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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2590 - Facing A Ruler
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2590: Facing a Ruler

“The peak experts of the Four Symbols Alliance are on the move. I can sense the presence of two Grand Primes. They’re making their way over here with the young star lord.”

As soon as he emerged from the residence, Xu Ran appeared before Jian Chen and said sternly.

“The two Grand Primes have not concealed themselves. They’ve come with quite the scene, which is why I was able to sense them. It looks like the situation is far more severe than last time,” Xu Ran said sternly. Her expression was very ugly. She could not deal with Grand Primes yet.

Even Xu Ran felt powerless in the face of Grand Primes.

Jian Chen’s eyes narrowed. He stared at the eastern fortress of the Pingtian Empire and coldness flashed through his eyes.

The eastern fortress of the Pingtian Empire was in ruins. The ground was uneven, littered with various holes of various sizes. These holes were craters left behind by the intense battle when the young star lord attacked the Pingtian Empire.

The huge, majestic wall was like a huge dragon that had been cut in half. There was a gaping hole as it stood damaged.

“Quick, quick! Move some rocks there and fill up the hole…”

“Contact the group collecting rocks and get them to hurry up. Filling up these holes require a tremendous amount of materials…”

“Quick, move all the waste collected from the fortress to the group for refining artifacts. The materials used to build the fortress are extraordinary. Don’t waste them. The group can recycle or reuse them…”

There was no peace within the ruined eastern fortress at all. Various cries rang out in the surroundings. Instead, it seemed busy.

Tens of thousands of cultivators were scattered about the fortress. Under the coordination of many group leaders, they cleaned up the battlefield and rebuilt everything.

Such scenes were not limited to the eastern fortress. It was the same with the two other destroyed fortresses.

In the years when Ming Dong watched over the Pingtian Empire, they developed extremely rapidly. Their accumulation of both wealth and heritage during those years was incomparable to the past. Even though their strength was nowhere close to the Blood Sun Empire, Xi Empire, and other everlasting empires that had stood for millions of years, they could endure the losses from a war or two.


At this moment, a great rumble rang out. Powerful energy surged out, causing the entirety of the ground that the fortress stood on to shake.

Dust was kicked into the air where cultivators gathered in groups. Wails constantly rang out.

Moments before, powerful energy shot over from the sky, leading to a great explosion there. It took the lives of several dozen cultivators on the spot and injured even more people.

The cultivators responsible for cleaning up the battlefield and the reconstruction were relatively weak. Most of them were at the Origin realm, and only a tiny portion of them were at Godhood. The energy that shot over from the sky had reached Godking, so there would obviously be casualties.

“How dare you? Who has attacked our Pingtian Empire?” A call rang out. A Godking shot over with lightning speed. He unleashed his presence, enveloping the entire fortress.

He was an early Godking, an expert responsible for watching over the eastern fortress temporarily. Eight Overgods stood behind him.

Not a lot of experts were stationed here where a damaged fortress of the Pingtian Empire stood, as many Godkings were injured during the battle several days ago. Only an early Godking was station here.

“Hahahaha, the Pingtian Empire actually wants to rebuild the fortress here? Have you asked for my permission?” Thunderous laughter rang out from the horizon, echoing through the sky.

A group of people steadily approached the Pingtian Empire from the horizon. The person at the very front was a handsome young man who only seemed to be in his twenties. He had a striking appearance and was haughty. He did not seem to take anyone seriously.

He was the young star lord, Tian Yao.

An old woman and a middle-aged man followed behind the young star lord. Even though the two of them had concealed some of their presence, those with sharper senses could still feel a terrifying energy, enough to shake up the world, was hidden within their bodies.

They were two of the five ancestors from the Four Symbols Alliance, Gong Ji and Wu Lu.

Behind them were experts of various levels from the Four Symbols Alliance.

Of course, these people actually belonged to Gong Ji and Wu Lu’s organisations.

“W- who are you…” The Godking’s expression changed. He glanced past the cultivators behind the young star lord and could tell with a single glance that they were wearing the uniform of the Four Symbols Alliance.

The space above the fortress pulsed, and Jian Chen appeared silently along with Xu Ran.

Jian Chen was calm. As he faced the experts from the Four Symbols Alliance, he did not become flustered at all. He looked past the young star lord and stared at Wu Lu and Gong Ji behind him. “Even the two of you have personally come. It looks like your Four Symbols Alliance is determined to become enemies with our Tian Yuan clan.”

Although the young star lord had lead the people of the Four Symbols Alliance to attack the Pingtian Empire last time, all those people had changed their identities, and they had fought under a banner with nine stars. They could place all the responsibility on the young star lord and distance themselves from the entire matter.

But this time, they had directly come while wearing the uniform of the Four Symbols Alliance, allowing people to recognise them in a single glance. This clearly meant that the Four Symbols Alliance was formally opposing the Tian Yuan clan. They were becoming enemies.

“Our Four Symbols Alliance has already yielded to the Star Brilliance Mountain. The young star lord is our young master. We all obey him,” Gong Ji said. She knew Jian Chen’s composure came from the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, so she mentioned the Star Brilliance Mountain.

Only with the Star Brilliance Mountain did their Four Symbols Alliance become fearless of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng.

At the same time, the Gentle Breeze Ancestor, Zheng Hu, and Changfeng Yun stood on a mountain in the headquarters of the Four Symbols Alliance, staring in the direction of the Pingtian Empire.

Even though they were extremely far away from the Pingtian Empire, they could see the entire Cloud Plane with a single glance, let alone the southern region.

The senses of Grand Primes’ souls were powerful enough to envelop an entire plane.

“Sigh. Gong Ji and Wu Lu are far too impulsive.” The Gentle Breeze Ancestor sighed gently. He knew that now that all of this had happened, he could no longer stop them. He could no longer stop anything.

“Now, we can only hope that everything develops optimistically.” Changfeng Yun felt extremely powerless as well.

“Let’s watch on for now. Gong Ji and Wu Lu definitely have their reasons for making this decision. Benefits don’t come without a cost,” said Zheng Wu. Internally, he agreed with Wu Lu and Gong Ji’s thoughts to a certain degree.

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