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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2584 - A Letter
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Chapter 2584: A Letter

“You’re willing to take action?” The young star lord did not lighten up from that at all. Instead, he frowned.

He already knew that the Four Symbols Alliance had always been half-hearted about dealing with the Tian Yuan clan, so he never really liked the ancestors of the Four Symbols Alliance. As a matter of fact, he was slightly repulsed by them.

Gong Ji and Wu Lu arrived before the young star lord. They presented themselves in an extremely ordinary manner, without putting on any airs at all.

“Gentle Breeze is too fearful with whatever he does. He worries that our participation will lead to a war with the Righteous Alliance, but I think that with the young star lord, they won’t have the courage to take such action,” said Gong Ji.

“You can’t blame Gentle Breeze for this. Gentle Breeze is considering the bigger picture. After all, our Four Symbols Alliance isn’t the opponent of the Righteous Alliance right now,” Wu Lu spoke for Gentle Breeze. Although there were disagreements between the five of them about the Tian Yuan clan, they were still allied with one another.

At the same time, the Gentle Breeze Ancestor did possess quite some prestige in the Four Symbols Alliance.

“Young star lord, you know that the Tian Yuan clan is backed by the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, right? The Heavenly Palace of Bisheng is far more powerful than anything our Four Symbols Alliance can deal with. We can destroy the Tian Yuan clan for you, but you must help us deal with the threat of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng first,” Wu Lu continued. As if he could sense that the young star lord was repulsed by the Four Symbols Alliance, he directly laid everything out on the table.

“That’s right. If there wasn’t the threat of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng and the Righteous Alliance, we could easily destroy the measly Tian Yuan clan,” Gong Ji said coldly. It was as if she did not take the Tian Yuan clan seriously at all.

“Alright. If that’s the case, I’ll promise to protect you in the future. If the people from the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng come to make trouble, I will stand forward personally. Hmph, the current Heavenly Palace of Bisheng depends on the first majesty alone. Do they really think they’re the same as in the past? Moreover, the first majesty has grievances with the Heaven-splitting Ancestor. If the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng falls out with our Star Brilliance Mountain as well at a time like this, they would just be looking to be destroyed,” the young star lord said coldly.

“There’s even less reason for you to worry about the Righteous Alliance. Once my training ends, I can call on the experts of the Star Brilliance Plane at any time to destroy them.” The young star lord was extremely arrogant.

However, he indeed possessed the ability to do so. The Nine Brilliance Star Lord was the supreme ruler on the Star Brilliance Plane. Although the Star Brilliance Plane was not exactly under his complete control, there was almost no difference from that. As the only child of the Nine Brilliance Star Lord, the young star lord possessed influence that could not be underestimated.

“We don’t have to worry since the young star lord has said that.” As if Gong Ji and Wu Lu had finally been liberated from the burden of worry, they could not help but smile at ease.

In reality, basically no one who possessed a cultivation like theirs would want to rely on others. However, the threat from the Righteous Alliance forced their Four Symbols Alliance to find someone to depend on.

Otherwise, even if they did not offend the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, they would still meet their end when the lord of the Heaven’s Link Peak made a breakthrough in cultivation.

“Come with me tomorrow morning to destroy the Tian Yuan clan. I want Shangguan Mu’er alive so that she can serve me obediently. As for Jian Chen, I want to cut him to pieces personally.” The young star lord smiled evilly.

“We will support the young star lord. We need to destroy the Tian Yuan clan quickly, just in case the Righteous Alliance sends reinforcements,” said Gong Ji.

“Young star lord, someone has sent a letter. It’s specially directed to the young star lord,” a guard reported from outside. Afterwards, he walked in politely with an envelope in his hand.

“Hold on! Be careful!” Gong Ji and Wu Lu changed in expression. Before the young star lord could accept the envelope, they reached out and the envelope flew over, restrained by powerful energy. They said sternly, “There’s almost no people who know the young star lord’s identity. How does the person who sent the letter know of this? And he even knows the young star lord is in our Four Symbols Alliance. We have to be careful.”

“Hmph, you’re all cowards. Who dares to harm me in the Saints’ World?” The young star lord said extremely confidently.

“There aren’t any lingering traces of presences. Who sent the letter?” Gong Ji and Wu Lu thought. They carefully inspected the envelope. After confirming there was nothing wrong with it, they could only hand it to the young star lord.

The envelope held a letter written on a beast’s hide. The young star lord opened the envelope and took out the beast’s hide.

The beast’s hide was as thin as paper and extremely tough. However, it was completely blank, without any words at all.

“An imprint of consciousness!” The young star lord murmured. He had great insight, so he could tell with a single glance that the beast’s hide possessed an imprint of consciousness.

An imprint of consciousness was like a medium. As long someone that the owner of the imprint recognised made contact with the imprint of consciousness with the senses of their soul, they would be able to undergo a conversation from a great distance away.

However, if it were someone who was not recognised, nothing would happen.

The young star lord was interested. He expanded the senses of his soul without any hesitation, making contact with the imprint of consciousness on the beast’s hide.

“Can you tell who left behind this imprint of consciousness? Is it someone we know?” Wu Lu asked Gong Ji secretly.

“The person who left it behind purposefully concealed their identity. It’s difficult to tell.” Gong Ji shook her head gently. The light in her eyes flickered with uncertainty.

Very soon, the young star lord opened his eyes. He smiled mysteriously and murmured, “I never thought it would be like this. Interesting, quite interesting.”

“Young star lord, may I ask who left this imprint of consciousness?” Gong Ji asked.

“You all know this person. His name is Luo Mantian,” said the young star lord.

“What? Luo Mantian?” Gong Ji and Wu Lu were shocked.

However, soon afterwards, their hearts sank. They became rather worried.

Luo Mantian had actually made contact with the young star lord. Did the Righteous Alliance plan on roping in the young star lord as well?

This was bad news to them.

They knew extremely well that the connection between the Tian Yuan clan and the Righteous Alliance was not actually very deep. The only reason they had said all that was to prevent the young star lord from going to the Righteous Alliance and leaving them.

“The situation has changed. We can’t destroy the Tian Yuan clan so soon. We need to pressure them slowly and force out the people from the Righteous Alliance.” The young star lord smiled slyly as if victory was within his grasp.

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