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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2621 - The Decisions Of The Empires
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2621: The Decisions of the Empires

As Tong Wuming, Zhou Zhidao, and Lieyan Wuji retreated in defeat, the elite forces they had brought from their three organisations suffered heavy losses as well. They retreated under the attacks of the Four Symbols Alliance, and in just a short moment, several Primordial realm experts fell.

The Four Symbols Alliance had launched an all-out offence. They used all the forces of the alliance without holding back at all. It was not just Godhood elites and Primordial realm experts. Even Origin realm and Sainthood cultivators took part in the battle.

Even though they were weak, they could unleash power beyond their cultivation when they fell into formations together.

As a result, the cultivators that surged out of the Four Symbols Alliance were like a flood. There were so many of them that there were at least two or three million.

On the other hand, the Righteous Alliance had never expected experts to come from the Desolate Plane, so they had only brought their elites to minimise their casualties. They were all at Godhood at the very least. They only had around two hundred thousand people across the three organisations, so they were obviously at a numerical disadvantage.

They did not even have as many Godhood cultivators or Primordial realm experts as the Four Symbols Alliance.

If the Martial Soul lineage had not been pinned down, they would have had more than enough power to deal with the Four Symbols Alliance.

However, the Martial Soul lineage was already struggling to deal with their own predicament, so they were unable to provide any assistance at all. Ever since the betrayal, the Righteous Alliance’s strength had plummeted. It was impossible for them to be the Four Symbols Alliance’s opponent.

“Great elder!”

At this moment, a sorrowful cry rang out. The head of a Chaotic Prime great elder from the Righteous Alliance had exploded from a punch. His soul failed to escape, so he directly died there.

Two Chaotic Primes from the Four Symbols Alliance had killed him. They worked together to successfully kill someone during this period of time.

At the same time, Lieyan Wuji roared our furiously as he retreated. His voice was filled with grief.

The Chaotic Prime who had died was a great elder of the Firegod clan. Losing such an expert was a heavy loss to any peak organisation on the Cloud Plane.

“No one hold back! Use your full strength! Kill, kill, kill them all…” An old voice boomed out. It was filled with evident fury and killing intent.

A Chaotic Prime great elder from the Four Symbols Alliance called out. His eyes were bloodshot as gave this ruthless command.

During the past few days, the Four Symbols Alliance could only hide in their protective formation and wait for their deaths under the combined efforts of the Righteous Alliance and the Martial Soul lineage. They could not afford to take a single step out, as leaving meant death.

As a result, the entire Four Symbols Alliance was extremely vexed. They felt aggrieved and were filled with the fear towards death. Now that the tides had turned, and they finally saw a glimmer of hope in the darkness of death, all of them valued this opportunity very much. They all used their full strength to rapidly enlarge this glimmer of hope that they had obtained after so much difficulty.

In contrast to the Four Symbols Alliance, which basically unleashed a hundred and twenty percent of their strength, the Righteous Alliance’s morale was low. They fought as they fled, and their casualties rapidly increased.

“Hahahaha, Xi Emperor, it looks like the situation of your Righteous Alliance has taken a turn for the worse. The Righteous Alliance has begun running. They’re not the Four Symbols Alliance’s opponent.” In the imperial palace of the Blood Sun Empire, the Blood Emperor was overjoyed. He was extremely happy. He had almost begun dancing in joy.

“The Righteous Alliance seems to have lost a Chaotic Prime. The battle is just too intense. It’s basically the final battle to the death between the two alliances. Xi Emperor, it’s best if you take part in something like this.” The Blood Emperor acted like he was trying to persuade the Xi Emperor, but he was actually scoffing at him.

The Xi Emperor said nothing. He took a step and immediately vanished, leaving the Blood Sun Empire. He used his speed as a Chaotic Prime to cross through the southern region and quickly returned to the Xi Empire.

The two other Chaotic Primes of the Xi Empire, Xi Haoxuan and Xi Haoming, had already emerged from seclusion. They gathered together sternly.

The Xi Emperor directly appeared before the two of them. He was stern as well.

“Ziyun, you’re the emperor of the Xi Empire. What do you think we should do about this?” Xi Haoxuan asked sternly. Not only was he the ancestral emperor and ancestor of the Xi Empire, but he was also the Xi Emperor’s father.

“Sound the war drums. Gather all the experts of the Xi Empire and ready all armies for war…”

“Immediately summon experts from all the organisations and sects in the Xi Empire to gather in the imperial capital…”

“Immediately summon experts from all the ancient empires, divine kingdoms, and so on in the northern region to gather in the imperial capital…”


As soon as the Xi Emperor returned, he passed down order after order as the emperor of the Xi Empire. Every single order was an imperial edict and was carried out as quickly as possible. Not only did it reach the organisations of various sizes in the Xi Empire, but even the independent ancient empires had received the Xi Emperor’s edict.

Immediately, the entire northern region was shaken up.

The Xi Emperor used his actions to show his decision. He planned on gathering the power of the entire northern region to fight alongside the Righteous Alliance.

At this moment, the current emperor of the Zihao Empire in the eastern region passed down the same orders as the Xi Emperor. The entire eastern region immediately began to surge.

The three Chaotic Primes of the Zihao Empire all emerged from seclusion. They were extremely stern as they said with authority, “At a time like this, we cannot retreat. We can only face everything courageously and assist the Righteous Alliance against the Four Symbols Alliance. After all, if the Righteous Alliance is defeated or destroyed, our Zihao Empire will face a terrible fate.”

“Our Zihao Empire will rise and fall with the Righteous Alliance…”

The two ancestral emperors stood atop the imperial palace of the Jinjian Empire. They stared at the southern region deeply.

“Ancestral emperors, do we mobilise our experts to provide support?” The emperor of the Jinjian Empire stood politely beside the ancestral emperors and asked carefully.

“There’s no need to hurry. The Righteous Alliance is at an inferior position right now. If no accidents happen, they will definitely suffer defeat. The Martial Soul lineage has encountered powerful opponents, and they’re already struggling with their own predicament. As such, the distribution of power on the Cloud Plane will probably undergo an upheaving change. If we take the wrong side, what awaits us is destruction.”

“We should just observe and not take any actions just yet. We should make our decision at the final moment,” an ancestral emperor of the Jinjian Empire said sternly.



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