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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2607 - A Lifebound Plume
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Chapter 2607: A Lifebound Plume

“Are you toying with me?” The young star lord said coldly. He did not look behind him because he had just checked everywhere. The hall was completely empty. There was not a shadow of a person aside from himself.

Moreover, he failed to sense any activity from behind himself either.

The hidden person was clearly toying with him.

“Hehe, young star lord, you are mistaken. This king has no interest in toying with the young star lord.” The voice rang out once again.

The young star lord’s eyes suddenly narrowed. This time, the voice did not come from everywhere. It clearly originated from behind him. Moreover, he could tell from the voice that the person was inches away from him.

The young star lord immediately turned around and saw a man in azure robes standing silently behind him. It seemed like he was smiling.

The man did not give off any presence at all, nor did he give off any traces of being alive. If it were not for the fact that he was visually present, the young star lord would even doubt if someone really existed right before him.

“Who are you?” The young star lord stared right at the azure-robed man. Even though the azure-robed man seemed like nothing special, he could clearly sense an extremely dangerous presence from the azure-robed man.

The young star lord secretly became cautious. His instincts told him that the person before him was not a ruly person. He could not afford to offend him.

“I come from the Loneheaven Plane,” said the man with a smile. However, the young star lord felt chills from this smile.

It was like a demon’s smile. That was how terrifying it seemed.

“The Loneheaven Plane?” the young star lord muttered. He began to search through his memories as he studied the man.

Suddenly, he seemed to think of something. A gleam of light flashed through his eyes, and he said, “Are you the Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance of the four heavenly kings of the Loneheaven Plane?”

“It looks like the young star lord has heard of me before. Indeed, that is me,” the man replied casually before walking over to a chair and sitting down. He studied the majestic and luxurious hall and said, “It looks like the young star lord is enjoying quite the treatment. Even those old guys from the Four Symbols Alliance have never stayed in such a nice residence.”

“Greeting to the Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance!” After receiving confirmation, the young star lord immediately became careful. Even though he was the Nine Brilliance Star Lord’s foster son, he dared not act haughtily when he faced the Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance.

He had heard of the Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance’s infamy many times. He was unruly, ruthless, cold-blooded, and merciless. He was known for being a dangerous figure in the Saints’ World. Even though he was not one of the most powerful experts, he was one of the worst people to provoke.

The Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance possessed great speed, enough for him to cross worlds. There were only a handful of experts across the entire Saints’ World that could match his speed.

Moreover, he was a person who held onto grudges very much, someone with a very vengeful nature. As a result, the various experts of the Saints’ World would try their best to not provoke him, enduring him as much as they could.

Even for those who completely overwhelmed the Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance in strength, once they fell out and the heavenly king fled, it was impossible for them to catch up to him. What could they do? All they would be waiting for was the endless retaliation of the Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance in the future.

As a result, none of the experts who had organizations attached to them really wanted to provoke the Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance.

On the other hand, the Star Brilliance Plane ranked towards the top among the forty-nine planes of the Saints’ World. They were far more powerful than the Cloud Plane, filled with sects, clans, and experts. However, there was only his foster father, the Nine Brilliance Star Lord, who could truly take the Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance lightly.

At the same time, the young star lord had once heard from his foster father that even if he wanted to kill the Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance, it would take quite the effort.

In order to kill the Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance, one needed to be able to catch up to him first. Although his foster father was powerful, renowned in the Saints’ World and known as a supreme expert only second to Grand Exalts, he was not as great at pursuing people as experts weaker than him but had grasped the Laws of Space.

As a result, the young star lord was rather fearful of the Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance. He could even be described that he rather dreaded the heavenly king.

He dared to offend the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng because he believed that Yi Xin dared not kill him. After all, the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng was not just Yi Xin alone. She had to consider for everyone else and consider whether she could stop the Nine Brilliance Star Lord, or maybe even endure the Bloodtear Grand Exalt’s wrath.

