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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2609 - Attacking Martial Soul Mountain
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2609: Attacking Martial Soul Mountain

The method that the Martial Soul lineage employed to destroy the formations was to deplete the mountain soul’s energy along with the energy of the Four Symbols Alliance’s formations.

The energy of the mountain soul came from the real Martial Soul Mountain. The Martial Soul Mountain was basically a colossal, almost infinite, source of energy, replenishing the mountain soul from an extremely great distance away. As a result, the Martial Soul lineage did not have to worry about depleting too much of their own energy at all.

They were now attacking the headquarters of the Four Symbols Alliance after all. When the peak organisations fused together to form the Four Symbols Alliance in the past, they had always guarded the southern region. They had already turned the southern region into an impenetrable fortress.

This was their final line of defence. It was astonishingly powerful, enough to block the attacks of Third Heavenly Layer Grand Primes. They could hold their ground for a while against even Fourth Heavenly Layer Grand Primes.

As a result, the Martial Soul lineage and the Righteous Alliance did have to pay quite the price to get through the formation forcefully. Moreover, there was going to be a bitter battle after destroying the formation. If they spent too much power on destroying the formation, the Righteous Alliance would definitely suffer extremely severe casualties in the upcoming battle.

As a result, attacking the formation was completely left up to the Martial Soul lineage so that they could retain the prowess of the Righteous Alliance as much as possible, reducing the future casualties to a minimum.

After all, the Righteous Alliance was no longer the dominating force that possessed an absolute advantage over the Four Symbols Alliance anymore with Luo Mantian, Gu Li, and He Yidao’s betrayals. As a result, they had to rely on the Martial Soul lineage to destroy the Four Symbols Alliance.

As the Martial Soul lineage attacked the formation, the three Grand Primes of the Righteous Alliance all looked at the huge beam of energy from the mountain soul as well. Their faces all hardened when they sensed the terrifying energy within it.

“Have you sensed it? The Martial Soul lineage seems to be using the energy of the Martial Soul Mountain when they’re attacking the formation. That way, they won’t have to expend anything to launch such a powerful attack…”

“The Martial Soul lineage really deserves their reputation. Although they don’t have any Grand Primes, they’re actually much more powerful than many peak organisations in the Saints’ World…”

“With the Martial Soul lineage, the Four Symbols Alliance will definitely be destroyed. Their protective formations are powerful, but under the endless attack from the Martial Soul lineage, they will deplete their energy reserves severely. Hmph, let’s see how much longer they can last…”

The three ancestors of the Righteous Alliance conversed secretly.

At the same time, armies had assembled within the protective formations of the Four Symbols Alliance as well. All the cultivators, regardless of strength, stood in formations, ready for battle at any time.

However, their morale was clearly low.

“The formations’ energy is depleting far too quickly. If this continues, we won’t be able to last much longer,” the Gentle Breeze Ancestor stared outside the formation and said sternly.

Even though their protective formations only rippled under the Martial Soul Mountain’s attack, the Martial Soul Mountain maintained the beam of energy the entire time. As a result, the formation was constantly under attack, and its energy would constantly decrease.

If this continued, the amount of energy depleted in a single day would be extremely terrifying.

“There’s no need to worry. Just find a way to draw out Jian Chen. I have a way of turning the situation around,” said the young star lord. He stared at the armies of the Righteous Alliance outside and remained extremely composed.

Even though the situation right before him was completely against the Four Symbols Alliance, the young star lord showed no fear at all.

He was the child of the Nine Brilliance Star Lord. He was confident that even if the Four Symbols Alliance was destroyed, the Righteous Alliance and Martial Soul lineage would not touch a single hair on him.

“Alright,” The Gentle Breeze Ancestor accepted what he said. He glanced at Wu Lu, Gong Ji, Changfeng Yun, Luo Mantian, and He Yidao and said, “This is a battle of life and death this time. None of us can afford to hold back. Everyone, please receive the opponents with me.”

With that, the six Grand Primes of the Four Symbols Alliance flew out from the protective formations at the same time. However, their targets were not the three experts of the Righteous Alliance. Instead, they charged directly towards outer space and headed for the Martial Soul Mountain.

“Collapse their formation and force out Jian Chen,” said the Gentle Breeze Ancestor gently. He felt the same towards Jian Chen as before; he was someone best left alone. However, now that he had run out of choices, combined with the pressure of the current situation, he was forced to abide to the young star lord.

The six Grand Primes of the Four Symbols Alliance set out together. Immediately, pressure flooded the surroundings as terrifying pulses of energy radiated from them. It shook up the space there and distorted the galaxies.

With a single step, they arrived before the illusionary Martial Soul Mountain. They did not scatter, remaining together. They all drew their various god artifacts and tremendous energy surged into their weapons, causing them to shine brightly.

Crack! Crack!

The space around them constantly shattered. This was space collapsing. Swathes of space were reduced to darkness as the stars vanished.

The six of them still had not use their full strength. Just the energy pulses from the god artifacts were devastating enough.

“Flawless Sky!” At this moment, a bellow rang out. Luo Mantian struck out first. He wielded a medium quality god artifact, directly using a God Tier Battle Skill to stab at the Martial Soul Mountain.

As he stabbed out, a huge crack in space appeared. The sword easily ripped through space as it created a deep, green sword Qi that shoot towards the Martial Soul Mountain with terrifying energy and pressure.

“Lightning of the Heavenly Ways!” He Yidao called out as well. He held a wooden staff in his hands. It was laced with the presence of time and was also a medium quality god artifact.

He extended the wooden staff in his hand, and a pressure immediately permeated the surroundings. Terrifying energy and power of laws rose up before condensing into a bolt of lightning in the end. It shot towards the Martial Soul Mountain as a flash.

The laws he comprehended had nothing to do with lightning. It was purely because of the God Tier Battle Skill that it was like lightning.

“Life and death exists in the world! The world gives birth to you, but I bring death upon you!” Gong Ji muttered softly. A grey presence permeated her face. At that moment, she radiated with a heavy presence of death as an invisible pulse appeared from her body and expanded towards the Martial Soul Mountain.

Wherever the invisible pulse passed by, everything seemed to wither up, including outer space.

It was the Laws of Death.

Gong Ji happened to comprehend the Laws of Death.

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