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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2591 - Confrontation With Composure
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Chapter 2591: Confrontation with Composure

“You all obey the young star lord?” Jian Chen sneered and said, “The young star lord wants to destroy my Tian Yuan clan. He wants to destroy the Pingtian Empire. Does your Four Symbols Alliance plan on taking part?”

Gong Ji said nothing. Wu Lu glanced at her before looking back at Jian Chen. A sliver of helplessness appeared in his eyes, and he said, “Jian Chen, we know you have the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng backing you, but the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng is nowhere near as glorious as it was in the past. If you continue opposing the young star lord, even the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng won’t be able to keep you safe. It’s best if you give up on your pride and kneel and bow to the young star lord, admitting that you were wrong. You should beg for the young star lord’s forgiveness.”

“Hahaha, that’s right. Jian Chen, kneel and bow your head. Admit your mistakes. If you satisfy me, I might spare you.” The young star lord chuckled aloud. He was in high spirits, acting as if Jian Chen was done for.

However, the young star lord sneered inside as killing intent surged. “Jian Chen humiliated me like this, and he even killed my only servant. This grievance runs so deep that if I don’t kill him, I’ll never drop the matter. However, if I can embarrass him before I kill him, it’ll be satisfying.”

However, the young star lord did not understand Jian Chen. Jian Chen was not the type of person to kneel and beg for forgiveness. He would rather die in battle than yield.

Jian Chen could not be bothered to speak to the young star lord. He directly ignored him. Instead, he only looked at Wu Lu and Gong Ji and said, “Our Tian Yuan clan never shows mercy to our opponents. If you regret and repent, it’s still not too late.”

“Without the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, your Tian Yuan clan is actually nothing in our eyes,” Wu Lu said gently. Her voice was taunting, as if she was scoffing at Jian Chen since he still could not see the situation he was in even now.

The young star lord was immediately angered when he saw how Jian Chen ignored him. He snarled coldly and said, “If that’s the case, I will make you watch the Pingtian Empire and the Tian Yuan clan get destroyed before you while you can’t do anything. I wonder what kind of expression you’ll have when you feel so powerless.” Towards the end, the young star lord could not help but laugh aloud.

He was already confident about destroying the Tian Yuan clan. At that moment, he seemed to be able to see the despair and helplessness on Jian Chen’s face, along with the sorrow when his own, beloved woman ended up in the arms of someone else.

The young star lord stared at the depths of the Pingtian Empire and said loudly, “People of the Tian Yuan clan, listen up. I am the young star lord from the Star Brilliance Plane. I am the only child of the supreme ruler of the Star Brilliance Plane, a renowned expert in the Saints’ World, the Nine Brilliance Star Lord. Your patriarch, Jian Chen, has offended me, and he has killed my servant. He has completely fallen out with me, so I will definitely destroy the Tian Yuan clan. It won’t just be the Tian Yuan clan either. The Pingtian Empire will be included as well. I will wipe it off the face of the Cloud Plane.”

“However, I am not a bloodthirsty person. Considering that there are many innocent people in the Pingtian Empire, I’ll give you three days to flee the Pingtian Empire. After those three days, I will have a bloodbath in the Pingtian Empire and the Tian Yuan clan. No one will be spared.”

The young star lord’s voice boomed out through the entire Pingtian Empire. At that moment, everyone in the empire was alarmed, including the people in the Dong’an province.

His voice tore through the protective formations of the Tian Yuan clan, echoing in the sky for quite some time.

Jian Chen’s face sank. He turned back and glanced in the direction of the Tian Yuan clan before looking at Wu Lu and Gong Ji who stood behind the young star lord. With the young star lord’s cultivation, it was impossible for his voice to pass through the protective formations of the Tian Yuan clan and reach the interior. He could only do so because of Wu Lu and Gong Ji were secretly assisting him.

Figures flickered behind Jian Chen. The eight Infinite Prime protectors arrived behind Jian Chen from the Tian Yuan clan. They were all stern as they faced the uniformed experts of the Four Symbols Alliance fearfully.

“Jian Chen!” A gentle call rang out from the distance. Shangguan Mu’er carried the Zither of the Demonic Cry and appeared beside Jian Chen. She stared at the people with her enchanting eyes. Her face was cold.

“Hmph. You people who have been sitting on the fence the entire time, when brother Ming Dong was here, you were really polite to our Tian Yuan clan, even saying that you were our best friends. And just how long since brother Ming Dong’s departure that your Four Symbols Alliance has begun drawing your swords against our Tian Yuan clan? You wretched people are utterly shameful,” Nubis stood behind Jian Chen and shouted out. He spat at the people from the Four Symbols Alliance.

By now, the upper echelon and the Godkings of the Tian Yuan clan had all arrived behind Jian Chen.

“Protector Xue, the Tian Yuan clan is truly facing destruction this time. I haven’t heard of this young star lord before, but the Nine Brilliance Star Lord really is a supreme expert,” protector Qi said secretly from behind Jian Chen. Now that two ancestors from the Four Symbols Alliance had personally stood forward and brought many experts with them, protector Qi immediately became rather pale from fright. He felt fearful.

Protector Xue nodded. He was extremely stern. He said nothing in reply.

“The Tian Yuan clan is probably done for. Protector Xue, let’s flee the Tian Yuan clan,” protector Qi said.

Protector Xue only replied after a long moment of thought, “It’s far too soon to make this decision. I believe in the patriarch. I believe in the Tian Yuan clan.”

“I know Jian Chen has things he can depend on, but the situation right now cannot be compared to the past. The Star Brilliance Mountain is no weaker than the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng. Moreover, the young star lord is the young master of the Star Brilliance Mountain. Although Min Dong possesses some status in the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, can his status be greater than the young star lord?” Protector Qi replied. Seeing how protector Xue still did not waver, he just made up his mind and said, “Whatever, you can stay, but I’m leaving. Remaining here even when you know it’s certain death is not a clever decision. I can’t afford to lose my life over some benefits from the Tian Yuan clan.”

With that, protector Qi immediately flew forward. He travelled far away from Jian Chen and said, “I, Qi Hui, formally leave the Tian Yuan clan. Although the Tian Yuan clan has offended sir, I, Qi Hui, have never shown any disrespect to sir. I hope you can spare me this time.”

“Hahahaha, you can go. I’ll spare you.” The young star lord laughed aloud.

Qi Hui rejoiced with that. He finally stopped worrying. He said loudly, “Sir is a forthright and righteous man. You have gained me admiration.” With that, Qi Hui shot off, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

Protector Qi’s departure had a heavy impact on the upper echelon of the Tian Yuan clan. After all, he was one of the two most powerful protectors they had recruited. Now that he had left the Tian Yuan clan without any hesitation, many members of the upper echelon became heavy-hearted.

“Protector Qi. Protector Qi he- sigh…” Some protectors behind Jian Chen all revealed very ugly expressions. They all signed dejectedly as many of their eyes flickered with uncertainty.

“Hmph. You all fear death. Even if you’ve reached the Primordial realm, your future accomplishments will be extremely limited,” Qing Yixuan stood forward in her azure clothes and said coldly.

“It’s no problem.” Jian Chen remained calm and composed. He did not show any negative emotions at all. “For any organisation to grow, they must undergo many dangerous challenges. What our Tian Yuan clan faces this time is indeed a huge disaster, but if we can make it through it, we will definitely rise up. If we fail, the Tian Yuan clan will cease to exist.”

Jian Chen looked back at the people behind him and said, “If you are unwilling to stay behind and fight alongside us, you can leave right now. I will not blame you.”

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