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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2610 - Killing Luo Mantian (One)
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2610: Killing Luo Mantian (One)

The six Grand Primes of the Four Symbols Alliance struck out simultaneously. They all unleashed their full strength, using various God Tier Battle Skills and terrifying secret techniques. They possessed utterly frightening power, devastating the space there, seemingly reducing it to chaos.

All of their attacks were concentrated on a single point, so their power did not scatter. It all landed on the Martial Soul Mountain.

The six of them could tell very clearly that the formation created by the eight successors of the Martial Soul lineage only expended the energy of the illusionary Martial Soul Mountain. It basically placed no burden on the eight of them.

As a result, even if they maintained their attack on the formations of the Four Symbols Alliance for nights and days on end, it would not take much toll on them at all. However, the Four Symbols Alliance would be forced to expend tremendous amounts of energy defending. They would be forced into an extremely reactive situation.

As a result, not only did they plan on destroying the Martial Soul lineage’s formation this time and draw out Jian Chen according to the young star lord’s plan, they also wanted to combine their strength to destroy the Martial Soul Mountain in an unexpected fashion.

Once the illusionary Martial Soul Mountain collapsed, the Martial Soul lineage would lose their never-ending energy source. Their protective formations would be able to last for even longer.

The faces of Tong Wuming, Lieyan Wuji, and Zhou Zhidao, who had remained on guard the entire time, sank when they saw the actions of the six experts.

“Oh no!”

“Stop them!”

“They’re trying to destroy the Martial Soul Mountain! Don’t let them succeed!”

The three of them called out. With a single movement, they appeared in outer space immediately and did their best to stop the Grand Primes from the Four Symbols Alliance.

Although they could still get through the formations if they worked with the Martial Soul lineage once the Martial Soul Mountain was destroyed, it would require much more effort.

However, it was already too late for them. The six Grand Primes of the Four Symbols Alliance had launched a completely unexpected attack that was finished in an instant. Even if the three of them wanted to stop an attack or two, they could not. They could only watch the six powerful attacks that they would require their full strength to receive land on the Martial Soul Mountain.

“Haha, the power of the mountain soul can even endure quite a while against attacks from a Fifth Heavenly Layer Grand Prime, let alone you. Can the six of you reach the level of Fifth Heavenly Layer Grand Primes when you combine your strength?” Hun Zang laughed aloud from the mountain soul. As he chuckled, a barrier of light rose up from the mountain soul, enveloping the entire mountain.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The six terrifying attacks landed on the screen of light, but it only rippled slightly before returning to normal.

“T- the defences are far too powerful…”

“How is that possible…”

“This isn’t even the true Martial Soul Mountain. It’s only the rumoured illusionary projection that the Martial Soul lineage conjures with a portion of the Martial Soul Mountain’s power. Just the projection is so powerful. The Martial Soul lineage is simply too terrifying…”

This sight utterly stunned the six peak experts. They were dumbfounded as disbelief filled their faces.

“The Martial Soul lineage is actually so terrifying…” Tong Wuming, Lieyan Wuji, and Zhou Zhidao, who had made their way over, were stunned by this sight as well.

These ancestors of the Cloud Plane did not possess a lot of information on the Martial Soul lineage. Most of them read about them in records or heard of them from rumours. Such sources would never go into great detail, making what they knew extremely limited. As a result, they were very shocked.

“Since you’ve come out yourselves, come fight!” Hun Zang stood up. His presence climbed. He had already left the mountain, charging towards the six experts of the Four Symbols Alliance.

“Junior brothers and sister, stay here. I’ll go out and try them.” Chu Jian also stood up and emerged from the formaton. His presence billowed as he made his way out whilst laughing aloud.

“We don’t even need to use the Martial Soul Array against them. Since they’ve chosen to come out, we’ll slaughter them on the spot.” In the end, Yue Chao left as well.

The three most powerful experts of the Martial Soul lineage had come out together.

