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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2622 - Assaulting The Martial Soul Mountain
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2622: Assaulting the Martial Soul Mountain

It was also at this moment that the everlasting empires in the eastern, northern, and western regions made their decisions simultaneously.

As powerful emperors that reigned over an entire region, their decisions could affect all the organisations in their respective region.

Among the three regions, the Xi Empire and the Zihao Empire had already mobilised, gathering their forces against the Four Symbols Alliance’s.

The Jinjian Empire chose a different route from the eastern and northern regions. As a member of the Righteous Alliance, they chose to remain quiet instead. They did nothing.

In outer space, the sun condensed from Xu Zhiping’s Laws of the Sun radiated with dazzling light and terrifying heat. Its effects on the Cloud Plane rapidly weakened.

This was because their battle location in outer space constantly shifted as they constantly moved away from the Cloud Plane. After reaching a certain point, the influence from the Laws of the Sun on the Cloud Plane would decrease.

Xu Zhiping currently sat within the huge sun as he stared at the mountain soul. As time went on, he gradually frowned.

“Just how much energy is in the Martial Soul Mountain? It is under the constant attack of my Laws of the Sun, but its energy hasn’t decreased much at all,” thought Xu Zhiping. After a moment of thought, he looked at Gongsun Zhi, who was being led around like a dog by Yue Chao. He called out, “Leader, don’t waste anymore time with him. The difference between your cultivations is far too great. If he doesn’t want to fight with you, you can’t catch up to him. I’ve already trapped the Martial Soul Mountain, so hurry up and come over to attack the Martial Soul Mountain with your protector sword. The Martial Soul Mountain definitely won’t be able to last much longer given the might of the protector sword.”

When he heard Xu Zhiping’s words, Gongsun Zhi’s eyes suddenly lit up as he ‘hunted’ Yue Chao down. He immediately abandoned Yue Chao and flew towards the Martial Soul Mountain.

Yue Chao hovered in the distance. As he watched Gongsun Zhi fly towards the Martial Soul Mountain, he immediately guessed Gongsun Zhi’s intentions. His expression suddenly changed.

“Oh no, he’s trying to attack the mountain soul. The protector sword poses a much greater threat than both Xu Zhiping and Sha Yun. The mountain soul probably won’t be able to last very long.” Yue Chao’s heart sank. He immediately pursued Gongsun Zhi in an attempt to stop him from approaching the mountain soul.

“Haha, Yue Chao, weren’t you pretty good at running before? You didn’t even want to make contact with me. Now that I’m about to attack the Martial Soul Mountain, you’ve finally begun to panic. However, it’s useless even if you panic now. Once I destroy your Martial Soul Mountain and disrupt your so-called Martial Soul Array, your Martial Soul lineage will become lambs for slaughter in my hands.” Gongsun Zhi laughed aloud. He ignored Yue Chao’s frantic attacks. He guarded himself with the impenetrable power of the protector sword as he approached the Martial Soul Mountain with lightning speed.

Yue Chao’s expression was ugly. He launched several attacks, but he failed to harm Gongsun Zhi who was protected by the power of the protector sword. As a Ninth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime of the Martial Soul lineage, there was nothing he could do to Gongsun Zhi.

“So what if you have a protector sword? You’re still just a Godking.” Yue Chao snorted coldly. Suddenly, he struck out again. Terrifying energy surged in the space there as he directly threw a punch at the space in front of Gongsun Zhi.

Immediately, the space there collapsed, forming a huge crack right in front of Gongsun Zhi.

Gongsun Zhi’s expression changed slightly. He immediately stopped and stared at the crack through the light around him. When he saw the temporal vortices in the crack, he could not help but become slightly afraid.

“Those temporal vortices are the most terrifying objects in spatial cracks. It’s said that millions or even billions of years can pass in an instant once someone falls into them, or maybe time can regress by millions of years. Let alone millions of years, would I still exist in this world after regressing a hundred thousand years?” Gongsun Zhi’s heart shivered as he stared at the temporal vortices.

A hundred thousand years ago, he was not even born yet.

