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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2597 - Eighth Junior Brother
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Chapter 2597: Eighth Junior Brother

“Has Jian Chen asked the Martial Soul lineage to come? Impossible. How does Jian Chen have connections with the Martial Soul lineage?” Gong Ji refused to accept this.

The Gentle Breeze Ancestor, Changfeng Yun, Zheng Hu, Wu Lu, Luo Mantian, He Yidao, and Gu Li all stared at the Martial Soul Mountain that had suddenly appeared in surprise and doubt. The light in their eyes flickered with uncertainty.

Not a single peak expert on the Cloud Plane, whether they be from the Righteous Alliance or the Four Symbols Alliance, knew about Jian Chen’s relationship with the Martial Soul lineage.

The Cloud Plane was one of the weakest among the forty-nine great planes of the Saints’ World. The information they received was limited. It was impossible for them to know everything that happened in the vast Saints’ World.

Only the young star lord knew many things about Jian Chen. He knew Jian Chen was the eighth successor of the Martial Soul lineage.

However, the young star lord was not worried about the Martial Soul lineage.

“Hmph, what are you afraid of? They’re just the Martial Soul lineage. What’s there to worry about? If they offend me and my foster father takes action, they won’t be able to avoid destruction even if they hide on the Martial Soul Mountain,” the young star lord said arrogantly. He was completely fearless with the Nine Brilliance Star Lord supporting him.

The Martial Soul lineage truly posed no threat to the Star Brilliance Mountain.

The experts of the Tian Yuan clan faced the armies of the Four Symbols Alliance beyond the fortresses of the Pingtian Empire on the Cloud Plane. All the Primordial realm experts from both sides stared at outer space.

The battle between the Grand Primes was just too intense, so they could not approach it with the senses of their souls. However, that did not mean they could not watch it with their eyes.

Luo Mantian, Gu Li, and He Yidao’s betrayal shocked both sides. No one had expected such a great twist to happen. As a result, the Righteous Alliance that originally possessed the upper hand was at a disadvantage now.

“The Righteous Alliance is done for…”

“I never thought the Godsfallen clan, the Daoist Sect of Emergence, and the Heavenquaking sect would actually betray them. Haha, with their betrayal, the Righteous Alliance is truly done for…”

“The Righteous Alliance is about to be destroyed…”

Chaotic Primes of the Four Symbols Alliance laughed aloud. They were in great spirits.

In the past, the Righteous Alliance had always weighed on their chests to the point of suffocation because they understood the strength of the Righteous Alliance. With what the Four Symbols Alliance possessed, they were not the Righteous Alliance’s opponents at all. Once the lord of the Heaven’s Link Peak broke through, their Four Symbols Alliance would face destruction.

It was perfect now. There was actually internal strife within the Righteous Alliance, dooming them in an instant. All the experts from the Four Symbols Alliance celebrated over this.

On the side of the Tian Yuan clan, protector Xue, protector Mei, protector Xing, and protector Bai’s expressions were extremely ugly. The lord of the Heaven’s Link Peak was heavily injured, and the betrayal made them feel like the world was ending.

“Look, a mountain has suddenly appeared in outer space. It’s such a colossal mountain, and i- i- it’s actually completely condensed from energy. J- just how much energy is that…” Suddenly, a Chaotic Prime great elder cried out from within the base of the Four Symbols Alliance.

Immediately, the Martial Soul Mountain that had arrived silently was exposed before everyone. Due to the great distance, the colossal mountain only seemed as large as a sesame seed to everyone.

“T- that’s the Martial Soul Mountain. Why has the Martial Soul Mountain come here?” Protector Xue cried out. He stared right at the mountain in outer space as his eyes shone with a strange light.

“The Martial Soul Mountain? Protector Xue, what kind of organisation in the Martial Soul Mountain? Are they very powerful?” Protector Mei, protector Bai, and protector Xing all looked at protector Xue.

Although the Martial Soul Mountain was very well known in the Saints’ World, not everyone knew about it. Only some ancient experts or people who were well-versed with information knew about its existence.

“The Martial Soul Mountain? What kind of organisation is that? That does sound a little familiar. It seems like I’ve read about it in some ancient annals. I just can’t remember it,” a great elder from the Four Symbols Alliance frowned and murmured to himself when he heard protector Xue’s cry. He sank into his thoughts.

“The Martial Soul Mountain. That represents an everlasting legacy of the Saints’ World, the Martial Soul lineage. Our Four Symbols Alliance doesn’t have much on the Martial Soul lineage, but the records we possess describes the Martial Soul lineage to be very incredible,” a great elder said sternly from one side. He stared at the Martial Soul Mountain in outer space curiously.

“Very incredible? How incredible?”

“The records dictate that they are the gods of slaughter at the same level of cultivation. They are the kings of the level of cultivation they possess…”

A pressure suddenly appeared in outer space as a powerful pulse of energy swept through the galaxies, causing the faces of all the Grand Primes present to harden.

The colossal image condensed from the Martial Soul Mountain had finally demonstrated its might and power at that moment.

“The Martial Soul lineage really is reputed for a reason. Just the energy in this illusionary Martial Soul Mountain has surpassed me,” Lieyan Wuji sighed in surprise.

The lord of the Heaven’s Link Peak, Tong Wuming, and Zhou Zhidao remained silent. However, they all stared at the Martial Soul Mountain. Clearly, they had no idea why it had come.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Three figures shot over from the Martial Soul Mountain. They did not give off an earth-shaking presence. They seemed more like ghosts, silently gliding through the cold, dark space. They moved extremely quickly, arriving before Jian Chen in an instant.

They were Hun Zang, Chu Jian, and Yue Chao.

The eyes of the lord of the Heaven’s Link Peak, Tong Wuming, Zhou Zhidao, and Lieyan Wuji all narrowed. They immediately became wary with the Martial Soul lineage’s approach.

Even though these three people from the Martial Soul Lineage were all Chaotic Primes, the Grand Primes dared not be careless towards the Martial Soul lineage.

“Eighth junior brother, who angered you? Tell senior brother so that I can bring you their head,” said Hun Zang like it was no big deal. He paid no attention to the Grand Primes gathered there.

As soon as they heard how he referred to Jian Chen, the peak lord and everyone else shuddered. They were shocked.

Since the people from the Martial Soul lineage referred to Jian Chen as junior brother, that made him a successor of the Martial Soul lineage as well, did it not?

“How can Jian Chen be a part of the Martial Soul lineage? That’s impossible.” The Gentle Breeze Ancestor was in disbelief as well. He knew a little more regarding the Martial Soul lineage than everyone else. They were a legacy known to be everlasting in the Saints’ World.

Even peak organisations with Grand Exalts could not claim that they would be everlasting because quite a few of them had been destroyed throughout history.

Only the Martial Soul lineage would continue to exist.

They were given birth to by the world. Even if all the successors were slain, new people would be born once again after some time.

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