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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2608 - Taking Action
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Chapter 2608: Taking Action

Whether it be the Four Symbols Alliance, the Righteous Alliance, or even the successors of the Martial Soul lineage, none of them knew the Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance had arrived on the Cloud Plane. It was as if only the young star lord was the only one on the Cloud Plane who knew.

However, nothing was perfect. The child observed all of the Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance’s actions on the Cloud Plane, all the way until he left.

The child was the Heartless Child from the Myriad Bone Guild.

The Heartless Child remained within the imperial capital of the Blood Sun Empire the entire time. He just sat on the roof of an inn that was extremely far away from the Four Symbols Alliance.

“He actually gave one of his Lifebound Plumes away. What is that bird thinking? Does he want to kill Jian Chen using the young star lord?” His gaze shifted away from the headquarters of the Four Symbols Alliance. Now, it was directed to outer space. His gaze was extremely profound, as if the cosmos were reflected in them. Celestial bodies seemed to move through his eyes, interwoven with the laws of the world.

His directly stared at the depths of the cosmos, locking onto an azure figure that travelled away with terrifying speed. The azure figure stopped extremely far away from the Cloud Plane and paid close attention to the Cloud Plane.

They both concealed themselves, but the Heartless Child discovered the Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance very easily, while the Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance sensed nothing.

He did not even know that the Heartless Child had been paying attention to everything he did on the Cloud Plane, along with what he was doing right now.

“That bird really as rumoured. He’s extremely vengeful. He learnt Ming Dong’s identity and learnt that the Anatta Grand Exalt is still alive, yet he still did not give up on killing Jian Chen. He wants to use the young star lord to kill Jian Chen…”

“However, he probably still doesn’t know about Jian Chen’s relationship with the Anatta Grand Exalt. Jian Chen is the Grand Exalt’s fruit of ways, so if he really died here, the bird won’t be able to live for very long either.”

The Heartless Child murmured. He smiled with interest as the intrigue on his face deepened. “However, we still need Jian Chen to deal with the crisis of our Myriad Bone Guild. Jian Chen can’t die here. Though the measly Cloud Plane seems like it’ll be busy.”

The Heartless Child was at ease. He looked at the Cloud Plane like he was just a spectator that was waiting for a fascinating show with great interest.

In the blink of an eye, it had already been three days since the Heavenquaking sect, Daoist Sect of Emergence, and Godsfallen clan were destroyed. During those three days, all five regions of the Cloud Plane were peaceful. Whether it be the Righteous Alliance or the Martial Soul lineage, neither of them did anything to the Four Symbols Alliance.

Nothing seemed to happen to the Four Symbols Alliance on the surface. The protective formations remained activated. It shone with a hazy light and possessed earth-shaking energy, hiding everything happening inside and prohibiting anyone from entering or leaving.

All the experts of the Cloud Plane knew that this was just the calm before the storm. The astonishing change that could affect the entire Cloud Plane or even rewrite history was silently building up under this guise of peace.

That was all because the Martial Soul Mountain never left.

The illusionary mountain represented the Martial Soul lineage. As long as the Martial Soul Mountain was present, it meant that the Martial Soul lineage was still on the Cloud Plane.

Finally, on the tenth day since the three peak organisations were destroyed, the peace on the Cloud Plane was broken. Many clansmen and disciples surged out from the Tong family, Firegod clan, and Cosmic sect. Under the lead of Primordial realm experts, they all surged into divine halls that hovered in the air.

Afterwards, these divine halls of various designs and quality landed in the hands of the Primordial realm experts. They were taken to the southern region through teleportation formations by these Primordial realm experts.

Powerful formations enveloped the entire headquarters of the Four Symbols Alliance as it shone brightly. The terrifying pulses of energy made it seem impenetrable.

Figures appeared outside the formation. The Primordial realm experts of the Tong family, Firegod clan, and Cosmic sect all gathered together, ranging from Infinite Prime elders to Grand Prime ancestors. At that moment, the three organisations of the Righteous Alliance were basically completely mobilised.

“Fall into formation!”

“Fall into formation!”

“Fall into formation!”

At this moment, three people called out, and the divine halls suddenly appeared with the voices. The doors swung open, and the Godhood cultivators from the three organisations poured out like floods.

As soon as they emerged from the divine hall, they fell into various formations. Powerful energy surged, causing the surroundings to shine with multi-colored light. It was quite the sight.

This time, the three peak organisations had almost mobilised two hundred thousand people in total.

Any of these organisations had existed for hundreds of thousands of years or maybe even a million years. Their disciples and clansmen amounted to around a million or even more.

However, most of these clansmen were at the Mortal realm, Sainthood, and Origin realm. There was only a very small fraction who were truly able to reach Godhood. As for the people who had reached the Primordial realm, there was just a handful of them.

As a result, without any exaggeration, all of these cultivators were basically the elites of the three peak organisations.

Even the weakest of these people had reached Godhood.

“They’ve finally come…”

At the same time, the Gentle Breeze Ancestor and the other Grand Primes hovered in the air within the protective formations of the Four Symbols Alliance. They watched everything unfold through the formation. They were stern.

Luo Mantian and He Yidao were among them.

The two of them stared outside the formations, looking at the three figures that they had once fought alongside who stood at the front of the army. They experienced a multitude of emotions.

“Young star lord, our protective formations will be destroyed in the end. Against the combined forces of the Martial Soul lineage and the Righteous Alliance, there’s no chance of victory for us. May I ask if the young star lord has contacted the Star Brilliance Plane?” Gong Ji arrived before the young star lord. She was extremely stern.

“If there are no reinforcements, it’s either giving up on the Cloud Plane completely or death,” Wu Lu added. His heart felt heavy.

“Don’t worry. I already have a way to deal with them,” the young star lord said confidently.


At this moment, a thunderous rumble rang out. The protective formations of the Four Symbols Alliance shone brightly as the barrier rippled like water.

If someone stood outside, they would be able to see an extremely grandiose scene. A powerful beam of energy shot down from outer space; it was just like a bridge of light, piercing through the world and colliding with the formations around the Four Symbols Alliance.

This huge beam of energy did not disperse after a single strike. Instead, it remained as if an endless amount of energy in outer space maintained it forever.

The Martial Soul lineage had taken action.

On the illusionary Martial Soul Mountain in outer space, Jian Chen stood together with his seven seniors. They stood in formation together, guiding the power of the mountain soul to attack the formation from the distance.

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