Without any hesitation, Gongsun Zhi immediately retreated. He pulled far away from the spatial crack to stop himself from falling in.

However, Yue Chao clearly wanted to trap Gongsun Zhi like this. He constantly threw his fists in the distance. Every punch would fly over with astonishing power, smashing through space and constantly creating spatial cracks around Gongsun Zhi.

At that moment, Gongsun Zhi was stuck. He felt an instinctual fear towards the temporal vortices that wreaked havoc in the spatial cracks. He dared not set his foot in there.

This was because he had no confidence that his protector sword could fend off the power of the temporal vortices.

“Hmph!” At this moment, a cold snort rang out. A streak of light shot towards the Martial Soul Mountain. It was extremely bright, illuminating the surroundings and directly landing on Yue Chao.

Immediately, Yue Chao let out a grunt and was sent flying. His chest had been penetrated, leaving behind a bowl-sized hole.

At the same time, a bright light condensed from the Laws of the Sun reached Gongsun Zhi’s feet. It flickered with golden light as the golden solar flames burned on it.

“Leader, step onto it. I’ll guide you over.” Xu Zhiping’s voice rang out in Gongsun Zhi’s head.

Gongsun Zhi hesitated slightly as he looked at the surging solar flames on the golden bridge. He glanced at the protector sword in his hand before gritting his teeth in the end and setting foot on there.

The golden bridge began to shrink. As Gongsun Zhi stood on it, he rapidly approached the mountain soul.

During this time, Hun Zang tried interfering to prevent Gongsun Zhi from approaching the Martial Soul Mountain, but he was firmly pinned down by Huangfu Guiyi. He could not break free.

In the end, Gongsun Zhi arrived before the Martial Soul Mountain very soon under the guidance of Xu Zhiping. He directly entered the colossal sun condensed from the Laws of the Sun.

“Quick, attack the Martial Soul Mountain with your full power,” Xu Zhiping said sternly as he stood beside Gongsun Zhi.

Gongsun Zhi nodded. He looked at the mountain soul that hovered before him, and he experienced joy from the bottom of his heart.

In the past, let alone standing before the Martial Soul Mountain, even just catching a glance of the mountain soul was a wild thought for him, as he did not possess that right even as the lord of a peak.

As for all the successors of the Martial Soul lineage, they were undefeatable existences in his eyes. In particular, Hun Zang, Chu Jian, and Yue Chao stood like insurmountable mountains.

However, not only was he standing so close to the Martial Soul Mountain now, but he would even personally destroy it. Gongsun Zhi struggled to remain calm over such a difference between his past and the present.

“From today onwards, the Martial Soul lineage will cease to be our Radiant Saint Hall’s greatest enemy because they will no longer possess that right,” Gongsun Zhi said slowly. He raised the protector sword high up and directly swung it at the mountain soul with astonishing power.


With a deafening rumble, the strike from Godslayer’s sword completely exceeded Xu Zhiping’s previous attempts. It struck the mountain soul with a terrifying blow, immediately causing the protective barrier of light to tremble and flicker.

Even the entire mountain soul shook from the attack.

“So powerful. That strike has already reached the Fifth Heavenly Layer. It might even be at the Sixth Heavenly Layer.” Xu Zhiping was secretly astonished. The might of Godslayer’s sword shocked him.

“And that’s only because Gongsun Zhi’s personal cultivation is insufficient. If he possessed Xuan Zhan’s strength, the protector sword would be even more terrifying in his hands. He might even be able to destroy the screen of light with a single strike,” thought Xu Zhiping. His desire for a protector sword became stronger.

Even if he could not use the protector sword, he could let his clansmen control it. Once that happened, his Xu family would gain great renown across the Saints’ World.

“Sha Yun, stop your attacks. Work with me to keep the Martial Soul Mountain trapped so that they don’t run away. Leave the rest to the leader,” said Xu Zhiping.

“Alright. You two keep the Martial Soul Mountain trapped and leave the rest up to me.” Gongsun Zhi was brimming with courage as he continued his assault on the mountain soul.



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