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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2619 - The Might Of The Array
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2619: The Might of the Array

As Xu Zhiping stood in space, the presence he emitted was utterly astonishing, He gave off the terrifying pressure of a Fourth Heavenly Layer Grand Prime, startling all the experts on the Cloud Plane.

He stared at Hun Zang coldly as the latter flew back, and a strange light appeared in his eyes. He said in an extremely indifferent tone, “I did not hold back at all with my palm strike. You received it with just your strength, yet you only suffered from some slight injuries. The Martial Soul lineage really does deserve its reputation for its strength. Unfortunately, the difference in our cultivation is just too great. It’s impossible for you to be my opponent.”

With that, Xu Zhiping took a step and crossed through space, appearing before Hun Zang like he had teleported. Raising his hand, he struck towards Hun Zang with terrifying power.

With the palm strike, the space around Hun Zang seemed to compress. Xu Zhiping’s attack possessed a mysterious power, making the space around Hun Zang seize up in an attempt to restrain Hun Zang.

At that moment, Hun Zang felt immobilised. His movements were restricted.

After all, Xu Zhiping was just too powerful. Even though his battle prowess was not on par with Fifth Heavenly Layer Grand Primes, he was extremely outstanding among the Fourth Heavenly Layer. Hun Zang was clearly on a much lower level compared to Xu Zhiping.

However, at this moment, a tremendous power immediately transferred through space through a method that no one could sense, pouring into Hun Zang’s body.

The Martial Soul Array was finally complete.

The power from Chu Jian, Yun Ziting, Su Qi, Bai Rufeng, Qing Shan, and Jian Chen fused together perfectly through the Martial Soul Array. It tied their vital energies and cultivation together, stacking onto Hun Zang with the power from the mountain soul.

This was a unique secret technique of the Martial Soul lineage. It was extremely profound. The power could be transferred through space such that even if they were quite far away from Hun Zang, the connection would not be affected at all. No one could sever it.

As soon as the Martial Soul Array was completed, Hun Zang’s presence exploded. In just that short instance, his presence had risen to a level where it did not pale in comparison to Xu Zhiping at all. It was only stronger.

If it were just the power from the six of them, it would have been impossible for Hun Zang to reach such a level even when they combined perfectly. However, there was the power from the mountain soul. That made all the difference.

As a result, not only was the power of the six other successors gathered on Hun Zang, but there was also power from the mountain soul.

After Hun Zang gained such great power, Xu Zhiping could no longer keep him trapped. The pressure on him immediately vanished, and he punched out.

“The Martial Soul Array!” At the same time, a gleam of light flashed through Xu Zhiping’s eyes. The Martial Soul lineage had been in conflict with the Radiant Saint Hall for so many years, and they had once clashed with the many experts of the Desolate Plane in order to save Jian Chen. As a result, he was not unfamiliar with the Martial Soul Array.

Xu Zhiping’s attack remained the same, possessing the same suppressive might as before. However, his presence suddenly rose, becoming even more powerful. At the same time, the laws of the world revolved around him, causing him to suddenly shine with blinding and scorching light.

At that moment, his hand became surrounded by light as well. As if a sun had been compressed in his hand, it shone with dazzling light, illuminating the dark cosmos.


With a violent rumble, Hun Zang’s terrifying punch directly collided with Xu Zhiping’s hand. Space collapsed.

This time, Xu Zhiping did not managed to knock Hun Zang away like before. Instead, he was the one who was knocked away. The dazzling light on his body rapidly faded as his expression became very ugly.

“Not only has the Martial Soul Array increased your strength, but it has strengthened your Martial Soul Force as well. Your Martial Soul Force could not affect me at all before, let alone harm me, but now it can harm my soul,” Xu Zhiping said with a growl. His soul had received quite the impact when he clashed with Hun Zang. He was unable to defend against it at all.

Xu Zhiping looked at the Cloud Plane and called out, “Huangfu Guiyi, let’s fight Hun Zang together. Sha Yun, deal with the Martial Soul Mountain. Interfere with them and find a way to disrupt their Martial Soul Array.”

“It’s time for us to take action.” Huangfu Guiyi smiled on the Cloud Plane. With that, he suddenly vanished and appeared next to Xu Zhiping.

“No problem. Leave the Martial Soul Mountain to me,” called out the ancestor of the Divine Blade sect, Sha Yun. His presence erupted. He happened to be at the peak of the Third Heavenly Layer of Grand Prime.

Sha Yun was extremely powerful as well. Even though he was not as great as Xu Zhiping and Huangfu Guiyi, he was only a step away from the Fourth Heavenly Layer.

He directly appeared outside the mountain soul. A brutal blade intent surged as a blade appeared in his hand. He gave off cold killing intent as he slashed his blade at the mountain soul in an unstoppable manner.

As he slashed out, a silver streak of light appeared in the air. It was tiny, but it was also devastating. Wherever it passed by, space was cut open like paper.

The streak of light was clearly a combination of blade intent and blade Qi. Sha Yun had already attained a great level of mastery over the Way of the Blade, so the power in his attack was completely condensed into a single streak, multiplying the power as a result.

Hun Zang ignored Sha Yun. He did not even look at Sha Yun as he attacked the mountain soul, as if he did not care at all.

Even the people on the mountain soul did not pay attention to Sha Yun.


With an astonishing sound, Sha Yun’s attack struck the energy barrier around the mountain soul with brutal power. However, it only made the energy barrier twist slightly.

Sha Yun’s eyes turned cold. He was not surprised at all. He continued his attacks with his blade.

He knew that the illusionary Martial Soul Mountain was only condensed from tremendous energy. It was not the true Martial Soul Mountain. He was depleting this energy with his attacks.

Hangfu Guiyi glanced in the direction of the mountain soul and said, “In the past, the Martial Soul Mountain could even endure attacks from the Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance for a while. Although the Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance is at the Fourth Heavenly Layer just like us, his bloodline as a divine beast is so powerful that he can even kill some regular Fifth Heavenly Layer Grand Primes. Even the Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance could not get through the Martial Soul Mountain quickly, so it’s even more impossible for Sha Yun. Sha Yun isn’t enough to disrupt them.”

After a slight pause, Huangfu Guiyi continued, “Xu Zhiping, your Laws of the Sun are better suited for getting through formations. Attack the Martial Soul Mountain with Sha Yun. Leave Hun Zang to me.”



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