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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2614 - Gongsun Zhi’s Arrival
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2614: Gongsun Zhi’s Arrival

Looking at the Xi Emperor, who had suddenly appeared in the throne room, all the members of the imperial family were frightened and furious at the same time. They also felt slightly aggrieved.

The Blood Sun Empire and the Xi Empire were both everlasting empires on the Cloud Plane. They both possessed great territory such that they were always equally matched in terms of both strength and status.

Yet now, as the emperor of the Xi Empire, the Xi Emperor had actually appeared in the sacred throne room of the Blood Sun Empire uninvited, and he wanted to cut off the Blood Sun Empire’s path of retreat right from the start.

This was not as simple as provocation. In the eyes of some of the people there, this had become blasphemy towards the Blood Sun Empire.

As the everlasting empire that ruled over the southern region, they had now declined to a state where they would feel powerless over the Xi Emperor’s direct threats. Some of the people there could not help but feel sorrow. Even the Blood Emperor felt extremely aggrieved.

“Xi Empire, the Righteous Alliance and the Four Symbols Alliance are at war with one another right now. As a member of the Righteous Alliance, not only has your Xi Empire not supported the Righteous Alliance, but you even have the time to interfere with minor matters of our Blood Sun Empire. Your Xi Empire really does have nothing better to do,” the Blood Emperor said emotionlessly and extremely sternly.

“The battle in ten thousand years has to do with Yu’er’s desire and faith in cultivation. It’s not a small matter.” The Xi Empire waved his hand, and a dragon’s throne immediately appeared out of nowhere. He just sat in the seat in the air, hovering over thirty meters above the ground. Perhaps out of pure coincidence, he remained a head higher than the Blood Emperor the entire time. “As for the war between the Righteous Alliance and Four Symbols Alliance, our Xi Empire no longer has to interfere. The Righteous Alliance has given our Xi Empire the order to guard the northern region.”

The Xi Empire spoke extremely indifferently, taking the Blood Emperor lightly.

Even though they technically possessed the same status, both being emperors of everlasting empires, the Xi Empire was a Chaotic Prime in terms of strength, while the Blood Emperor was only an Infinite Prime.

Moreover, he was an early Infinite Prime.

As a result, a difference still existed between their statuses.

The Blood Emperor remained silent. The war between the two alliances affected basically every major organisation on the Cloud Plane. Let alone the two surviving ancestral emperors of his Blood Sun Empire, even all the Chaotic Primes from the everlasting empires in the eastern and western regions had been mobilised. Only the northern region had not sent a single soldiers. The Blood Emperor knew exactly what that meant.

It did not mean that the Xi Empire had fallen out of favour with the Righteous Alliance. Instead, it meant the exact opposite. The Righteous Alliance was protecting the Xi Empire, preventing them from taking part so that they would not suffer casualties.

Clearly, the Righteous Alliance was giving the Xi Empire special treatment due to the Tian Yuan clan.

As for the ninth prince, all of his joy and excitement from earlier had completely vanished. His face was ashen, filled with despair.

He knew that since the Xi Emperor had come, he definitely had no chance at leaving the Cloud Plane. His fate would be waiting for the ten thousand years to end and then fighting the princess of the Xi Empire.

He even knew that he would definitely suffer defeat in the battle in ten thousand years’ time. There was no chance for him to achieve victory.

Even if he broke through to Infinite Prime, even if he possessed strength that could crush the princess in an overwhelming manner, he would still be the one dead in the end.

“Why? Why did I provoke the Tian Yuan clan? Didn’t Jian Chen just want the Flower of Ways? I could have just given it to him? But why did I try to retaliate by attacking the Tian Yuan clan? Not just retaliate, why did I want to kill off the entire Tian Yuan clan? If I hadn’t tried to kill the entire Tian Yuan clan, I wouldn’t have offended the princess of the Xi Empire, and I would not be suffering a fate like this today.” The ninth prince was filled with regret. At that moment, he wished so much to turn back time and redo everything.

In the end, the Blood Emperor gave in. He followed through with the Xi Emperor’s request, leaving the ninth prince behind. The Four Symbols Alliance was waning, so the Blood Sun Empire no longer had the confidence to confront the Xi Empire.

It was also at this moment that the rarely used interplanar teleportation in a colossal city within the central city suddenly lit up. A great power surged forth, immediately attracting the attention of everyone in the surroundings.

“It’s the interplanar teleportation formation. It’s said that this teleportation formation can only be activated with colored divine crystals. That’s something that only Primordial realm experts possess…”

“The teleportation formation has been activated. It looks like there’s going to be more people coming from other planes. They must be important…”

“It’s extremely likely for them to be Primordial realm experts. Everyone move, don’t block their path…”

The cultivators in the surroundings burst into discussion. All of them stood with their eyes wide open as they stared at the teleportation formation with deep curiosity.

A few seconds later, with a powerful spatial pulse, the light in the teleportation formation subsided and revealed four people.

The person at the lead was a young man. He wore luxurious white robes and possessed quite a striking appearance. There was uncontained arrogance on his face.

The three others consisted of two middle-aged men and an old man. The three of them seemed much more ordinary than the white-robed young man. Their presences were completely concealed, making them look like normal mortals.

However, no one believed that they were truly mortals seeing how they had come through an interplanar teleportation formation.

“Cloud Plane, I’ve finally come. Jian Chen, did you think you would be without worries by hiding on the Cloud Plane? The Method of the Exalted Saint is mine. This time, I will definitely take it back and complete the legacy,” the white-robed young man studied the surroundings as he muttered to himself.

The white-robed young man was the current leader of the Radiant Saint Hall from the Desolate Plane, Gongsun Zhi.

As for the three people behind Gongsun Zhi, as soon as they set foot on the Cloud Plane, they all looked at the southern region, and a gleam of light flashed through their eyes.

The light was like a bolt of lightning. It was astonishing. Even the space would pulse by an undetectable amount where they looked.

Just the gaze possessed unfathomable might. It really was difficult to imagine just how terrifying these three people were.

“You, come over here!” Gongsun Zhi pointed at a nearby cultivator and asked coldly, “Tell me, where is the Tian Yuan clan founded by Jian Chen located?”

The cultivator who Gongsun Zhi pointed at was only a Deity. He was pale-faced and filled with unease. He arrived before Gongsun Zhi as he trembled slightly, about to speak.

“Leader, there’s no need to ask. We already know where Jian Chen is,” said a middle-aged man behind Gongsun Zhi. The light in his eyes flickered as he stared at the southern region. He said slowly, “We’ve come at the perfect time. There’s a fascinating show going on the Cloud Plane right now. Not only have we found Jian Chen, but even the other people from the Martial Soul lineage are here.”

“What? The Martial Soul lineage is here as well?” At first, Gongsun Zhi was surprised, but he immediately became overjoyed. Battle intent filled him.

Although he was still a Radiant Godking, he had become brimming with vigor and was absolutely haughty after gaining the greatest protector sword. He completely looked down on the Martial Soul lineage.

There was indeed no reason for him to fear the Martial Soul lineage given his possession of the protector sword.



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