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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2611 - Killing Luo Mantian (Two)
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Chapter 2611: Killing Luo Mantian (Two)

Chu Jian and Luo Mantian were embroiled in an intense battle within the spatial crack. As a result, the region within several hundred thousand kilometres in the spatial crack surged as they fought. Powerful, terrifying streams of energy surged about. Under the influence of the energy, the temporal vortices began to approach one another slowly. When two temporal vortices collided, they would either mutually annihilate or be devoured by one of the temporal vortices, making it even more powerful.

Within this special space, Chu Jian and Luo Mantian had to dodge these temporal vortices as they fought.

With their current level of cultivation, they could ignore the streams of energy, but they had to be extremely careful about these temporal vortices.

These temporal vortices contained the Laws of Time. The flow of time would vary from vortex to vortex. Within some powerful temporal vortices, a split second inside could be equivalent to millions of years, tens of millions of years, or even longer.

Moreover, the flow of time was not just forwards. It could regress as well. If it advanced forwards, it would be rather difficult for them to pose any particular harm seeing how they managed to gain eternal life with their great realms of cultivation, but if they regressed by a million years or even ten million years, it would be equivalent to a regression in cultivation.

“Martial Soul lineage, the whole matter still hasn’t reached a point of no return, so why must you force us so bitterly like this, trying to kill us all? Why don’t we both take a step back? That way, you can save your relationship with the young star lord from worsening any further,” Luo Mantian stared at Chu Jian emotionlessly and called out. His armor shone with dazzling slight as energy condensed around him, almost to a point where it was tangible.

Even though his cultivation completely exceeded Chu Jian’s, Luo Mantian’s hands were completely tied against Martial Soul Force.

What was even more terrifying was that every single move and attack from members of the Martial Soul lineage would possess a sliver of Martial Soul Force. Even though it was not as powerful as the Martial Soul Force in secret techniques, they clashed at lightning speed with their current level of cultivation. They could exchange hundreds of blows in a few seconds. As the Martial Soul Force accumulated from all those attacks, Luo Mantian would be in great pain even with his cultivation as a Second Heavenly Layer Grand Prime. It would take a heavy toll on his soul.

Moreover, he had to endure secret techniques from the Martial Soul Mountain from time to time.

These secret techniques were the truly terrifying aspect of the Martial Soul lineage. Every single technique possessed the incredible power to instantly heavily injure or kill opponents of the same level. Although it was very difficult for Luo Mantian’s soul to be heavily injured as a Second Heavenly Layer Grand Prime, it could stun him momentarily and bring on great agony.

As a result, Luo Mantian developed the thought that it would be for the best if they could just stop fighting.

Chu Jian sneered in response to Luo Mantian. “You’re called Luo Mantian, right? That’s pretty funny. If it were over some other matters, our Martial Soul lineage might not bicker with you as much. After all, the young star lord’s foster father, the Nine Brilliance Star Lord, does carry some weight in the Saints’ World. Unfortunately, the matter this time threatened eighth junior brother’s life. If we had come a little later, the consequences would have been unimaginable.”

“Who knows how long it has been since eight successors have appeared for our Martial Soul lineage, yet we almost lost a junior brother on the Cloud Plane. This grievance has already reached the point of no return, so even if we offend the young star lord, we will kill you all.”

“And just the young star lord isn’t enough to attract any attention from us. In reality, our Martial Soul lineage fears no one from the Star Brilliance Plane aside from the Nine Brilliance Star Lord.”

Chu Jian’s voice rang out with firm determination. The killing intent was pressing, making Luo Mantian become extremely stern.

“Isn’t Jian Chen still alive? He’s not even injured, so why must you do this?” Luo Mantian continued. Chu Jian’s battle prowess was just too great. He possessed quite a few treasures on him as well, and he possessed Martial Soul Force. All that awaited Luo Mantian was defeat if they kept fighting.

The more drawn-out a battle against a member of the Martial Soul lineage was, the worse it would be for him.

“Luo Mantian, do you think our Martial Soul lineage can just be provoked like that?” Chu Jian sneered. He launched the Soul-destroying technique and immediately made Luo Mantian quiver and grunt. The agony from his soul made Luo Mantian temporarily blank out.

However, Luo Mantian already had experience in dealing with these attacks. From the moment his soul began to hurt, he quickly flew backwards instinctually, pulling away from Chu Jian.

“Do you think you’re safe with just that?” Chu Jian sneered coldly. He suddenly struck out. The sword in his hand exploded with sword Qi as he swung it towards Luo Mantian.

