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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2581 - Instantaneous Comprehension
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Chapter 2581: Instantaneous Comprehension

As soon as Jian Chen struck out, he shone resplendently. He emitted streaks of light that outshone the scorching sun in the sky, making the world pale in comparison. It was an extremely astonishing sight.


The streak of light moved extremely quickly, arriving before Mu Lin in an instant. It was even faster than lightning.

“Perfect! I want to settle everything from the past with this battle!” Mu Lin called out. He did not cower either. Surging energy erupted from his body, causing the space there to tremble. A sword also appeared in his hand, and he swung it. Nine dazzling stars immediately condensed, giving off the might of the world. They seemed to contain the power of the ways.

“Apparition of the Nine Stars!” As Mu Lin pointed out with his sword, the nine resplendent stars shot through the air, charging towards Jian Chen in a single row.

This time, Mu Lin used his full strength right from the start. He directly used a God Tier Battle Skill. He dared not be as careless as before.

Jian Chen unleashed the full power of the Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways in his hands and also conjured nine illusionary stars. They received the first incoming star and collided together, immediately erupting with a deafening boom.

The star was cut to pieces by Jian Chen’s attack. However, the star came from a God Tier Battle Skill after all. It was already enough to threaten Chaotic Primes to a certain degree since a Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime was using it.

As a result, as soon as he cut the first star into pieces, Jian Chen’s entire right arm grew numb. If it were not for his tough Chaotic Body, his entire right arm probably would have been shaken to pieces.

Jian Chen was indifferent. Chaotic Force surged through his body as he completely unleashed the great defence of the Chaotic Body. He struck out nine times with lightning speed, using the full power of the sword each time. He destroyed Mu Lin’s God Tier Battle Skills as the star were extinguished.

With nine deafening rumbles, terrifying energy exploded in the air. Sword Qi scattered out in all directions, punching bottomless holes in the ground below. Meanwhile, space was ripped wide open.

Jian Chen drifted backwards in the violent energy. The storm of energy was simply too violent. Even Mu Ling struggled to remain stable, so he was sent backwards by it as well.

“Starfall!” Along the way, Mu Ling used another God Tier Battle Skill. This God Tier Battle Skill also came from the Star Brilliance Mountain, and it was created by the Nine Brilliance Star Lord.

As soon as he used the battle skill, Mu Lin felt like he had established an obscure connection with an unknown space. Afterwards, a crack several dozen metres in length suddenly appeared in the space above his head. A star, shining with hazy starlight, flew out.

The star was not big, only several dozen metres across. It would not raise any attention at all in a sea of stars, but it did hide a terrifying energy.

Immediately, a terrifying pressure appeared. The appearance of the star seemed to affect the space there, making him heavier and denser.

The star was not condensed from energy. Instead, it was a true star, a star with extraordinary power.

At the same time, half a sword suddenly appeared from behind Mu Lin, stabbing towards the back of his head silently.

However, Mu Lin had already prepared himself for Jian Chen’s Laws of Space. He was completely covered in a god artifact armor. His defences were basically airtight.

The Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways stabbed his armor, but it only left behind a shallow mark. It failed to injure Mu Lin at all.

Mu Lin’s battle prowess was indeed much greater than the Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime from the Four Symbols Alliance that Jian Chen had killed.

After all, he came from the Star Brilliance Plane. Both his cultivation method and battle skills could not be compared to those possessed by regular Primordial realm experts.

“Hmph. Jian Chen, my defeat at your hands last time was only because of my carelessness. I’ll like to see how you defeat me this time. You even boasted that you’ll kill me. You overestimate yourself.” Mu Lin snorted coldly. He formed a mental connection with the star he had summoned, making it lock onto Jian Chen’s presence firmly. He surged with killing intent.

As he looked at the star that had appeared from the spatial crack and sensed the pressure from the space in his surroundings, there was a flash through Jian Chen’s head. He immediately understood something.

The God Tier Battle Skill, Starfall, was created by the Nine Brilliance Star Lord and contained the truths of the ways of the world. Even though the truths came from a completely different path of cultivation from the laws that Jian Chen comprehended, it became a sort of stimulation in that moment, stimulating Jian Chen’s way and allowing him to achieve a sudden comprehension.

Abruptly, Jian Chen lifted up his sword and swung it at the star gently.

The swing abided to the trajectory of ways. Additionally, it contained a mysterious power. When he slashed out, the Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways in his hand completely vanished as if it had fused with the surroundings.


Silently, the star that fell from the sky was directly split into two down the middle. The tremendous energy inside immediately leaked away, and with a boom, it exploded and collapsed space.

“I- i- impossible!” Mu Lin stared at the star in complete disbelief.

Starfall was different from other God Tier Battle Skills. It was more like a special secret technique than a God Tier Battle Skill, as it was created by the Nine Brilliance Star Lord. Every single star had been forged by the Nine Brilliance Star Lord before being subsequently imbued with his great might. Even though Mu Lin was unable to summon the most powerful star with his cultivation as a Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime, he was able to threaten some weaker Chaotic Primes.

As a result, Mu Lin believed that even if he could not kill Jian Chen with a single strike, Jian Chen would have to pay a certain price at the very least to fend off the attack.

But in the end, Jian Chen easily dealt with his Starfall, and he even seemed to do it effortlessly. Mu Lin struggled to accept that.

It basically meant that Jian Chen’s strike was close to matching up to the attacks of Chaotic Primes.

Jian Chen did not strike out again after destroying Mu Lin’s Starfall in a single move. He remained where he was in a trance as if he was daydreaming.

His mind remained fixed on the move earlier. The feeling, comprehension, and usage of the Laws of Space and the Laws of the Sword allowed him to enter a wondrous state.

Mu Lin was uneasy. He had been startled by Jian Chen’s strike earlier. As he stared at Jian Chen, he suddenly felt something unfathomable for some reason. Making up his mind, he no longer tried to fight anymore. He turned around and fled towards the Four Symbols Alliance.

“Space can actually be combined with the sword in such a manner,” Jian Chen murmured. His eyes became extremely bright. He stared at Mu Lin as he fled and slowly raised the Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways. He simply swung it gently towards Mu Lin from far away.

The swing contained the truths of the Laws of the Sword and the Laws of Space. It also seemed to follow the trajectory of ways, fusing with the ways and the world.

When he slashed out, the sword immediately vanished as if it had truly fused with space.

Several hundred kilometres away, Mu Lin immediately felt his hairs stand on end. A bone-chilling coldness ran down from the top of his head to the bottom of his spine.

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