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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2602 - A Cunning Scheme
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Chapter 2602: A Cunning Scheme

A meteorite hovered silently in a region of space extremely distant from the Cloud Plane. It seemed to have fused with the surrounding stars.

An azure-robed man stood on the meteorite. He was like a ghost, standing there silently.

His presence was completely concealed such that he seemed to have fused with the space there. Even if someone stood right before him, it would be very difficult for them to discover his existence.

The azure-robed man was the renowned Azure Peng King in the Saints’ World, as well as one of the four heavenly kings of the Loneheaven Plane, the Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance.

Currently, he stood on the meteorite with his arms behind his back. His eyes were extremely piercing as he stared at the tiny speck of land floating in the distance.

The land was the Cloud Plane.

Due to the distance, the Cloud Plane appeared to be the size of a sesame seed in the Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance’s eyes.

“The Nine Brilliance Star Lord has already publicly announced that he’s entering seclusion for good, attempting to break through to Grand Exalt. In the end, his foster son came to the Cloud Plane and did whatever he wanted, offending Jian Chen. It looks like the Nine Brilliance Star Lord didn’t tell his foster son that the Anatta Grand Exalt is still alive, which is why his foster son even did something that would provoke the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng,” the Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance murmured as he stared at the Cloud Plane.

Even though he was extremely distant from the Cloud Plane, he could clearly see everything happening there.

The Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance seemed to think of something. His lips suddenly curled into a strange smile as he said to himself, “I wonder how the Nine Brilliance Star Lord will respond when he learns that Jian Chen has died to his foster son’s hands.”

“However, his foster son is just a little too weak. He won’t be able to kill Jian Chen alone.”

“Jian Chen has constantly been a thorn in my side as well. I’m tempted to just kill him and end it all, but there’s nothing I can do because of the Anatta Grand Exalt. However, since the Nine Brilliance Star Lord’s foster son has fallen out with him, I might as well go with the flow.” The Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance’s smile became even stranger and more sinister.

In the northern region of the Cloud Plane, the entire Godfallen clan was enveloped by a powerful barrier. Energy surged within the formation, shining with blinding light. Endless energy maintained the maximum defences of the formation.

Many experts hovered in the air outside of the formation. Under the lead of four old men, they constantly launched powerful attacks at the formations, leading to the eruption of constant, deafening booms.

The experts who attacked the Godsfallen clan all came from the Tong family.

After the Martial Soul lineage’s appearance, which allowed them to gain the upper hand, Tong Wuming, Zhou Zhidao, and Lieyan Wuji had all given orders to destroy the Godsfallen clan, Daoist Sect of Emergence, and Heavenquaking sect.

As a result, basically the entire Tong family had set out. Their four Chaotic Prime great elders lead a group of experts and arrived at the Godsfallen clan as quickly as they could.

Meanwhile, the Heavenquaking sect and the Daoist Sect of Emergence faced the revenge from the Firegod clan and Cosmic sect respectively.

“The protective formation was personally cast down by Luo Mantian. With our ability, there’s no hope in destroying the formation at all unless we drain all of its power.”

“There are teleportation formations in the Godsfallen clan. They’re probably sending away the future generation of the clan through these teleportation formations. We need to get through the formation quickly, or only an empty clan will be left…”

The four great elders from the Tong family called out. They all panicked inside. The formation was so powerful that there was nothing they could do about it.

“Step back, let me do it.” Just as they were utterly worried, an old voice boomed out. The ancestor of the Tong family, Tong Wuming, appeared before them.

“It’s the old patriarch! Fantastic, you’ve come,” the four great elders rejoiced as they bowed.

“Greetings to the ancestor!” The many members of the Tong family all bowed. They were in high spirits.

Tong Wuming did not reply to them. He held a metal rod, and as his energy circulated, a terrifying pressure immediately appeared from the weapon. It was devastating.

The metal rod was clearly a god artifact. It was at the medium quality.

Tong Wuming’s rod directly struck the protective formations of the Godsfallen clan. With a great rumble, the mountains in the surroundings shook, and the terrifying storm of energy flattened it all. A huge gash appeared in space.

The protective formation of the Godsfallen clan flickered violently. It flashed as its energy depleted at an astonishing rate.

However, the formation managed to endure Tong Wuming’s strike in the end.

Tong Wuming did not stop. He lifted the rod and continued to attack. Whenever the rod fell, it would unleash earth-shaking energy. Its might was extremely shocking, causing the ground to tremble violently and whole swathes of land to collapse.

He used a total of five attacks to finally destroy the protective formation of the Godsfallen clan. The structures beneath it were now exposed.

The entire Godsfallen clan had already fallen into a mess now. The members of the Godsfallen clan were all fearful as they rushed about frantically. They all charged towards the teleportation formations of the Godsfallen clan.

Two teleportation formations stood at the centre square of the Godsfallen clan. They constantly flickered as the outstanding descendants of the Godsfallen clan fled.

Five people of various ages hovered in the air. They gave off surging presences.

The five of them were Chaotic Primes. They were the five great elders of the Godsfallen clan.

However, their faces were rather pale. The formations of the Godsfallen clan had been supported by the five of them. Now that Tong Wuming had smashed through the formations with absolute force, they were affected as well.

“Let’s go destroy the teleportation formations!” A great elder of the Tong family called out from behind Tong Wuming. He immediately charged towards the teleportation formations.

“Don’t you dare!” A great elder of the Godsfallen clan called out furiously. He was grief-stricken as he already accepted death. He went up to stop him.

However, at this moment, space exploded. A huge spatial crack appeared. A metal rod ripped through the sky and crashed down with devastating power.

The great elder from the Godsfallen clan was unable to put up a fight at all. The metal rod struck his head, and he died on the spot.

Tong Wuming had dealt that strike. He used his supreme strength as a Grand Prime to personally kill a great elder of the Godsfallen clan.

The expressions of the four remaining great elders all hardened at this sight.

“Tong Wuming, you are a respected senior after all. How can you stoop so low and do something as shameful as harassing us juniors?” The great elder of the Godsfallen clan, Luo Heping, called out. His expression was extremely ugly.

If it were just the four great elders of the Tong family, they could charge their way out of here, but there was no chance for them to survive once a Grand Prime took part.

“In order to stop the five of you from escaping and to reduce the casualties of my Tong family, I can only take personal action,” Tong Wuming said indifferently before swinging his metal rod towards the four other great elders.

The difference between Chaotic Prime and Grand Prime was just too great. Coupled with the fact that none of the Chaotic Primes from the Godsfallen clan were particularly powerful, they were basically all helpless against Tong Wuming.

Tong Wuming struck out again and again, showing no mercy at all. Very soon, he killed the four remaining great elders of the Godsfallen clan. Not a single one escaped.

The four great elders of the Tong family hunted down the Infinite Primes of the Godsfallen clan that fled in the surroundings.

Immediately, the whole situation became a one-sided slaughter. The Tong family hunted down the members of the Godsfallen clan everywhere. Due to the huge disparity in strength, all the clansmen of the Godsfallen clan were reduced to lambs for slaughter.

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