Luo Mantian was several dozen kilometres away from him. A huge temporal vortex spun there. Originally, the temporal vortex moved away from Luo Mantian such that it was impossible for it to come in contact with him.

However, when Chu Jian slashed out, the power that had erupted made the trajectory of the temporal vortex change. It rapidly approached Luo Mantian.

If he was still clear-minded, Luo Mantian could have dodged the huge temporal vortex easily. However, he had temporarily lost sense of the outside world due to the Soul-destroying technique. He failed to sense the temporal vortex’s approach at all.

That was not all. Just when Luo Mantian was about to fall into the temporal vortex, Chu Jian used another secret technique. He suddenly pressed his finger onto his forehead, and his eyes became pitch-black.

At the same time, Chu Jian’s Martial Soul Force depleted at a shocking rate. In just a single instance, half of Chu Jian’s Ninth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime Martial Soul Force was gone.

Even for Chu Jian, it was rather difficult for him to endure losing half of his Martial Soul Force in a single moment. A sliver of exhaustion appeared on his face.

However, with the appearance of exhaustion, a sense of terrifying danger appeared. It was enough to cause despair for Ninth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Primes, where even the faces First Heavenly Layer Grand Primes would harden as they faced it.

“Heaven-severing technique!”

Chu Jian suddenly pointed at Luo Mantian with the finger he had pressed against his forehead.

With that, half of Chu Jian’s Martial Soul Force immediately surged out. A flash of light that only members of the Martial Soul lineage could see appeared. It turned into an invisible blade, descending onto Luo Mantian’s head in an instant. It directly landed on his soul.

That slash seemed to split the world in half, where even all the laws of the world could not stop it. As a result, the slash directly broke through all of Luo Mantian’s energy defences, ignoring the god artifact on Luo Mantian and slashing down viciously onto Luo Mantian’s soul.

It was no longer as simple as a quiver and a grunt for Luo Mantian now that he had taken on the Heaven-severing technique. Instead, he directly cried out miserably. His face immediately paled, without a trace of blood left. Blood spurted out from all of his facial openings.

His soul became extremely dim. It seemed like it was on the verge of collapse.

Chu Jian’s Heaven-severing technique was just too powerful. No one at the same level of cultivation could endure it. Even First Heavenly Layer Grand Primes would face a chance of dying. Even though Luo Mantian had managed to endure it with his Second Heavenly Layer soul, he clearly still paid a heavy price.

Afterwards, Luo Mantian clutched his head firmly and fell into the huge temporal vortex.

If he were at his peak condition, he could use his powerful cultivation to forcefully break out. However, his soul was now more injured than it had ever been before, almost at the edge of unconsciousness. His mind had even descended into a mess, so he could not prepare at all when he fell into the temporal vortex.

The temporal vortex spun rapidly. The Laws of Time in there were extremely chaotic. Luo Mantian’s god artifact rapidly dimmed, and even the pulse from his cultivation became weaker and weaker.

In just a few seconds, his god artifact returned to its original state. Clearly, there was no energy left within the armor at all.

Who knows whether Luo Mantian advanced or regressed in time during those few seconds. All of the energy in the god artifact was gone, and even the power of his cultivation vanished.

At this moment, a rope appeared in Chu Jian’s hands. It was a low quality god artifact. He tossed it into the temporal vortex and wrapped it around Luo Mantian.

As soon as the rope entered the temporal vortex, it immediately began to dim at a visible rate. The energy within the rope leaked away at an extremely terrifying rate.

Chu Jian was stern as he looked at the rope in his hands. Without any hesitation at all, he pulled it hard and forcefully yanked Luo Mantian out of the temporal vortex.

Luo Mantian was a Grand Prime. He possessed eternal life, so he did not lose anything obvious in the temporal vortex.

However, his god artifact had completely run out of energy. Even all of the power of his cultivation had been sapped.

His cultivation did not regress. However, it was very clear that the tremendous energy within him had all been drained away, as if he had just experienced an endless amount of time.

However, his soul just happened to remain the same as when he fell into the temporal vortex. It did not go through any obvious changes in there.

“Your soul has the imprint of ways. Clearly, this temporal vortex hasn’t reached the level where it can destroy the souls of Grand Primes, or it would have been impossible for your soul to last until now.” Chu Jian stared at Luo Mantian.

Luo Mantian still had not recovered yet. Without the defences of his god artifact and with his power completely sapped, he posed no threat to Chu Jian anymore.


In the next moment, Chu Jian stabbed out and piercing Luo Mantian’s forehead, killing him on the spot.

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