he thought of the Tian Yuan clan, Mu Ling was furious and filled with contempt. The Heavenly Palace of Bisheng no longer possessed a Grand Exalt, while the Nine Brilliance Star Lord had the Bloodtear Grand Exalt. How was the first majesty of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng supposed to stand up to the Nine Brilliance Star Lord?

However, at this moment, Mu Lin’s expression suddenly changed. He came to a halt, forcefully stopping. He hovered ten thousand metres in the air as he stared ahead with an ugly expression. His eyes were filled with intense fury and killing intent.

A white-robed young man sat on the bed of clouds before him. A small table compressed from clouds stood before the young man. He sat before the table idly, drinking tea leisurely.

The wind blew fiercely at such a high altitude, causing the young man’s hair to dance about as his white robes were buffeted as well. He seemed liberated and unburdened.

“Jian Chen!” Mu Lin’s face sank as he spoke through gritted teeth in utter resentment. He stared right at the white-robed young man who sat there drinking tea. It seemed as if he had been waiting there for quite some time now.

“Are princess Xing’er and Lan’er from the Xuandao Empire with you?” Jian Chen remained seated. He gently sipped his tea as he asked emotionlessly.

“You’re referring to the people in possession of the Heavenly Yin Body and the Innate Body of Ways, right? What has that got to do with you?” Mu Lin snorted coldly as his eyes shone with killing intent. He did not cower at all.

When enemies met, their eyes would blaze with hatred. He utterly resented Jian Chen for the humiliation he suffered at the Tian Yuan clan.

Although he had suffered a defeat at Jian Chen’s hands in the past, he believed that was due to his carelessness. He did not expect Jian Chen to have grasped the Laws of Space. In reality, he felt no fear towards Jian Chen at all. He was confident that he was no weaker than Jian Chen.

“I am acquainted with princess Xing’er and Lan’er, so you’ve gone rather overboard with your actions.” Jian Chen’s voice remained neutral. It was just cold.

“Hmph. Jian Chen, you’re struggling to keep yourself alive, yet you’re still worrying about others? If you have so much spare time, why don’t you choose where you’ll be buried in the future? Just in case you’ll have nowhere and become reduced to food for birds and beasts.” Mu Lin sneered. As he spoke, he took out a divine hall and continued, “They’re indeed with me. But what can you do?”

Secretly, Mu Lin had already mobilised all his power, ready to clash with Jian Chen at any time.

“What can I do? I can… kill you!” Jian Chen’s voice became rather stern. He glanced past the divine hall in Mu Lin’s hands, and in the next moment, he exploded with light. Using his body as a sword, he shred the clouds and sliced through space, shooting towards Mu Lin with unstoppable might.

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