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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 263
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 263: Forcing Open the Jaws of the Lion

Qing Yun led the white robed man to where Jian Chen was and spoke out, “Brother Jian Chen, I’ve brought the Radiant Saint Master to treat everyone!”

Hearing this, Jian Chen looked at the youth that Qing Yun had brought. This youth had an arrogant expression on his face that made him seem quite unsavory. However, that was because of how distinguished a Radiant Saint Master was in rank. Nonetheless, Jian Chen cupped his hands in greeting, “Honored friend, I apologize for bringing you so far, if you can help heal my fellow brothers, then this one will be truly grateful to you.”

The Radiant Saint Master looked at Jian Chen from the side with a look of disdain. Since he was a Radiant Saint Master and a decent one at that, he couldn’t help but look down on such a lowly mercenary. Even more so, this mercenary was even younger than he was; only a mercenary of the Earth Saint Master level would had been enough for him to have some sort of respect.

“Hmph, don’t speak such nonsense; I am not your friend. Hurry up and lead the way so we can take care of the people. I don’t wish to stay around here any longer than I need to be and waste my time.”The Radiant Saint Master snorted with an arrogant tone.

Jian Chen and Qing Yun both narrowed their eyes at this type of speech. Although a Radiant Saint Master was a high ranking status, this youth was truly too arrogant.

However, for the sake of their brothers, neither Jian Chen nor Qing Yun bothered to say anything. Instead, they brought the Radiant Saint Master over to where the injured men were.

The injured members of the Flame Mercenaries and the two Tianhua Sect members were all laid out together in a single room. Jian Chen first brought the Radiant Saint Master to the bed where Qing Mu was resting on. On his paling face, both of his eyes were closed shut. He wore only undergarments to protect the most important places while the rest of his body was enwrapped with bloody bandages.

Seeing the wretched state Qing Mu was in, the Radiant Saint Master’s eyebrows knit together before inspecting his wounds even further. “His wounds are quite serious, thus the price will be even more costly. I hope you prepare yourself mentally, I don’t want to find out later that you cannot afford it.”

Jian Chen’s eyes flashed coldly at these words. Whoever heard these words would have been put in a bad mood; even Qing Yun’s eyes narrowed as he looked at the Radiant Saint Master unfavorably.


Suddenly, a muffled bang could be heard as the dark skinned man behind the Radiant Saint Master stepped toward him and stare at Jian Chen and Qing Yun, “Honored Radiant Saint Master Asiz is one of our most exemplary members of the Radiant Saint Master Union. if you do not wish to be an enemy of our union, then restrain yourselves; otherwise, I will not be polite and later report this to the union.”

Both Jian Chen and Qing Yun looked subdued for a moment; the Radiant Saint Master Union was an especially unique organization that was like how the Mercenary Union worked; they had no allegiances or restriction to any nation.

The Radiant Saint Master Union was where all of the Radiant Saint Masters on the continent gathered and it gave them a place to shelter. There were plenty of strong martial artists that even the Seven Great Empires weren’t willing to provoke. No matter who the person was that provoked a member of the Radiant Saint Master Union, they did not live long after that.

When it came to this union, even Jian Chen and Qing Yun were afraid of the consequences. Unlike the Gesun Kingdom or the Tianhua Sect, the union encompassed the entire continent. If you incurred the hatred of a single Radiant Saint Master, then it didn’t matter if you ran to the end of the world itself, you would be hunted and killed. At the very least from the beginning of their union, there has not been a single person that has lived after offending the Radiant Saint Master Union.

“Go ahead and heal them. The cost for healing them will of course be given.” Jian Chen spoke.

Hearing this, the Radiant Saint Master sneered coldly as he looked at the two slyly, “His wounds are quite serious, so to heal them, I will need one or two days. This will be quite taxing on my spirit, so the cost of healing will be quite high in return.” His eyes bore a hole into Jian Chen for a moment, “I will require fifty purple coins.”

“What, fifty purple coins?!” Jian Chen’s eyes widened as he cried out in shock. This was no longer a matter of expensive or not expensive anymore, this healer was trying to cheat him.

“Fifty purple coins, good heavens, that is a villainous deal.” Qing Yun cried out with a flustered look.

“Hmph, his injuries are already quite grave. Even if you used the very best herbs, it would take a month or two to heal from, and even then, that would not be a guaranteed full recovery. For me collecting fifty purple coins is quite cheap.” He had a firm look on his face, but he was laughing to himself secretly. He was quite familiar with Wake City so he knew that he was the only Radiant Saint Master there. He also knew that the Kai clan had plenty of money, so since he was in control of the situation, he wasn’t afraid to force open the jaws of the lion.

Jian Chen quickly calmed himself as he looked at the youth in the eye, “Fine, fifty purple coins it is. Please start to treat them right away. I sincerely hope your ability is worthy of these fifty coins.” Jian Chen said with an impassive tone.

“Hold on, brother Jian Chen. This is too costly of a price, although they are indeed heavily injured, the most an injury like this would cost is five purple coins. Even a Third Class Radiant Saint Master would be able to heal them.” Qing Yun spoke to Jian Chen from the side. This was a price that he was not quite willing to stomach.

Jian Chen waved his hand away, “This is no matter, it is just money. As long as brother Qing Mu and the rest heal, then what other purpose does money have?”

Letting out a sigh of relief, Qing Yun did say anymore.

The Radiant Saint Master smiled as he extended his hand toward Jian Chen, “Hand over the money first then.”

With a small snort, Jian Chen immediately grabbed a handful of purple coins, “There are a total of nine injured men. Here are 450 purple coins, do your best to heal them.”

Seeing the large amount of purple coins, the youth’s eyes lit up for a brief moment before taking in the money into his own coin pouch. “You may leave now. I need to prepare and do not wish to be disturbed.” With that, the youth didn’t say anything else and began to gather his radiant Saint Force to prepare to heal Qing Mu.

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