Their appearances immediately made a chill run down the spines of the six experts. They all became extremely stern. They felt great fear towards the Martial Soul lineage.

“Kill!” The Gentle Breeze Ancestor called out. He equipped a set of god artifact armor. Fully geared, he went to receive Hun Zang.

Chu Jian faced Luo Mantian, while Yue Chao faced Gong Ji.

Changfeng Yun, He Yidao, and Wu Lu faced Tong Wuming, Lieyan Wuji, and Zhou Zhidao.

Immediately, deafening booms rang out in outer space. The various laws mixed and mingled, forming a devastating power with all the violent energy. It caused the stars to tremble.

The difference in strength between the three experts of the Righteous Alliance and Changfeng Yun, He Yidao, and Wu Lu was not particularly great. They were basically equally matched. Even if their battle prowess differed slightly, the battle would not end quickly.

However, Luo Mantian and Gong Ji were not as fortunate. They faced Chu Jian and Yue Chao of the Martial Soul lineage. As soon as they began fighting, their souls were stunned by the secret techniques of the Martial Soul lineage. They lost the upper hand.

Luo Mantian and Gong Ji both became rather pale. They gritted their teeth and endured. Blood oozed from the corner of their mouths.

The blood did not come from physical wounds. Instead, they had bit their tongues to stimulate their awareness when their souls were bombarded.

In the battle last time, they outnumbered the Martial Soul lineage two to one, so they could slowly recover against the soul attacks of the Martial Soul lineage with someone else sharing the burden. Now that they fought alone, they could only depend on themselves.

Of course, they had a way of dealing with the attacks that did not really work, and that was immediately pulling away from their opponent once their souls were attacked. They only needed five seconds to recover.

“Seniors, let’s assist second senior brother in killing Luo Mantian,” Jian Chen said sternly on the Martial Soul Mountain. On the current battlefield, the person he wanted to kill the most was Luo Mantian.

Not only was he the first person to launch a sneak attack on the lord of the Heaven’s Link Peak, but he had used a dagger imbued with the Laws of Cruses as well, bringing great danger to the peak lord. That was the reason why the lord of the Heaven’s Link Peak did not take part in the battle this time. Instead, he remained on the Heaven’s Link Peak to suppress the curse as much as he could.

No one objected to Jian Chen’s request. Very soon, the situation on the Martial Soul Mountain changed again. The five of them fell into another formation that locked onto Luo Mantian. In the end, a powerful beam of light shot out.

Luo Mantian had always remained wary of the Martial Soul Mountain. As soon as he sensed their actions as well as the beam of light that shot towards him, his expression immediately changed. He dared not take it on forcefully. He did not attempt to block it. Instead, with a single movement, he directly hid into a spatial crack behind him.

The laws were incomplete, and the elements were reversed within the spatial crack. Various violent streams of energy wreaked havoc as chaotic time formed vortices that rapidly revolved.

It was so dangerous inside that even Primordial realm experts needed to be careful when they set foot in there. If they were careless, they could even die.

In the past, when Jian Chen faced the pursuit of the Azure Peng King, the only reason why he could rampage through there fearlessly was because he had the Anatta Tower.

As Luo Mantian fled into the spatial crack, the beam of light from the Martial Soul Mountain entered right behind him as well.

However, as soon as the beam of energy entered the spatial crack, the terrifying shockwaves destabilized the interior of the crack. Just like a domino effect, all the chaotic streams of energy in the entire crack became extremely violent. Temporal vortices rapidly swept through the surroundings.

The beam of energy from the Martial Soul Mountain was rapidly weakened. It grew dimmer and dimmer before colliding with a temporal vortex. As if it had gone through endless weakening, it dispersed into nothingness.

Luo Mantian successfully dodged the attack.

“Do you think you’re safe just by fleeing there?” Afterwards, Chu Jian entered the spatial crack as well. His presence surged, and with a wave of his hand, he destroyed the chaotic streams of energy near him. He began fighting Luo Mantian again with his sword in hand.

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