However, the Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance was an unruly, fearless existence. If he really angered him, who knows what he could do.

“Senior heavenly king, the Four Symbols Alliance is protected by formations now. How did you come in here?” the young star lord asked carefully.

“Although the defences of this formation is impressive, it’s a piece of cake for me to destroy it, and any formation I can destroy easily cannot obstruct me. I can come in and out as I wish,” the Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance said like it was no big deal.

“I’ve heard many rumours and legends about senior heavenly king since a long time ago. Now that I look at it, senior heavenly king really lives up to his reputation. May I ask why senior heavenly king has suddenly come to find junior?” The young star lord clasped his fist. He seemed like a completely different person from before.

“I just happened to be passing by. When I heard the Nine Brilliance Star Lord’s foster son was on the Cloud Plane, I came in to have a look. But it seems like you’ve encountered some problems,” said the Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance. Before the young star lord could reply, he continued, “The Nine Brilliance Star Lord is one of the few supreme experts who have reached the Ninth Heavenly Layer in the Saints’ World. If he takes another step forward, he will reach Grand Exalt and become the heavenly ways. He will become a supreme sovereign. He is someone I respect.”

“Since you are the Nine Brilliance Star Lord’s only child, I’ll give you this so that you can protect yourself with it. It is also so that I can form a good tie with you early on.” As the Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance said that, he pointed at the empty space, and an azure feather that was only as long as a finger immediately appeared. It shone with a faint, azure light. It was quite enchanting.

“This is a Lifebound Plume. I condensed it using my vital energies and then nurtured it within me for every year. Every single Lifebound Plume possesses devastating power, equivalent to a full-strength attack from me.”

“Over all these years, I’ve only nurtured three Lifebound Plumes. Every single one of them are extremely precious. Even my direct disciples won’t receive something like that from me. For the sake of the Nine Brilliance Star Lord, I’ll give you a Lifebound Plume so that you can protect your life with it. The Nine Brilliance Star Lord is currently in secluded cultivation. If you face danger, he won’t be able to save you in time.”

“Thank you, senior heavenly king. I will never forget the kindness you have shown today.” The young star lord was overjoyed. He quickly accepted the feather carefully. As he stared at the azure feather in his hands, the light in his eyes flickered. “Senior heavenly king, may I ask if this Lifebound Plume can be used to deal an attack?”

The Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance smiled mysteriously. “Since it can protect you, it can obviously be used to harm people. As long as you don’t come across Fifth Heavenly Layer Grand Primes or stronger, they’ll be heavily injured even if they survive the attack from my Lifebound Plume. Even against Fifth Heavenly Layer Grand Primes, they’ll struggle to deal with the Lifebound Plume as long as they’re not like the Solitary Sword Ancestor. Treasure it.”

“What about below Grand Prime?” The young star lord continued to ask.

“It will be certain death for those below Grand Prime…”

Before he had even finished talking, the Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance vanished silently. He left the Four Symbols Alliance without raising anyone’s attention.

From the very start, none of the ancestors of the Four Symbols Alliance sensed him.

“Certain death for those below Grand Prime…” the young star lord murmured. He was in great joy. The feather from the Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance was like someone giving him exactly what he needed when he needed it.

“Jian Chen’s not even a Chaotic Prime. It really will be at my expense if I use this feather on him. However, senior heavenly king said my foster father is in seclusion? That’s strange. When I left the Star Brilliance Plane, father wasn’t in seclusion. Why did he suddenly enter secluded cultivation right after I left?”

“I wonder how long father will remain in seclusion this time. Just when will my training on the Cloud Plane end…”

“Whatever. I won’t worry about it for now. The matter at hand is to make Jian Chen die as soon as possible. This feather should be enough to kill some other members of the Martial Soul lineage after I kill Jian Chen.” The young star lord stowed the feather away and left. With such a powerful trump card in his hand, he became rather impatient to use it.

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